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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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Staff Manual Guide 2830.1, Attachment D

  10 Comment and concur/nonconcur to ORM. OP, IAS, GC, OCGM, ORA
  11 Comments to sponsor. ORM
  12 Coordinate revisions with foreign party & final MOU or reclear to ORM.  Prepare draft transmittal letter. Sponsor
  13 Final document to IAS. ORM
  14 Clear with State Department through PHS/OIM and HHS/OIA. IAS
SIGNATURE 15 Make signature arrangement & send transmittal. IAS, Sponsor
    Signing at ceremony or sequential routing. Signed MOU sent to ORM. IAS, Sponsor
  16 Signed MOU sent to OCGM. ORM
IMPLEMENT 17 Assign control number, list, & file original. OCGM/OH
  18 &
Prepare CPG and Notice of Availablility for F.R. ORM, OP/Regulations Staff
EVALUATE   Decide to continue, revise, or terminate. Sponsor, ORA, OP, IAS
    Prepare decision letter with input of ORA and IAS. (Decisions to be reviewed by OP.) Sponsor, ORA to coordinate, OP, IAS

*First office listed has the lead for coordinating the function.

Transmittal Number: 94-25, Date: 04/29/1994