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Staff Manual Guide 3298.2, Attachment B


Guidelines for Creating All-Hands Email Messages

  • When appropriate, clearly indicate TO WHOM responses should be sent and HOW to contact them. List email address(es) and/or phone number(s) as appropriate.
  • Clearly indicate WHO the message is FROM.
  • To the extent possible, limit the use of graphics that may place undue demand on networks.
  • Keep messages as succinct and to-the-point as possible.
  • Messages should be checked to ensure they are complete and clear so that the need to send a correction message is minimized. Some things to check:
  • The subject line. Consider wording carefully and put the most important words first. The inbox subject line is truncated to about 32 characters.
  • Proofread the message for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Have several people not familiar with the subject read the note to verify that it is clear and complete.