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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Staff Manual Guide 2342.2 Attachment B

FROM: International Affairs Staff, OHA _______
SUBJECT: Notification of Foreign Travel
TO: Office of International Affairs (OIA), DHHS,
Room 627H - HHH Building
THROUGH: Division of Financial Management _______

Traveler's Name and Title, Organization, and Telephone Number:
SES, ASG, or Schedule C: Yes_ No X

John F. Smith
Division of International Activity
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Itinerary (places and dates):
7/10/89 LV: Washington, D.C. to Rome, Italy
7/13/89 LV: Rome, Italy to Bangkok, Thailand
7/27/89 LV: Bangkok, Thailand to Washington, D.C.

Anticipated Contact with U.S. and Foreign Officials: Employee will meet with officials from the Food and Agriculture Organization, and representatives from the Government of Thailand.

State Department Post Services Requested: None

Amount and Source of Funding: FDA - $6,639.00

Purpose of Travel: Italy - Consultation with FAO Headquarters Staff about the
Thailand Export Certification Program.

Thailand - Mr. Smith, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Government of Thailand, will review the National Export Certification Program and its application in the field of export practices.

OASH Approved_____________Disapproved______________Date____________

OS Approved_______________Disapproved______________Date____________