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SMG 2171.1




Transmittal Number 88-05 -- Date: 02/16/1988

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 1. Purpose
 2. Authority
 3. Definitions
 4. Policy
 5. Responsibility
 6. Application
 7. Issuance
 8. Renewals
 9. Revocation
 10. Transfer
 11. Separation
 12. Lost or Stolen Cards
 13. Recordkeeping
 14. Forms

Attachment A - Notice of Instructions to Holders of U.S. Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Cards


The purpose of this Guide is to establish procedures to implement PHS instructions for the issuance and control of Optional Form 346 "U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card" (previously Standard Form 46) within the Food and Drug Administration. This guide should be used in conjunction with HHS personnel Manual Instruction 930-1.


Staff Manual Guide FDA 1430.1 delegates to certain FDA officials the authority to issue Optional Form 346 (OF 346); previously Standard Form 46 (SF 46).


A. Regular Motor Vehicle Operator. Any employee who i.s required to operate motor vehicles as a regular duty. This includes warehousemen who operate fork-lift trucks.

B. Incidental Motor Vehicle Operator. Any employee, including commissioned officers, who may occasionally be required to drive a Government-owned or Government-leased vehicle in the official performance of their duties. Included as incidental motor vehicle operators are visiting scientists, consultants, or other persons for whom FDA has a responsibility whose operation of a Government-owned or -leased vehicle is clearly to the Agency's advantage.


A. No regular motor vehicle operator may drive a Government-owned or Government-leased vehicle without having been issued a valid OF 346. Incidental motor vehicle operators may drive a Government-owed or Government-leased vehicle if they hold a valid State driver's license and a valid HHS identification document (e.g., building pass or credential).

B. For the sake of economy and fuel conservation, Government (motor pool) vehicles should not be used for local travel in any situation when Government shuttle bus and/or public transportation service can be used effectively.


A. The issuing officer is responsible for overall management, accountability, and issuance of OF 346 required by the organizational component for which the issuing officer has been delegated responsibility.

B. The servicing personnel office is responsible for ensuring that all new regular drivers meet United States Office of Personnel Management standards for such drivers.

C. Regular and incidental operators are responsible for notifying their supervisors immediately if their State driver's license is suspended, withdrawn, or revoked; renewal is denied; or their driving privileges are otherwise lost or restricted.


New Regular Motor Vehicle Operators. When the USOPM or a board of examiners certifies a person for appointment to a motor vehicle operator position in the competitive service, that person will already have met experience requirements, passed a practical road test, and have been judged at the time his/her qualifications were rated, to have a safe driving record.

Before appointment is approved, the servicing personnel office will obtain a certification that the applicant meets all physical standards for regular drivers and will submit that certification and a completed HHS 101 "Application for a Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card" to the issuing officer for a final determination as to whether the applicant qualifies for a Government license.

Upon receipt of the HHS 101 and favorable medical certification, the issuing officer should review the HHS 101 to ensure that all requirements have been fulfilled. If the certification of safe driving record is not reasonably current, the applicant's driving record should be rechecked. The issuing officer will inform the servicing personnel office of his/her findings.

All of these steps should normally be completed before the appointment of a motor vehicle operator is approved. The servicing personnel officer may grant an exception in cases where there are overriding reasons for immediate appointment.

Incidental Drivers. Incidental drivers are required to have a valid HHS identification document (e.g., building pass or credential) and a valid State driver's license in their possession at all times while driving a Government-owned or -leased motor vehicle.


Upon issuing an OF 346 to an employee, the issuing officer is certifying that the employee is expected to be a safe driver.

1. New Regular Drivers. The issuing officer will:

a. Review the medical certification and make appropriate record on the OF 346 of any limitations, such as type of vehicle, daylight driving only, glasses, or hearing aid recommended, and sign the certificate.

b. Prepare the OF 346

(1) All entries except signature must be typed.

(2) Expiration date must not exceed 3 years from the date of issuance or 1 year in the case of drivers who will be operating vehicles of more than one-ton load capacity, passenger vehicles, or vehicles for emergency services, law enforcement, or transportation of dangerous materials.

c. Return the certificate and one copy of the HHS 101 to the servicing personnel office.

d. Hold the OF 346 until the applicant has been appointed.

e. When the OF 346 is presented to the employee, the employee must also be given 2 notice of instructions (see Attachment A).


If for any reason the issuing officer determines that a Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card should not bc renewed, the issuing officer should inform the employee's supervisor by memorandum of the reasons for denial and send a copy of the memorandum to the servicing personnel office.


All issuing officers must familiarize themselves with HHS Personnel Manual Instruction 930-1-110 regarding reasons for revocation and action which may be necessary.


Employees who move from one organization to another within the Agency under the jurisdiction of a different issuing officer should surrender their card if they will not drive a motor vehicle in the new location. If they will drive, they may keep it until the issuing officer in the new location requires its surrender.


Government Motor Vehicle Operator Identification Cards must be surrendered to the issuing officer when an employee separates from FDA.


The loss or theft of OF 346 should be reported immediately to the issuing officer on Form GSA-182 "Report of Loss or Theft."


Issuing Officers are accountable for all OF 346's assigned to them. Issuing Officers must maintain records which will enable them to know the names and organizational location of employees to whom OF 346's have been issued, the serial numbers of the OF 346's, dates of issuance, expiration dates, and any limitation on cards issued.

Records kept on individuals by the issuing officers are covered by the Privacy Act and must be retained in a secure place such as a locked cabinet or a locked room.

14. FORMS 

A. OF 346's may be requisitioned through normal forms ordering channels.

B. Other forms cited in this guide are available in local forms issuance units or GSA stores.

Attachment A 

Notice of Instructions to Holders of U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Cards

Your motor vehicle operator's identification card is void unless accompanied by a valid State driver's license to operate the type(s) of motor vehicle(s) identified on this OF 346.

Notify the issuing officer immediately if your State license is suspended, withdrawn, or revoked; renewal is denied; or your driving privileges are otherwise lost or restricted.

You must carry this card and your State license with you at all times when operating a Government-owned or -leased motor vehicle.

Any employee who uses a Government-owned or -leased motor vehicle for other than official purposes shall be suspended from duty without compensation for not less than 1 month and shall be suspended for a longer period or removed from office if circumstances warrant.