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SMG 2205.3





Transmittal Number 97-34 -- Date: 04/30/1997

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 1. Purpose
 2. Guidelines
 3. Reporting

Attachment A - Sample of Completed JCP Form No. 2 "Commercial Printing Report"
Attachment B - Uncompleted JCP Form No. 2 for Reproduction


This Guide implements within the Food and Drug Administration the Department of Health and Human Services requirements for submission of semiannual reports of printing which is procured directly from commercial sources without reference to the Government Printing Office (GPO) or a Government Printing Office Regional Printing Procurement Office (GPO-RPPO).


Individual printing and/or high volume duplicating purchases of $1,000 or less may be authorized for direct procurement from commercial sources by the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) provided they are not of a continuing or repetitive nature, are not conducive to the establishment of an open-end indefinite quantity type contract, and the Public Printer has certified that the printing is included in a class of work which cannot be provided more economically through GPO. The Public Printer certification will be specific to each purchase and the GPO waiver number will be cited in column #2 of JCP Form 2, "Commercial Printing Report".

All purchases of printing and/or high volume duplicating from commercial sources, including typesetting, must be reported semiannually except the following items which are exempt:

1. Tabulating cards or printed envelopes ordered through GSA contracts.

2. Rebinding of books or publications of any description, or binding of collections of journals, periodicals, etc., into volumes.

3. Work which is construed to be "duplicating". Generally, this applies to not more than 5,000 production units being produced of any one page and items consisting of multiple pages which do not exceed 25,000 production units in the aggregate.

4. Reprints of articles published in non-Government books, journals, magazines, etc., including those procured on the basis of a GPO waiver.

5. All types of self-sticking labels which are ordered on the basis of a GPO waiver.


A. Headquarters. Headquarters offices must submit all HHS 393's "Purchase/Service Stock Requisition" requesting purchase of commercial printing to the Chief, Administrative Services Branch for approval before processing through normal procurement channels. The Administrative Services Branch will compile the Headquarters report from these requests as they are received.

B. Field. Field activities must submit a JCP Form No. 2 "Commercial Printing Report" to the Chief, Administrative Services Branch (HFA-210), by April 15 and October 15 each year covering the reporting periods of October through March and April through September, respectively. See Attachment A for a sample of the completed form. Even though authorized for direct procurement by the JCP, all individual printing and/or high volume duplicating purchases of $1,000 or less must be reported and the JCP or GPO waiver number and date provided.

Attachment B of this Guide may be used to reproduce JCP Form No. 2 locally by use of copying equipment, or available forms may be obtained from the Administrative Services Branch (HFA-210), 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857.