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Staff Manual Guide 3113.14 Attachment D

Each nomination must have its own transmittal memorandum showing all necessary endorsements. The information in parentheses describes the kind of information to be entered. Use regular 8-1/2" memorandum paper.  One nomination per transmittal.

Date: (Insert current date)
From: (Nominator's title & organization)
Subject: Nomination for (insert name of award) - (Insert name of individual or group) (One nomination, individual or group, per memorandum)
To: FDA Awards Coordinator, HFA-430
Through: (Nominee's supervisory channels up to and including, as appropriate, the OC Office Director; Associate Commissioner; Center Director; or Director, National Center for Toxicological Research. Nominations of Field employees must be signed by the appropriate District and/or Regional Director before they are forwarded through the Director, Office of Regulatory Resource Management, to the Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs.)
  This memorandum transmits the nomination of (nominee's name or group's name for the (name of award).
  (Signature of Nominator)
  (Prepare a space for each official listed in the through line to endorse, nonendorse, and/or make comments. Example below.)
  Title_____________________ Endorse ________ Nonendorse__________ Date____________)