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95S-0316: 75-Day Premarket Notifications for New Dietary Ingredients

Document # Received Date Filed Date Submitter Code Submitter FR Date FR Page Comment Date Files Remarks
RPT83 11/20/2000 11/20/2000 Private Industry Nutratech Inc (See rpt68.pdf)       pdf DIOSMIN COMPLEX
Signature: Nutratech Inc
SUP8 12/20/2000 12/20/2000 Other Organization HFS-22 to TINOS LLC (See RPT 1)       pdf SEE RPT 1 THEOBROMINE
Signature: John W Gordon
SUP9 12/20/2000 12/20/2000 Other Organization HFS-800 to Specialty Enzymes & Biochemic (See RPT4)       pdf SEE RPT 4 ENZYME- PEPTIDASE (SERRATIOPEPTIDASE)
Signature: James Tanner PhD
SUP10 12/20/2000 12/20/2000 Other Organization HFS-800 to VIVA (USA) Inc (See RPT 5_Part 01 , RPT5_Part 02, RPT5_Part 03)       pdf SEE RPT 5 PAO PEREIRA TREE (PAO V)
Signature: James Tanner PhD
SUP11 12/20/2000 12/20/2000 Other Organization HFS-800 to Kentucky Biosafety Consultant (See RPT 6)       pdf SEE RPT 6 DEBITTERIZED TRIGONELLA FOENUM- GRAECEUM (FENUGREEK)
Signature: James Tanner PhD
SUP12 12/20/2000 12/20/2000 Other Organization HFS-800 to General Nutrition Corporation (See RPT 15)       pdf SEE RPT 15 HUPERZIA SERRATA
Signature: James Tanner PhD
RPT84 12/21/2000 12/21/2000 Private Industry Van Drunen Farms, VDF FutureCeuticals (See LET4)       pdf GLUCOSE METABOLISM MODULATOR (GMM)
Signature: Van Drunen Farms, VDF FutureCeutic
RPT85 12/21/2000 12/21/2000 Private Industry Solgar Vitamin and Herb (See LET3)       pdf RESVERATROL SEE LET 3
Signature: Solgar Vitamin and Herb
RPT86 01/16/2001 01/16/2001 Private Industry Colorado Biolabs, Inc       pdf HEME IRON POLYPEPTIDE
Signature: Colorado Biolabs, Inc
RPT87 01/26/2001 01/26/2001 Private Industry Merck KGaA (See rpt95)       pdf L-5-METHYL-THF
Signature: Merck KGaA
RPT88 02/21/2001 02/21/2001 Private Industry AutoImmune Inc       pdf TYPE II COLLAGEN
Signature: AutoImmune Inc
SUP13 03/02/2001 03/02/2001 Other Organization HFS-800 to Malabar Productos Naturales S (See RPT 8)       pdf SEE RPT 8 ANACAHUITE & GODOLOBO
Signature: James Tanner PhD
RPT89 04/03/2001 04/03/2001 Private Industry Merck KGaA       pdf ISOQUERCETIN (QUERCETIN-3-GLOCOSIDE)
Signature: Merck KGaA
RPT90 04/03/2001 04/03/2001 Private Industry NutriScience innovations LLC       pdf SALACIA OBLONGA(CELASTACEAE) EXTRACT
Signature: NutriScience innovations LLC
LET3 04/26/2001 04/26/2001 Private Industry Solgar Vitamin and Herb (See RPT85)       pdf SEE RPT 85
Signature: Karla LaSasso
RPT91 04/24/2001 04/24/2001 Private Industry Corvina Natural Products Inc (See RPT61)       pdf  

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Signature: Corvina Natural Products Inc
RPT92 05/10/2001 05/10/2001 Private Industry Pharmavite Corporation       pdf SAM-E
Signature: Pharmavite Corporation
RPT93 05/10/2001 05/10/2001 Private Industry Kyowa Hakko USA Inc       pdf AHYP N-ACETYL-L- HYDROXYPROLINE
Signature: Kyowa Hakko USA Inc


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