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2012 Tobacco Compliance Training

FDA Center for Tobacco Products hosts one-hour webinars to help retailers comply with federal tobacco regulations. These webinars are designed to provide retailers with FDA compliance training information.

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November 7th, 2012: CTP Compliance Update on Internet-Related Warning Letters  

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September 5, 2012: Compliance Training for Retailers: Compliance Check Inspection Notifications

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August 21, 2012: Compliance Training for Small Businesses “Common Issues Identified During FDA’s Scientific Evaluation of Substantial Equivalence Reports” - FDA has completed the scientific evaluation of numerous substantial equivalence reports and communicated our findings to the submitters of these reports.  This webinar will discuss some of the recurring scientific issues that FDA has observed across many substantial equivalence reports.

Webinar Summary - Common Issues Identified During FDA’s Scientific Evaluation of Substantial Equivalence Reports

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June 19, 2012: Compliance Training for Small Businesses- Regulations Regarding Distribution of Free Samples of Smokeless Tobacco at “qualified adult-only facilities”.


May 22, 2012: Compliance Training: The Import Process for Small Businesses


April 24, 2012: Substantial Equivalence Reports


April 10, 2012 - Compliance Training for Tobacco Retailers and Small Businesses – Compliance Information on the CTP Website



March 6, 2012 - Compliance Training for Small Businesses - Frequently Asked Questions.

This webinar addressed some of the questions that have been previously received from small tobacco product businesses.  There will be no live questions taken during this webinar, however small businesses may contact us anytime with questions or comments at



February 21, 2012 - Compliance Training for Tobacco Retailers:  Warning Letter and Civil Money Penalty Update



February 7, 2012 - Compliance Training for Tobacco Retailers - What to Expect During a Tobacco Retailer Inspection.



January 17, 2012 - CTP's Domestic Manufacturing Inspection Program

CTP hosted a one-hour webinar for small businesses outlining FDA’s domestic manufacturing inspection program. This webinar included a joint presentation from FDA's Office of Regulatory Affairs and CTP’s Office of Compliance and Enforcement. 

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Looking for More Information?

If you need more information about the retailer training sessions, contact David Racine at 


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