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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Tobacco Products

2013 Substantial Equivalence Marketing Orders


2013 Substantial Equivalence Marketing Orders

FDA Order Letter Date FDA Decision Summary Health Summary
SE0003730 June Decision Summary SE0003730 Available from manufacturer
SE0003731 June Decision Summary SE0003731 Available from manufacturer
SE0001697 September Decision Summary SE0001697 Available from manufacturer
SE0001698 September Decision Summary SE0001698 Available from manufacturer
SE0003199 September Decision Summary SE0003199 Available from manufacturer
SE0003200 September Decision Summary SE0003200 Available from manufacturer
SE0003297 October

Decision Summary SE0003297

Decision Summary SE0003297 Addendum

Available from manufacturer
SE0003298 October Decision Summary SE0003298 Available from manufacturer
SE0003299 October Decision Summary SE0003299 Available from manufacturer
SE0001762 November Decision Summary SE0001762 Available from manufacturer 
SE0003525 November Decision Summary SE0003525 Available from manufacturer 
SE0003526 November Decision Summary SE0003526 Available from manufacturer 
SE0003528 November Decision Summary SE0003528 Available from manufacturer 
SE0003529 November Decision Summary SE0003529 Available from manufacturer 
SE0004386 November Decision Summary SE0004386 Available from manufacturer 
SE0004387 November Decision Summary SE0004387 Available from manufacturer 
SE0004388 November Decision Summary SE0004388 Available from manufacturer