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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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Reasoning: Action 2

FDA will update the agency organizational charts and senior leadership personnel changes on the FDA Web site on at least a quarterly basis and ensure that the level of detail provided on the organizational charts is consistent across the agency. 


FDA consists of six product centers, one research center and two offices.  There are over 11,000 full-time equivalent employees working at the agency.  Additional detail can be added to FDA’s current organizational charts and the level of detail provided on the organizational charts should be consistent across the agency.

Given the size of the FDA, an organizational chart that includes contact information for key leadership, as well as information about the divisions and offices at the agency, is another way to inform the public about the work of the agency.  The updated organizational charts will be posted to the FDA Web site by March 2011.

In addition, the agency’s organizational charts and information about senior leadership is only helpful if it is relevant and accurate.  The process currently used by FDA provides for updates approximately every three months.  Information on senior leadership personnel is requested from each Center, the organizational chart is manually updated, and then made 508 compliant.  A text version of the organizational chart must also be updated.  Given the multiple steps involved, by the time the “updated” information is posted online, it may no longer be accurate.

FDA will explore ways to automate the process used to update this information, in order to keep the information available to the public more current.  

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