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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

About FDA

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Staff Manual Guide 3113.15, Attachment A


1. FDA Suggestion Coordinator. In administering the Suggestion Program in FDA, the FDA Suggestion Coordinator has the following responsibilities:

A. Establishes guidelines, reviews the operation of the Program through-out FDA, and initiates improvement action as required.

B. Processes suggestions/inventions actions of the following types:

1. Cash awards that exceed $2500 and require Secretary approval.

2. Cash awards up to $2500 and require PHS approval.

3. Cash awards up to $1500 and require Associate Commissioner for Management and Operations approval.

4. Cash awards that originate in the Office of the Commissioner.

5. Cash awards for patent applications and patent issuances.

C. Coordinates the following:

1. Appeals for reconsideration of a previous decision.

2. Suggestions that involve more than one Center.

3. Suggestions that originate outside FDA and are received in FDA for evaluation.

4. Invention award processing, as described in Attachment C.

D. Acts as the central contact point for all FDA activities with respect to the Suggestion Program.

E. Reviews evaluation(s) of suggestions reviewed at the local level to determine whether or not consideration on a broader basis is warranted

F. Provides for promotion and publicity of the Suggestion Program on a continuing basis.

G. Maintains records which fully document the status and justification for final action taken on all suggestions. These records must be maintained for at least two years from the date of final action.

H. Prepares and forwards through appropriate channels, nominees for Department Suggester of the Year Award based on criteria outlined in Paragraph 15.

I. Prepares and forwards through channels, nominees for Presidential Letters of Commendation based on criteria outlined in Paragraph 16.

J. Prepares and submits reports on the FDA Suggestion Program activities to the Department.

2. Area Suggestion Coordinator. Each area suggestion coordinator has the following responsibilities within his/her organization:

A. Develops local operating practices and instructions for the administration of the Suggestion Program within the guidelines established herein.

B. Orients or educates supervisors and employees regarding the opportunities of the program. Promotes participation and ensures ready access of all employees to employee suggestion forms and information concerning the program.

C. Provides guidance to supervisors and employees on the preparation and submission of employee suggestions/inventions.

D. Provides guidance to reviewing and approval officials for employee suggestions/inventions.

E. Serves as coordinator for processing employee suggestions to ensure prompt, complete, and factual evaluations.

F. Prepares an HHS-171, for signature of appropriate officials, if the criteria for a cash award has been met. Attaches a copy of the suggestion and the evaluation report and forwards to HFA 250.

G. Provides suggesters with periodic feedback on the status of his/her suggestion.

H. Maintains complete and accurate records of all suggestions in the review process.

I. Informs FDA Suggestion Coordinator of the latest available address for former FDA employee(s) who have suggestions/inventions in process.