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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Tobacco Products

Compliance & Enforcement

FDA conducts compliance check inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer's compliance with federal laws and regulations, and generally issues Warning Letters for first-time violations. FDA generally issues civil money penalties for violations found on subsequent inspections.


Inspection Reports Database

Results from compliance check inspections covering cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products are available:

  • Search the inspection database to find lists of retailer Warning Letters and Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued by FDA and a list of inspected establishments where no violations were observed.
  • The establishments where Compliance Check Inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on a map, based on the search results. Information regarding the specific Compliance Check Inspections can be viewed by zooming in and selecting the individual pins.
  • Search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, and decision date.

Absence of a retail establishment from this list does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Why is This Important?

Retailers play a role in protecting the health of America’s youth by not selling, marketing, or advertising cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products to underage children and adolescents.  

Tobacco use causes more than 400,000 deaths each year, and, because a large majority of Americans start smoking before reaching the age of 18, many of these deaths can be prevented by discouraging young people from initiating tobacco use.





Warning Letters

A Warning Letter is the agency’s advisory action that is used to achieve prompt voluntary compliance with the law. FDA generally issues Warning Letters, displayed in a searchable database, to tobacco retailers generally the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection.

Find all other Warning Letters issued by CTP at FDA’s main Warning Letters page.


Civil Money Penalty Complaints

A Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Complaint is used to initiate an administrative legal action against a retailer that can result in the imposition of a fine, called a Civil Money Penalty. 

FDA generally issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, displayed in a searchable database, to tobacco retailers when subsequent violations are observed during a compliance check inspection.

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below.  Earlier Complaints can be found in the searchable database.


Date Issued Retailer
1-Oct-14 Fraz Tariq Inc. d/b/a 1 Stop Convenience
1-Oct-14 7-Eleven, Inc. / Paradorn Puthsombut d/b/a 7-Eleven 2581-26918A
1-Oct-14 Kochina Corporation / Hyungsik Dokko d/b/a Ampm / Marginal Way Arco
1-Oct-14 NHP Beverage Company d/b/a Charlie’s Variety
1-Oct-14 Daniel Charles Smith d/b/a Dan’s Market
1-Oct-14 Xiu Duan Liu d/b/a Erie Mini Market
1-Oct-14 Ayama Petroleum LLC d/b/a Gas and Goodies / Gas N Go
1-Oct-14 Hopkinton Gas, Inc.
1-Oct-14 Junction Quick Stop, Inc.
1-Oct-14 The Pantry, Inc. d/b/a Kangaroo Express
1-Oct-14 J and J Shiv Corporation, Inc. / Bill Patel  d/b/a Kwik Stop
1-Oct-14 Mangal Singh d/b/a Mangal’s Handy Shop / Shamrock
1-Oct-14 Mini Rite Grocery LLC d/b/a Mini-Rite Market
1-Oct-14 Walleye Mart, Inc. / Marilyn Meseberg d/b/a Potholes General Store
1-Oct-14 H.E. Hari, L.L.C. d/b/a Raytown Conoco
1-Oct-14 Haile Group Inc. / Samuel Hailegiorgis d/b/a Sam and Son Mart
1-Oct-14 Tobacco General Inc. / Adly Ohalley, d/b/a Tobacco Store
1-Oct-14 Nyal Karan Inc. / Harshad B. Patel d/b/a Trumann Mart
1-Oct-14 Big Step Company d/b/a Tumbleweed Market
6-Oct-14 Alena LLC / Mike Iskhakov d/b/a Camelback Smoke Shop
6-Oct-14 General Equities, Inc. d/b/a Food Bag 521 / Citgo
6-Oct-14 F and W, Inc. / Robin Sarro d/b/a Dub’s Discount Liquors
6-Oct-14 Rahil Food LLC / Bahill Patel d/b/a Express Food Mart
6-Oct-14 SSM 786 LLC / Saeed Muhammad d/b/a Gulf
6-Oct-14 Junco and Son Meat Market LLC / Franklin Morel d/b/a Junco and Son Meat Market
6-Oct-14 Downtown Keyport Corporation d/b/a Keyport Mercantile
6-Oct-14 Oakland Dairy and Tabacco Inc. / Amit Patel d/b/a Krauszer's Food Store
6-Oct-14 M and F Smoke Shop LLC
6-Oct-14 N and H Investments LLC d/b/a N and H Smoke Shop
6-Oct-14 Ping Liu d/b/a Ping’s Food Mart
6-Oct-14 Mike Niotis and Lou Mancinelli, d/b/a Seaport Diner
6-Oct-14 Retail LLC d/b/a Super Buy Rite
6-Oct-14 KKNJ, Inc. d/b/a Tobacco Hut 12
6-Oct-14 Wray’s, Inc. / Chris Brown d/b/a Wray’s Marketfresh IGA
7-Oct-14 Akbar Pabani, d/b/a Big Red 121
7-Oct-14 Benedict A. Schepis, Inc. / Matt Genua d/b/a Brand Bar and Beverage
7-Oct-14 Ali Ahmed d/b/a Brothers Grocery
7-Oct-14 Fred Meyer Stores, Inc. d/b/a Fred Meyer Grocery Store 486
7-Oct-14 Jones 1902 Realty LLC d/b/a Jones Tavern
7-Oct-14 Holland Sales Company, Inc. d/b/a Midway Mart / Rex
7-Oct-14 Chaesun Han Osaka d/b/a North Park Grocery
7-Oct-14 Pine Tobacco and Cigar, Inc. d/b/a Pine Tobacco Shop
7-Oct-14 Roadrunner Deli-Mart II., Inc. / Gary Rufener d/b/a Roadrunner
7-Oct-14 T.J.’s Quick Stop, L.L.C.
8-Oct-14 Niemann Foods, Inc. d/b/a Pick-A-Dilly 742 / BP
8-Oct-14 Hatshepsut Holdings LP d/b/a Exxon American Natural 7 / Buy N Fly
8-Oct-14 Alpha AG, L.L.C. d/b/a Carter’s Supermarket
8-Oct-14 A and H Services, Inc. / Ali Kahwaji d/b/a Citgo / The River Quick Mart
8-Oct-14 Deer Run LLC d/b/a Deer Run Groceries
8-Oct-14 Double Eagle Resorts Inc. d/b/a Double Eagle Hotel and Casino Gold Creek Casino
8-Oct-14 Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 2687
8-Oct-14 Mufeed Mustafa d/b/a High Life Smoke Shop
8-Oct-14 HR Puff N Stuff LLC / Harold V. Hileman and Richard Alvarado, d/b/a HR Puff N Stuff
8-Oct-14 Yemco Fuel, Inc. / Nakeeb Hassan d/b/a Marathon
8-Oct-14 Kimberly R. Wart d/b/a Midland Rails Liquor
8-Oct-14 Pritasa LLC d/b/a New Market
8-Oct-14 Pikesville Shell LLC
8-Oct-14 Rodney Barekman Enterprises, Inc d/b/a Tobacco Plus
8-Oct-14 Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 6687
14-Oct-14 Maryam Group, Inc. d/b/a BP
14-Oct-14 Jackrabbit Gas Inc. d/b/a Strasburg Convenience Store / Conoco
14-Oct-14 Coolahan’s Pub, Inc. / Mike Coolahan d/b/a Coolahan’s Pub
14-Oct-14 Khan Investments Incorporated d/b/a Dravus 76
14-Oct-14 Gelsheimer Grocery, L.L.C. d/b/a Gelsheimer’s Mor For Less
14-Oct-14 Mei Juan You d/b/a Hunan Garden
14-Oct-14 LWS2, Inc. d/b/a Lake Wanda Store
14-Oct-14 Blanton and Son Inc. / Henry Blanton d/b/a Lebanon Quick Stop
14-Oct-14 Kavita Enterprises, Inc. / Pragnesh Shah d/b/a Masonville News and Food Store
14-Oct-14 Messex One Stop Service, Inc. / James Messex d/b/a Messex One Stop
14-Oct-14 Singh’s Store, Inc. d/b/a New Haven Quick Stop
14-Oct-14 Mary LLC / Nadyar Malaka d/b/a Nino’s Market
14-Oct-14 RPCS, Inc. d/b/a Price Cutter Plus 52
14-Oct-14 Mira Shah, d/b/a Quick Food Mart
14-Oct-14 Jones Gas and Grocery, Inc. / Claude Jones d/b/a Randy’s Country Store
14-Oct-14 Patricia Mattox McMurphey d/b/a Ridgeway Kwik Stop
14-Oct-14 Apu Karam, d/b/a Sunoco
14-Oct-14 Charles L. Way d/b/a Sunoco Washtenaw
14-Oct-14 Westminster Liquor, Inc. d/b/a Westminster Liquors
14-Oct-14 Wright Way Stores of S C Inc. / Donald L. Richards d/b/a Wright Way 9
15-Oct-14 Baker’s Corner Store, Inc. / Terry L. Wallace d/b/a Baker’s Corner Store
15-Oct-14 Keshav LLC d/b/a Center Liquors
15-Oct-14 A I Traders, LLC / Aswad Janoo d/b/a Choice Tobacco
15-Oct-14 City Drugs of Crystal Springs, Inc. / Anne Sojourner and John Sojourner d/b/a City Drug
15-Oct-14 Arjay Corporation d/b/a Crespo Grocery
15-Oct-14 One Anand Corporation d/b/a Downtown News Stand
15-Oct-14  Downtown Saloon, Inc. / Scott A. Warner d/b/a Downtown Saloon
15-Oct-14 Lloyd’s Foods Inc.
15-Oct-14 Kenrick Harris, d/b/a North Coit Quick Stop
15-Oct-14 Jeffrey Lynn Warren d/b/a One Stop Bait and Tackle
15-Oct-14 Nabeel Mohamed Elzoffi d/b/a Parkway Discount Grocery
15-Oct-14 Radhe Nikunj, Inc. / Minesh Patel, d/b/a Payless Tobacco
15-Oct-14 Pilot Travel Centers LLC d/b/a Pilot Travel Center 712 / Flying J
15-Oct-14 Jorge L. Torres / Jose L. Torres d/b/a Rodriguez Food Market
15-Oct-14 Rosburg Store LLC
15-Oct-14 The Spinx Company, Inc., d/b/a Spinx 179
15-Oct-14 Cana, Inc. d/b/a Stell’s Package Store
15-Oct-14 Rauf A and Sons Inc. d/b/a Woodlawn Sunoco
15-Oct-14 R and J Wiser, Inc. d/b/a Wally’s Country Store
20-Oct-14 Dohnbulja, Inc. / Jae H. Choo d/b/a Bermuda Bar
20-Oct-14 CKM Inc. / Stephen Chacko d/b/a BP
20-Oct-14 AKATA Inc. d/b/a Campbell Avenue Super Stop
20-Oct-14 Ray and Dave, Inc. d/b/a Caton Avenue Dash In / Shell
20-Oct-14 Family Food Market, Inc. / Mohamed Hussin Almuraisi
20-Oct-14 Eileen L. Kinkelaar and Daniel A. Kinkelaar d/b/a Kink’s Korner
20-Oct-14 Kroger Texas L.P. d/b/a Kroger 570
20-Oct-14 GPM Southeast, LLC d/b/a Li’l Cricket 3866
20-Oct-14 Logansport Truckstop LLC d/b/a Logansport Truck Stop / Red Rocket
20-Oct-14 As Pelican Grocery, LLC / Anthony Prescott d/b/a Pelican Grocery
20-Oct-14 Mike and Sabah, Inc. / Mike Jarbo d/b/a Piccadilly Party Store
20-Oct-14 Selawi Unlimited, Inc. d/b/a Sammy Food Store
20-Oct-14 Piara Enterprises LLC d/b/a Shell
20-Oct-14 B and B Convenience Stores, Inc. d/b/a Breakers 125
20-Oct-14 J and W Gas and More Inc. / Ady Nassar d/b/a Speedy
20-Oct-14 Dada Tobacco, Inc. d/b/a Sterling Tobacco
20-Oct-14 Ray and Dave, Inc. d/b/a Caton Avenue Dash In / Shell
20-Oct-14 2015 Ventures, LLC / Robert Hills d/b/a Stilettos Gentlemen’s Club
20-Oct-14 Zaref, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco
20-Oct-14 Prince Oil Co., Inc. d/b/a The 4-Way
20-Oct-14 Dejim Corporation d/b/a Time Saver
21-Oct-14 Faridkhan Inc. / Zia Ghaznavi d/b/a 7-Eleven 34195
21-Oct-14 Town Gas LLC d/b/a Town Gas / BP
21-Oct-14 Head to Head, Inc. d/b/a The Corner Store
21-Oct-14 Richard Rigazio / Signal Variety, Inc. d/b/a Cigarette City
21-Oct-14 ISRM Corp. d/b/a Exit One Tobacco and Beverage Center
21-Oct-14 Haselden Oil Company Inc. / Karen Hemingway d/b/a Exxon / Sea Store
21-Oct-14 Anwar Hossain d/b/a Wallingford Smoke Shop / Global
21-Oct-14 Massa Corporation Company / Abdallah Alkasasbeh d/b/a Grocery and Deli / D Town Market
21-Oct-14 New Liquor Doctor, Inc. d/b/a Liquor Doctor
21-Oct-14 Luisa Deli and Grocery, Inc. / Juan G. Rivas d/b/a Luisa Grocery
21-Oct-14 Mack Lincoln d/b/a Mac’s Party Store
21-Oct-14 Melissa M. Hoffman d/b/a Modern Age Gift Shop
21-Oct-14 Moore’s Market LLC
21-Oct-14 Riskit Inc. d/b/a Mr. Shortstop 3
21-Oct-14 Ogarit Inc. / Riad Khoury d/b/a North Dartmouth Shell
21-Oct-14 Ready Mart, Inc.
21-Oct-14 S and S Food Mart, Inc.
21-Oct-14 Dasama Inc. d/b/a JK Mart
21-Oct-14 Momani Inc. d/b/a Wake Mart / Exxon
21-Oct-14 Steve White d/b/a White’s Service
21-Oct-14 M and M Mini Mart Inc. / Abbas Sulaiman d/b/a Clark
22-Oct-14 D and F Food Services, Inc. d/b/a Food Zone International Supermarket
22-Oct-14 Kidder Kurve, LLC d/b/a Kidder Kurve / MFA Oil
22-Oct-14 Kulwinder Food Mart, LLC / Ladi S. Kahlon d/b/a Phillips 66 Harbor Petro
22-Oct-14 Kabalan Co / George Kabalan d/b/a Pump And Munch
22-Oct-14 Singhmann Enterprises, LLC, d/b/a Shoal Creek Convenience Store
22-Oct-14 Victor D. Tulley and Frederick J. Tulley d/b/a Spruce River Market
22-Oct-14 K C P Enterprise, Inc. / Kenneth Phillips, d/b/a Triangle Food Mart
23-Oct-14 HH and P, LLC d/b/a Elephant Car Wash / Chevron
24-Oct-14 M and S Food and Gas, Inc. d/b/a Global Petroleum Mini Mart
27-Oct-14 Boberg’s Gas and Go Mini Mart, Inc. / Arthur Boberg and Donna Boberg d/b/a Boberg’s Gas and Go Mini Mart
27-Oct-14 Reeves Boomland, Inc. d/b/a Boomland
27-Oct-14 Aarish Inc. / Ronak Patel d/b/a BP Food Mart
27-Oct-14 L and J Fill Up Inc. / Abdul Baydoun d/b/a BP
27-Oct-14 Casey’s General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey’s General Store 2151
27-Oct-14 Woodward Detroit CVS, L.L.C d/b/a CVS/Pharmacy 8186
27-Oct-14 Edgar Food Center, Inc. / Joanne Bauer and Lance Bauer d/b/a Edgar IGA Food Center
27-Oct-14 Omnamah LLC / Mike Patel d/b/a EZ Stop / Shell
27-Oct-14 A and A Liquor LLC d/b/a Harmony Discount Liquor and Grocery
27-Oct-14 Vihar LLC d/b/a High Country BP
27-Oct-14 Moon Mini Mart Inc. / Jay Alhaydari d/b/a Moon Mini Mart / Valero
27-Oct-14 J and L Market LLC / Anthony Alvarez, d/b/a J and L Market
27-Oct-14 Tom’s Liquor Palace, Inc. / Tim Foumia d/b/a Liquor Palace
27-Oct-14 Paci’s Market, LLC / Nadir Uyar d/b/a Paci’s Market
27-Oct-14 Shot Heaven, Inc.
27-Oct-14 Spotlite Liquor Inc. / Salwan Yaldo d/b/a Spotlite Liquor
27-Oct-14 Meridian Petro Partners, LLC d/b/a Tornado Alley
27-Oct-14 Town Mart, Inc. / Sal Cassar d/b/a Towne Market
27-Oct-14 Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 7700
27-Oct-14 Drake Petroleum Co., Inc. d/b/a Xtramart Convenience Stores
28-Oct-14 Somboon Boonchaisri and Toi Boonchaisri d/b/a 7 Eleven 11556
28-Oct-14 Z T A Corporation / Toseef A. Zanjani d/b/a 7-Eleven 22104
28-Oct-14 Randall Garner d/b/a Bacca Cigar Co.
28-Oct-14 Cunningham’s, LLC d/b/a BP
28-Oct-14 Broadway Express, LLC d/b/a Broadway Express Mart
28-Oct-14 Brookegreen Pantry LLC d/b/a Brookgreen Pantry and Grill
28-Oct-14 Bryant Convenience, Inc.
28-Oct-14 Clark’s Empire Food’s Enterprise, Inc. / Heon Jo, d/b/a Clark’s Empire Foods
28-Oct-14 Lee and Wood, Inc. d/b/a Connolly’s Market
28-Oct-14 Diaz Northshore, LLC d/b/a Diaz Market Hammond
28-Oct-14 Shree Gokulesh, LLC / Miten Shah and Charulata Shah d/b/a Eastway Petro Mart/Citgo
28-Oct-14 Glenwood Inn, LLC
28-Oct-14 Thais Mini Market Inc. d/b/a I and S Grocery Inc.
28-Oct-14 Jimmy C. Horton d/b/a Hortons Grocery and Used Cars
28-Oct-14 Proctor Milk House, Inc. / Mark Fiege d/b/a Proctor Milk House
28-Oct-14 Progressive Energy, LLC d/b/a ProMart
28-Oct-14 Sherwood Liquor, Inc. d/b/a Sherwood Liquor Shoppe
28-Oct-14 Snak Atak Management Inc. d/b/a Snak-Atak 25
28-Oct-14 HV Patel Corporation d/b/a Spring Liquors
28-Oct-14 Yong Feng Company d/b/a Wilkens Food Market
29-Oct-14 Anil Reddy and Hem L. Reddy d/b/a 7-Eleven 18863
29-Oct-14 James Woodham, d/b/a Ashland Mini Mart
29-Oct-14 Vincennes Express Mart Inc. d/b/a BP One Stop
29-Oct-14 Eugenio Fortebuono d/b/a Gino’s Market
29-Oct-14 K.O.K. Limited Company / Karry Out Korner 1, Inc. d/b/a Karry Out Korner
29-Oct-14 Saiful and Jahangir LLC / Saiful Ahmed d/b/a Mill Variety
29-Oct-14 Progressive Energy, LLC d/b/a ProMart
29-Oct-14 GPM Southeast, LLC d/b/a Scotchman 3870
29-Oct-14 Gill Investment, Inc. / Raj Gill d/b/a Snohomish Chevron and Car Wash
29-Oct-14 Liza LLC / Amjad Iqbal d/b/a Sun Mart


Federal Laws and Regulations

Compliance check inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

  • The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as amended by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.
  • The Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco to Protect Children and Adolescents, found at Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1140 (21 C.F.R. Part 1140).