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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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Staff Manual Guide 3113.15, Attachment B


1. Suggester.

A. Prepares suggestion on Form HHS-170, Employee Suggestion; includes all information requested for timekeeper, payroll number, signs and dates form.

B. Attaches all available information to clarify the proposal (sketches, photos, drawings, etc.).

C. Indicates in Item 10 of the HHS-170 if he/she wishes to remain anonymous during the review process.

D. Submits suggestion to supervisor, area suggestion coordinator, or direct to FDA Suggestion Coordinator (HFA-250).

2. Supervisor.

A. Provides support, encouragement, and assistance, if needed, in preparing employee suggestions.

B. Processes suggestions promptly. Transmits same to area suggestion coordinator within two days of receipt.

3. Area Suggestion Coordinator.

A. Acknowledges in writing to the employee receipt of a suggestion.

B. If anonymity is requested, deletes Items 1 through 9 on the Form HHS-170 by covering this portion of the form while it is being duplicated.

C. Refers suggestions to responsible officials within the originating organization for review and conducts followup on status.

D. Prepares all necessary documents and transmits them with a copy of the suggestion to reviewing official.

4. Reviewing Official(s).

A. Promptly, objectively, and fairly considers the suggestion on its merits and benefits to the Government. Recommends appropriate action, based on review, by checking appropriate box on suggestion evaluation report. Writes comments to support the recommended action.

B. If the recommendation is to adopt the suggestion, estimates savings and/or benefits (see Attachment D, Awards Schedule), and describes implementation.

C. Signs and dates evaluation form.

D. Returns evaluation to the appropriate suggestion coordinator.

5. Area Suggestion Coordinator.

A. Reviews evaluations.

B. If suggestion is not adopted:

1. Prepares a letter informing the employee of the nonadoption and the reason therefore and sends it to the employee.

2. Forwards copies of the suggestion, evaluation(s), and correspondence to the FDA Suggestion Coordinator.

C. If suggestion is recommended for adoption, determines award based on Attachment D and forwards to the FDA Suggestion Coordinator:

1. A copy of the letter informing the employee of the adoption;

2. Original and one copy of signed Form HHS-171, Recommendation for a Cash Award; and

3. Original and one copy of suggestion, all substantive internal evaluations, and any attachments.

6. FDA Suggestion Coordinator.

A. Reviews all suggestions.

B. If suggestion is recommended for an award, determines if amount of award is appropriate. If award is over $400 (individual or group), prepares letter for signature of appropriate official.

C. Processes Form HHS-171 as described in Attachment C.

D. Where applicable, transmits materials to local suggestion coordinator to enable presentation of award at an appropriate ceremony.

7. Requesting Field Wide/Headquarters Consideration.

A. Suggestions from a field activity with possible wider application.

1. Area suggestion coordinator refers the contribution and written request for further consideration to the FDA Suggestion Coordinator.

2. FDA Suggestion Coordinator refers the contribution to the proper program official and prepares the award/rejection letter.

B. Suggestions from Headquarters, Center or Office, with possible applicability to other Government areas will be processed as described in Paragraph a.(2).