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Appendix B: Crosswalk of FDA Strategic Goals and Long-Term Objectives with Related Draft Healthy People 2020 Objectives

The Healthy People initiative is a collaborative health promotion and disease prevention effort with a vision towards a healthier nation. It is a comprehensive set of goals and objectives aimed at improving health and eliminating health disparities over the course of a decade.  With established base-lines, measurable targets, and an implementation strategy for each objective, progress is monitored throughout the decade.  FDA is committed to promoting and protecting the public health by aligning its strategic priorities with Healthy People wherever possible. FDA has lead or co-leadership on three Healthy People 2020 focus areas: Food Safety, Nutrition and Weight Status, and Medical Product Safety. FDA staff are working on other important focus areas including, Blood Disorders and Blood Safety, Tobacco Use, Health Communication and Health IT, Genomics, Global Health and Preparedness. 

FDA Strategic Goals/ Long-Term Objectives
FDA Desired Public Health Outcomes
Healthy People 2020 Objectives
3.1.1: Ensure the Safety of the Food Supply from Farm to Table
Reduce adverse health effects and deaths from unsafe food and feed
  • FS HP 2020-3. Reduce infections caused by key pathogens transmitted commonly through food
  • FS HP2020–6. Increase the proportion of consumers who follow key food safety practices
3.1.2: Promote Healthful Dietary Practices and Nutrition
Reduce the rates of chronic diseases associated with food by providing consumer nutrition information that supports choice of a healthy diet by the U.S. population
  • NWS HP2020–5. Reduce the proportion of children and adolescents who are overweight or obese
  • NWS HP2020–9. Reduce consumption of saturated fat in the population aged 2 years and older
  • NWS HP2020–10. Reduce consumption of sodium in the population aged 2 years and older
3.2: Promote Public Health By Advancing the Safety and Effectiveness of Medical Products
Increase years of healthy life by increasing access to life-saving and life-enhancing medical products
  • MPS HP2020-4. Increase the use of safe and effective medical products that are associated with predictive biomarkers
Reduce the number of deaths and injuries associated with the quality and unsafe use of FDA-regulated medical products
  • MPS HP2020-3. Reduce the number of adverse events from medical products
  • MPS HP2020-5. Reduce emergency department visits for common, preventable adverse events from medications
  • BDBS HP2020–8. Reduce the proportion of persons who develop adverse events resulting from the use of blood and blood products
3.3: Establish an Effective Tobacco Regulation, Prevention and Control Program
Reduce the number of deaths and diseases associated with the use of tobacco products
Reduce the number of youth accessing and using tobacco products in the U.S.
  • TU HP2020–5. Reduce tobacco use by adults
  • TU HP2020–6. Reduce tobacco use by adolescents
  • TU HP2020–7. Reduce the initiation of tobacco use among children, adolescents, and using tobacco young adults

For the complete list of Healthy People 2020 Objectives, please visit: Developing Healthy People 2020.

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