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SMG f:2205.1





Transmittal Number 98-27 -- Date: 05/26/1998

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 1. Purpose
 2. Authority
 3. Responsibilities
 4. Procurement of Printing
 5. Supply of Forms

Attachment A - Form HHS-26, "Printing and Visual Services"
Attachment B - Standard Form 1, "Printing and Binding Requisitions"
Attachment C - Listing of Government Regional Printing and Procurement Offices
Attachment D - GSA Form 135, "Requisition for Photographic Services"
Attachment E - Form 50, "Requisition for Reproduction Services"


This guide sets forth policies and procedures relating to the procurement of printing, binding, composition, duplicating, and related services, and defines responsibilities in this area for FDA field activities. Details concerning printing definitions and objectives of the Agency's printing management program are outlined in Staff Manual Guide FDA 2205.1, "Printing Management Program."


Staff Manual Guide FDA 1435.1, "Authority to Procure Printing", delegates the authority to procure printing; however, this authority may also be redelegated to personnel who have been assigned direct procurement responsibilities for field activities. Such redelegation shall be reported to the Division of Central Services, Administrative Services Branch (HFA-210), in writing. This information shall include the name, title, and phone number of the employee designated to serve as the FDA Field Printing Officer.


The FDA Field Printing Officer is responsible for:

1. Adhering to policy and guidelines set forth by the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) for the procuring of printing, binding, duplicating, and related services from the Government Printing Office (GPO), Regional Printing and Procurement Offices (RPPO's), General Services Administration (GSA), or any other authorized government printing plant for their activities and for smaller field activities which do not have this authority.

2. Obtaining advice and guidance from the Headquarters FDA Printing Liaison Officer in areas of unusual or complicated printing matters. In some instances, the FDA Field Printing Officer may procure printing directly from Headquarters by submitting a completed HHS-26, "Printing and Visual Services", (Attachment A) which must include allocation of funds, proper signatures, and specifications, to the FDA Printing Liaison Officer.

3. Preparing and submitting the JCP Commercial Printing Report to the FDA Printing Liaison Officer, HFA-210. This report must include information regarding the procurement of all commercial printing costing less than $1,000. Such procurements must first be referred to the nearest GPO facility and only when GPO is unable to meet a program's requirements, is a field office to proceed with its own procurement. All such independent procurements must be reported semi-annually as described in SMG FDA 2205.3, "Commercial Printing Report."


A. GPO Regional Printing and Procurement Offices (RPPO). These offices were established to provide the same types of service as GPO to field locations. Field activities are directed to contact their nearest RPPO prior to obtaining printing services. Standard Form 1, "Printing and Binding Requisition", (Attachment B) must be completed in order to obtain services from RPPO's. A geographical listing of RPPO's is attached (see Attachment C).

B. General Services Administration Printing Facilities. These facilities operate (on a reimbursable basis) field printing and duplicating facilities in multi-agency occupied federal buildings and in other areas where there are concentrations of federal offices. Use of these facilities by departmental field activities in lieu of establishing internal duplicating units is encouraged. To obtain basic duplicating/copying services from a GSA printing facility, GSA Form 135, "Requisition for Printing Services", (Attachment D), must be completed. For more complicated printing services, GSA Form 50, "Requisition for Reproduction Services", (Attachment E), is required.


A. Forms HHS-26, "Printing and Visual Services", are available through the FDA Printing Liaison Officer.

B. Standard Form 1 may be obtained from a GPO Regional Printing and Procurement Office.

C. GSA Forms 50 and 135 are available from GSA Field Printing Plants.