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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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Staff Manual Guide 3298.2, Attachment A


Email Message Categories

Mandatory/Recurring Email Messages

  • Administrative information that could affect ALL employees
  • Planned network outages/service interruptions
  • Benefits Updates, e.g., Thrift Savings Plan, health plans, life insurance, etc.
  • Major union activities
  • Training opportunities, e.g., FDA Leadership Program
  • Vacancy announcements
  • Detail opportunities
  • Medical emergencies/Voluntary Leave Transfer Program
  • Address/Telephone number changes
  • Worldwide and regional travel advisories
  • FDA Events in which ALL employees are invited to participate
  • Events involving Senior FDA Officials
  • Conferences/symposiums
  • FDA Honor Awards Ceremony
  • Walk the Walk Campaign
  • Open Houses, e.g., Medical Library Open House or ORA Open House
  • Building Announcements
  • Scheduled power outages
  • Weather closings
  • Building issues and emergencies
  • Increased security practices
  • From HHS Sources outside FDA
  • Messages from the Health Unit, e.g., Blood drives, alcohol screening, HIV testing
  • Healthy Beginnings/Child Development
  • Parklawn Classic

NOTE: Mandatory email messages initiated by HHS will continue to be sent directly to all FDA employees by the Department.

Discretionary Email Messages

Examples include:

  • FDA employee retirements