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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Training and Continuing Education

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Archived State Training Schedule FY2011

ORAU State Training Schedule

State Training (STT) FY11 Classroom Schedule
& Registration Contacts


State Training FY11 Classroom Schedule & Registration Contacts


Course #               PROGRAM AREA


                           EMERGENCY RESPONSE & INVESTIGATIONS

   ER300              Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents (ICS 300) (formerly MP320)

ER321              Produce Farm Investigations

ER324              Epi-Ready for Response Teams

ER325              Foodborne Illness Investigations

ER400              Advanced Incident Command Structure - Complex Incidents (ICS 400)
                             (formerly MP420)

   ER402              Incident Command Structure, Executive Review (CS402) (new)

   ER420              Incident Command and General Staff (ICS420) (new)

   ER422              Food & Feed Rapid Response Training (formerly MP422)

   ER950              Incident Commander (new)

   ER952              Incident Command System – Position Specific:  Public Information Officer (NEW)

   ER958              Operations Section Chief (new)

   ER962              Incident Command System – Position Specific:  Planning Section Chief (NEW)

            ER967              Incident Command System – Position Specific:  Logistics Section Chief (NEW)

   ER973              Incident Command System – Position Specific: Finance/Admin


                       MANUFACTURED FOODS

FD107              Egg Safety Inspection

FD150              Food GMPs 110

FD151              Food Inspection Techniques and Evidence Development

FD152              Food Processing and Technology

FD202              Acidified Foods

FD203              Conducting Low Acid Canned Food Inspections (formerly FD103)

FD219              Juice HACCP and Conducting Juice Inspections

FD249              Conducting Seafood Inspections (replaces video: Seafood HACCP for Regulators)

FD303              Advanced Low Acid Canned Food (LACF)

FD320              State Food Contract Auditing

FD340              Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)         

FD405              Aseptic Processing for Food



FD371              Milk Pasteurization Controls and Tests                                                   

FD372              Milk Plant Sanitation and Inspection                                                      

FD373              State Milk Laboratory Evaluation Officers Workshop (LEO)                                 

FD374              Laboratory Examination of Dairy Products                                              

FD375              Dairy Farm Sanitation and Inspection    

FD376              NCIMS Dairy HACCP

FD577              Special Problems in Milk Protection                                                      

FD578              Advanced Milk Processing                      




   FD240              Shellfish Plant Sanitation (formerly FD140)

FD241              Shellfish State Standardization                                                              

FD242              Sanitary Surveys of Shellfish Growing Areas

FD247              Seafood HACCP Train-the-Trainer (under development 5/2010)


                           VETERINARY MEDICINE

   VM201           Tissue Residue

   VM205              Residue Violation Inspection System (RVIS)

VM206              Medicated Feed Inspection

VM207              AMDUCA/Compounding Animal Drugs

            VM209              Rendering Plant Inspections; Substances Prohibited from Use in Animal Feed (New)

VM212              BSE/Feed Establishment Audit                         

            VM213              BSE Inspection Training


                       RETAIL FOOD 

FD108              Temporary Food Establishments                                                           

FD112              Food Code                                                                                          

FD207              Plan Review                                                                             

FD215              Managing Retail Food Safety

FD???              Risk-Based Inspection Methods

FD312              Special Processes at Retail