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HIFU Simulator

HIFU Simulator determines many important characteristics of continuous wave, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) beams and their heating effects. This is done by integrating the axisymmetric KZK equation from the frequency-domain perspective. This results in a spatial distribution of pressure of each harmonic, taking into account beam diffraction, interference effects, power-law frequency-dependence of absorption and the corresponding phase velocity dispersion, and the nonlinear effects of higher harmonic generation/wavefront steepening. From these pressure fields the temporal average intensity and heating rate are calculated. The heating rate distribution may then be used as a source for the bioheat transfer (BHT) equation, which may be integrated to determine the temperature and thermal dose fields. 

Emphasis has been placed on both computational efficiency and user friendliness. HIFU_Simulator produces plots of salient quantities and outputs the computed variables to the Matlab workspace for user analysis and postprocessing. 


Please address any questions or suggestions to Dr Joshua Soneson at 301-796-2512 or joshua.soneson@fda.hhs.gov


Graph showing Temperature vs. length Graph showing thermal dose.


Graph showing temperature versus time.


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