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Regulations Development - Considerations


Summary of Public Comments

Transparency Report Arrow Considerations

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The Task Force agrees that the current process used to develop regulations has failed to generate consistency and predictability in the process.  Proposed rules are not finalized for years, and information provided to the public about timetables associated with the process has proved to be inadequate at times.  The Task Force agrees that industry should be able to expect a more predictable regulations development process and the timetables put forth by the agency should be more reliable.

The Task Force considered the importance of providing clearer expectations about the regulatory development process and better support for efforts by industry to comply with the law.  The Task Force considered the existing processes used to manage the regulations development process and the effectiveness of those methods.

The regulations development process involves many steps, including issuing a proposed rule for public comment, analyzing those comments, reviewing the proposed rule in light of those comments, and responding to those comments in a final rule.  The Task Force recognizes the importance of finalizing proposed rules as soon as possible.

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