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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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The Office of the Commissioner (OC)

2012 Preceptor

PIC of Michelle

Michelle Yeboah, DrPH

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Director Office of Minority Health (Acting)
White Oak Campus
Silver Spring, MD  

Doctorate in Public Health, Morgan State University;
Post-Doctoral Fellow, The Phoebe R. Berman Bioethics Institute,

FDA experience ~ 4 years

Research Interests:

Health Disparities, Clinical Trials, Bioethics, Epigenomics, Pharmacogenomics, Personalized Medicine, Cultural and Linguistic Competency, Social and Behavioral Research

The Office of Minority Health advances FDA’s regulatory mission in addressing the reduction of racial and ethnic health disparities and in achieving the highest standard of health for all. The Office provides leadership and direction in identifying agency actions that can help reduce health disparities, including the coordination of efforts across the Agency. The Office of Minority Health fulfills its mission by achieving the following goals:

• To strengthen FDA capacity to address minority health and health disparities across the Agency through coordinated leadership on regulatory actions and decision making.
• To promote effective communication and the dissemination of information to the public, particularly underserved, vulnerable populations.
• To improve and strengthen the research and the evaluation of sub-population data associations with race and ethnicity.

Proposed Research Project for FDA Fellow:

Proposed Project Title: Health Disparities & Regulatory Science

Across racial and ethnic groups, some communities are more likely to die disproportionately from serious health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer and asthma. These differences in health are called health disparities. The goal for this project is to help define health disparities in regulatory science research to help inform FDA's policy and decision making process.

The US Food and Drug Administration, Office of Minority Health (OMH) is seeking a candidate to lead exploratory research aimed at addressing health disparities among racial and ethnic populations. This fellowship opportunity is in alignment with the FDA's Strategic plan and is aimed towards expanding efforts to meet the needs of specific populations and the Department of Health and Human Services’ Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. This innovative project will include a systematic review of current literature, possible data mining on the safety and efficacy of regulated products and collaborative involvement with various Centers on the identifying gaps in research related to subpopulations. Through defining disparities research gaps, the fellow will be encouraged to submit recommendations for areas of further research critical to supporting and informing the Agency’s regulatory authority.

The selected applicants should have a health disparities background, as well as data analysis and quantitative/qualitative research experience. Selected applicants will work with an interdisciplinary team of scientists and health policy makers who will help guide project efforts toward addressing critical gaps in health and will also explore how the current legislation is relevant to racial and ethnic priority populations

The selected fellow will:
• Assist in the identification underlying reasons for health disparities in a target disease area (ie diabetes, HIV/AIDS, etc)
• Outline critical questions that will generate empirical data
• Explore culturally relevant strategies that focus on the integration of chronic disease prevention among racial and ethnic populations
• Assess the needs of smaller subpopulations impacted by health disparities in target disease area
• Further explore the impact of regulated products use in the elderly/aging minority populations with a focus on a target disease area

Applicant Requirements:

Expertise in Epidemiology/Statistics, Bioethics, Health Disparities preferred. Request one fellow.