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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Current Drug Shortages Index


The majority of information in this section is provided to FDA by manufacturers. We appreciate their timely reports and also encourage healthcare professionals and health consumers to notify FDA of shortages. You can send reports by email to:  drugshortages@fda.hhs.gov.



A-Z Index


Drugs are listed by generic name or active ingredient

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Amikacin Injection 
Ammonium Chloride Injection (initial posting date 3/8/2013) 
Amytal Sodium Injection (initial posting date 1/31/2013) 
Atropine Sulfate Injection 

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Barium Sulfate for Suspension (initial posting date 10/12/2012) 
Bumetanide Injection (initial posting date 6/21/2012)  
Bupivacaine Hydrochloride (Marcaine, Sensorcaine) Injection Updated  4/14/2014 

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Caffeine and Ergotamine Tartrate (Cafergot) Tablets (initial posting date 3/8/2012)  4/9/2014
Caffeine Anhydrous (125mg/mL); Sodium Benzoate (125mg/mL) Injection  
Calcium Chloride Injection (initial posting date 12/13/2012)  
Calcium Gluconate Injection (initial posting date 1/10/2013) 
Cefazolin Injection (initial posting date 3/31/2014) Updated 4/9/2014
Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate Injection (initial posting date 1/7/2014)
Chromic Chloride Injection  
Cidofovir Injection (initial posting date 2/15/2013)  
Clindamycin phosphate (Cleocin) Injection (initial posting date 10/2/2013)  Updated 4/14/2014
Copper Injection (initial posting date 4/25/2013) 
Cyanocobalamin Injection (initial posting date 1/25/2013) Updated 4/9/2014

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Daunorubicin Hydrochloride Solution for Injection 
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection (initial posting date 1/15/2013) Updated 4/9/2014  
Dexmethylphenidate Hydrochloride (Focalin) (initial posting date 2/13/2014)
Disopyramide Phosphate (Norpace) CR (initial posting date 4/18/2014) New! 
Dobutamine Hydrochloride Injection (initial posting date 4/26/2013) Updated 4/7/2014    
Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) Lyophilized Powder (initial posting date 12/2/2011)     

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Echothiophate Iodide (Phospholine Iodide) Ophthalmic Kit (initial posting date 3/20/2014)
Ephedrine Sulfate Injection (initial posting date 4/3/2014) Updated 4/9/2014
Epinephrine Injection (initial posting date 4/27/2012)  Updated 4/14/2014    
Epinephrine 1mg/mL (Preservative Free) (initial posting date 6/21/2012)  
Ethiodol (Ethiodized Oil) Ampules  

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Fentanyl Citrate (Sublimaze) Injection   

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Heparin Sodium Injection  (initial posting date 7/5/2012) Updated 4/14/2014


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Intravenous Fat Emulsion 



Ketorolac Tromethamine Injection Updated 4/9/2014



Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder for Injection Updated 4/9/2014 
Leuprolide Acetate Injection 
Lidocaine Hydrochloride (Xylocaine) Injection (initial posting date - 2/22/2012)  Updated 4/14/2014
Liotrix (Thyrolar) Tablets 
Lorazepam (Ativan) Injection  

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Magnesium Sulfate Injection Updated 4/14/2014
Mannitol (Osmitrol, Resectisol) Injection (initial posting date - 12/21/2011)  
Mecasermin [rDNA origin] (Increlex) Injection (initial posting date - 4/26/2013) 
Methazolamide (Glauctabs, Neptazane) Tablets (initial posting date - 6/29/2012) 4
Methyldopate Hydrochloride Injection  
Methylin Chewable Tablets (initial posting date 2/19/2013)
Methylphenidate Hydrochloride ER Tablets  (initial posting date 2/19/2013) Updated 4/9/2014
Methylphenidate Hydrochloride Tablets (initial posting date 2/19/2013) Updated 4/9/2014
Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate Injection (initial posting date 2/14/2014)  Updated 4/14/2014
Morphine Sulfate (Astramorph PF, Duramorph, Infumorph) Injection (Preservative Free) Updated 4/14/2014 
Multi-Vitamin Infusion (Adult and Pediatric)  

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Nalbuphine Hydrochloride (Nubain) Injection (initial posting date 5/15/2012) 
Neostigmine Methylsulfate Injection (initial posting date 1/14/2013) Updated 4/9/2014
Nitroglycerin in 5% Dextrose Injection (initial posting date 12/20/2013) 


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Ondansetron (Zofran) Injection     

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Pancuronium Bromide Injection 
Papaverine Hydrochloride Injection (initial posting date 12/17/2012)    
Phosphate (Glycophos) Injection (initial posting date 5/29/2013)  
Pilocarpine HCL Opthalmic Gel 4% (Pilopine HS) (initial posting date 6/1/2012) 
Piperacillin and Tazobactam (Zosyn) Injection (Initial Posting Date - 4/2/2014) Updated 4/14/2014
Potassium Acetate Injection, USP 2mEq/mL    
Potassium Chloride Injection (initial posting date 5/15/2012)  Updated 4/14/2014 
Potassium Phosphate Injection  Updated 4/14/2014  
Procainamide HCL Injection   
Prochlorperazine Injection (initial posting date 1/30/2012)  

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Reserpine Tablets (initial posting date 4/17/2013)    
Rifampin for Injection (initial posting date 3/22/2013)  

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Secretin Synthetic Human (ChiRhoStim) Injection (ChiRhoStim) (initial posting date 6/15/2012)  
Selenium Injection  
Sincalide (Kinevac) Lyophilized Powder for Injection (initial posting date 6/21/2013) 
Sodium Chloride 0.9% Injection Bags (initial posting date 1/15/2014)  Updated 4/14/2014
Sodium Chloride 23.4%  
Sodium Phosphate Injection  
Succinylcholine (Anectine, Quelicin) Injection  (initial posting date 8/17/2012) 
Sufentanil Citrate (Sufenta) Injection 

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Telavancin (Vibativ) Injection 
Tesamorelin (Egrifta) Injection Kit (initial posting date 3/26/2014)
Thiotepa (Thioplex) for Injection   
Tiopronin (Thiola) (initial posting date 10/31/2013) 
Tobramycin Solution for Injection   Updated 4/14/2014
Trace Elements (initial posting date 1/24/2013)  

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Verapamil Hydrochloride Injection, USP (initial posting date 4/17/2013)  Updated 4/14/2014  
Vitamin A Palmitate (Aquasol A)


Zinc Injection (initial posting date 2/15/2012)    

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Therapeutic Categories

Therapeutic category designation is based solely on labeling indications and commonly used population, as in Pediatrics. The category designation does not indicate FDA approved status. For FDA approved drug products, please refer to Drugs@FDA. For any question or feedback on this page, please notify Drug Shortages at drugshortages@fda.hhs.gov.  

Therapeutic CategoryGeneric Name or Active Ingredient
AnesthesiaAtropine Sulfate Injection
AnesthesiaBupivacaine Hydrochloride (Marcaine, Sensorcaine)  Injection
AnesthesiaEphedrine Sulfate Injection
AnesthesiaLidocaine Hydrochloride (Xylocaine) Injection
AnesthesiaNeostigmine Methylsulfate Injection
AnesthesiaPancuronium Bromide Injection
AnesthesiaSuccinylcholine (Anectine, Quelicin) Injection
Analgesia and AddictionCaffeine and Ergotamine Tartrate (Cafergot) Tablets
Analgesia and AddictionCaffeine Anhydrous (125mg/mL); Sodium Benzoate (125mg/mL) Injection
Analgesia and AddictionFentanyl Citrate (Sublimaze) Injection
Analgesia and AddictionKetorolac Tromethamine Injection
Analgesia and AddictionNalbuphine Hydrochloride (Nubain) Injection
Analgesia and AddictionSufentanil Citrate (Sufenta) Injection
Anti-InfectiveAmikacin Injection
Anti-InfectiveCefazolin Injection
Anti-InfectiveChloramphenicol Sodium Succinate Injection
Anti-InfectiveClindaymycin Phosphate (Cleocin) Injection
Anti-InfectivePiperacillin and Tazobactam (Zosyn) Injection
Anti-InfectiveTelavancin (Vibativ) Injection
Anti-InfectiveTobramycin Solution for Injection
Anti-ViralCidofovir Injection
CardiovascularBumetanide Injection
CardiovascularDisopyramide Phosphate (Norpace) CR
CardiovascularDobutamine Hydrochloride Injection
CardiovascularEphedrine Sulfate Injection
CardiovascularEpinephrine Injection
CardiovascularEpinephrine 1mg/mL (Preservative Free)
CardiovascularMethyldopate Hydrochloride Injection
CardiovascularNitroglycerin in 5% Dextrose Injection
CardiovascularPapaverine Hydrochloride Injection
CardiovascularProcainamide HCL Injection
CardiovascularReserpine Tablets
CardiovascularVerapamil Hydrochloride Injection, USP
DermatologyDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
DermatologyPilocarpine HCL Opthalmic Gel 4% (Pilopine HS)
Endocrinology and MetabolismAmmonium Chloride Injection
Endocrinology and MetabolismCyanocobalamin Injection
Endocrinology and MetabolismLiotrix (Thyrolar) Tablets
Endocrinology and MetabolismMecasermin [rDNA origin] (Increlex) Injection
Endocrinology and MetabolismPotassium Chloride Injection
Endocrinology and MetabolismPotassium Phosphate Injection
Endocrinology and MetabolismSecretin Synthetic Human (ChiRhoStim) Injection
Endocrinology and MetabolismSodium Chloride 23.4%
Endocrinology and MetabolismTesamorelin (Egrifta) Injection Kit
Endocrinology and MetabolismVitamin A Palmitate (Aquasol A)
Endocrinology and MetabolismZinc Injection
GastroenterologyCalcium Chloride Injection
GastroenterologyCalcium Gluconate Injection
GastroenterologyChromic Chloride Injection
GastroenterologyCopper (Cupric Chloride) Injection
GastroenterologyDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
GastroenterologyIntravenous Fat Emulsion
GastroenterologyMagnesium Sulfate Injection
GastroenterologyMulti-Vitamin Infusion (Adult and Pediatric)
GastroenterologyOndansetron (Zofran) Injection
GastroenterologyPhosphate (Glycophos)Injection
GastroenterologyPotassium Acetate Injection, USP 2mEq/mL
GastroenterologyPotassium Chloride Injection
GastroenterologyPotassium Phosphate Injection
GastroenterologyProchlorperazine Injection
GastroenterologySelenium Injection
GastroenterologySodium Chloride 23.4%
GastroenterologySodium Phosphate Injection
GastroenterologyTrace Elements
GastroenterologyVitamin A Palmitate (Aquasol A)
GastroenterologyZinc Injection
HematologyDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
HematologyHeparin Sodium Injection
Medical ImagingBarium Sulfate for Suspension
Medical ImagingEthiodol (Ethiodized Oil) ampules
Medical ImagingSincalide (Kinevac) Lyophilized Powder for Injection
MusculoskeletalEphedrine Sulfate Injection
NeurologyAtropine Sulfate Injection
NeurologyCaffeine and Ergotamine Tartrate (Cafergot) Tablets
NeurologyEphedrine Sulfate Injection
NeurologyMagnesium Sulfate Injection
NeurologyPancuronium Bromide Injection
NeurologySuccinylcholine (Anectine, Quelicin) Injection
OncologyDaunorubicin Hydrochloride Solution for Injection
OncologyDoxorubicin (Adriamycin) Lyophilized Powder
OncologyLeucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder for Injection
OncologyLeuprolide Acetate Injection
OncologyThiotepa (Thioplex) for Injection
OphthalmologyDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
OphthalmologyEchothiophate Iodide (Phospholine Iodide) Ophthalmic Kit
OphthalmologyPilocarpine HCL Opthalmic Gel 4% (Pilopine HS)
OthersMannitol (Osmitrol, Resectisol) Injection
PediatricAtropine Sulfate Injection
PediatricBupivacaine Hydrochloride (Marcaine, Sensorcaine) Injection
PediatricCalcium Chloride Injection
PediatricCefazolin Injection
PediatricChloramphenicol Sodium Succinate Injection
PediatricChromic Chloride Injection
PediatricCidofovir Injection
PediatricCopper (Cupric Chloride) Injection
PediatricCyanocobalamin Injection
PediatricDaunorubicin Hydrochloride Solution for Injection
PediatricDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
PediatricDexmethylphenidate Hydrochloride (Focalin) Tablet
PediatricDobutamine Hydrochloride Injection
PediatricDoxorubicin (Adriamycin) Lyophilized Powder
PediatricEthiodol (Ethiodized Oil) Ampules
PediatricFentanyl Citrate (Sublimaze) Injection
PediatricHeparin Sodium Injection
Pediatric Intravenous Fat Emulsion
PediatricLeucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder for Injection
PediatricLeuprolide Acetate Injection
PediatricLidocaine Hydrochloride (Xylocaine) Injection
PediatricLiotrix (Thyrolar) Tablets
Pediatric Lorazepam (Ativan) Injection
PediatricMagnesium Sulfate Injection
PediatricMannitol (Osmitrol, Resectisol) Injection
PediatricMecasermin [rDNA origin] (Increlex) Injection
PediatricMethyldopate Hydrochloride Injection
PediatricMethylphenidate Hydrochloride Tablets
PediatricMethylphenidate Hydrochloride ER Tablets
PediatricMethylin Chewable Tablets
Pediatric Multi-Vitamin Infusion (Adult and Pediatric)
Pediatric Ondansetron (Zofran) Injection
Pediatric Pancuronium Bromide Injection
Pediatric Phosphate (Glycophos) Injection
Pediatric Potassium Acetate Injection, USP 2mEq/mL
Pediatric Potassium Chloride Injection
PediatricPotassium Phosphate Injection
PediatricProchlorperazine Injection
PediatricReserpine Tablets
PediatricRifampin for Injection
PediatricSelenium Injection
PediatricSodium Chloride 23.4%
PediatricSodium Phosphate Injection
PediatricSuccinylcholine (Anectine, Quelicin) Injection
PediatricSufentanil Citrate (Sufenta) Injection
PediatricThiotepa (Thioplex) for Injection
PediatricTobramycin Solution for Injection
PediatricTrace Elements
PediatricVerapamil Hydrochloride Injection, USP
PediatricVitamin A Palmitate (Aquasol A)
PediatricZinc Injection
PsychiatryDexmethylphenidate Hydrochloride (Focalin) Tablet
PsychiatryLorazepam (Ativan) Injection
PsychiatryMethylin Chewable Tablets
PsychiatryMethylphenidate Hydrochloride ER Tablets
PsychiatryMethylphenidate Hydrochloride Tablets
PsychiatryProchlorperazine Injection
Pulmonary, AllergyDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
Pulmonary, AllergyEphedrine Sulfate Injection
Pulmonary, AllergyMethazolamide (Glauctabs, Neptazane) Tablets
RenalBumetanide Injection
RenalDexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionChromic Chloride Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionCopper (Cupric Chloride) Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionCyanocobalamin Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionIntravenous Fat Emulsion
Total Parenteral NutritionMagnesium Sulfate Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionMulti-Vitamin Infusion (Adult and Pediatric)
Total Parenteral NutritionPhosphate (Glycophos) Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionPotassium Acetate Injection, USP 2mEq/mL
Total Parenteral NutritionPotassium Chloride Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionPotassium Phosphate Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionSelenium Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionSodium Chloride 23.4%
Total Parenteral NutritionSodium Phosphate Injection
Total Parenteral NutritionTrace Elements
Total Parenteral NutritionZinc Injection

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