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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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This Week In FDA History - Sept. 21, 1960

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Harry Hoxsey began marketing the Hoxsey cancer treatment, based on a family folk medicine recipe, in the 1920s. Inset image: A 1957 FDA public service announcement gives a strong warning to cancer patients considering the treatment.
September 21, 1960:
FDA officials announce that the last remaining major source of the worthless and discredited Hoxsey cancer treatment has been eliminated by a federal court order. "Complete and final discontinuation" of the treatment is required, according to a consent decree against Harry M. Hoxsey, the original promoter.

FDA in 2006

In addition to approving many effective new cancer treatments, the FDA is helping the public to understand and get access to appropriate therapies and is improving the evaluation of new treatments. The FDA's Cancer Liaison Program works with FDA's oncology medical staff to bring the patient advocate's perspective into the review of new drugs to treat cancer. The staff also meets with organized patient advocacy groups to listen to their concerns about drug development and to assist them in understanding the FDA drug regulatory process. The staff routinely answers calls from cancer patients and their loved ones and helps callers with questions about cancer clinical trials or cancer drug development. And the FDA, the National Cancer Institute, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced in February 2006 that the three agencies will collaborate on an initiative called the Oncology Biomarker Qualification Initiative to improve the identification and study of new cancer treatments.