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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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SMG f:2620.1





Transmittal Number 89-01 -- Date: 01/27/1989

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 1. Purpose
 2. Definitions
 3. Receiving Points
 4. Inspection
 5. Acceptance
 6. Identification


This Guide implements the provisions of HHS Materiel Management Manual 103-40 pertaining to inspection, acceptance and identification of personal property and supplies received by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) field activities.


A. Accountable Personal Property. All property that is subject to accountability by appropriate authority. This includes all personal property meeting the definition of equipment which is acquired at a cost of, or valued at $300.00 or more. It also includes a]l personal custody property (portable typewriters, recording devices, calculators, cameras, protectors, binoculars, slide rules, stopwatches, drawing sets, carpenter/mechanic's tool kits, VCR's and television sets) regardless of cost.

B. Equipment. An article of personal property which is complete in itself, is of durable nature, with an expected service life of one year or more, and does not ordinarily lose its identity or become a component part of another article when put into use. "Equipment" includes furniture, machines, etc., or any durable item required to equip an individual or activity to do a job.

C. Supplies/Materials. Classes and categories of property which when applied to use are ordinarily consumed or exhausted; converted in the process of construction, fabrication, or manufacture; or lose their identity when incorporated into or made a part of equipment or fixed property.


The shipping and receiving dock at each FDA field activity is the designated receiving point for personal property and supplies ordered by that activity.


A. Inspection. When a shipment is received from the transportation carrier, the receiving point shall make a careful inspection and check as to the quantity and condition of the property. An accurate record shall be made and kept of any discrepancies between the data shown on the covering bill of lading or other transportation document, and the quantity and condition of property actually received.

B. Overages, Shortages, or Damages. In the event an inspection of the shipment reveals overages, shortages, or damages, the receiving point shall:

1. Document and report these discrepancies on the carrier's delivery receipt and on the copy of the delivery receipt retained by the receiving point, and advise the field procurement activity of the discrepancies.

2. When a shipment is received with visible damage or shortages, ensure that an appropriate notation is made on the covering bill of lading or transportation document and signed by the transportation carrier's representative.

3. Notify the nearest office of the delivery carrier by telephone within 24 hours to provide the carrier an opportunity to inspect the shipment, followed by a written confirmation Within 5 work-days of the receipt of the shipment. The confirmation should include notification of the receipt of shipment and an invitation to inspect the property received. A copy of the carrier's inspection report should also be requested.


A. Acceptance of Personal Property and Supplies. This is the act of an authorized agency of the Government by which the Government agrees that personal property or supplies submitted by a contractor conform to all requirements of the contractor purchase order, including quality, quantity, and condition.

B. Receiving Report. Upon receipt of personal property and supplies, the receiving point is responsible for delivering these items to the ordering activity and obtaining their signature on the receiving report. Once these items have been accepted by the ordering activity, the receiving point shall:

1. Forward the signed receiving report to the field procurement activity.

2. Provide a receipted copy of the purchase order to the field fiscal agent so that payment may be made to the vendor.


After inspection and acceptance of accountable personal property as defined in paragraph 2a above, the receiving point shall apply an FDA property decal to this property in accordance with the criteria shown in Staff Manual Guide 2620.2. The FDA property decal number and the serial number of the equipment shall be entered on the accountable officer's copy of the purchase order and forwarded to the Personal Property Management Section (HFA-225). If there is any question as to whether or not a decal sjould be applied to an item of equipment, contact HFA-225.