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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Tobacco Products

Compliance & Enforcement

FDA conducts compliance check inspections of tobacco product retailers to determine a retailer's compliance with federal laws and regulations, and generally issues Warning Letters for first-time violations. FDA generally issues civil money penalties for violations found on subsequent inspections.


Inspection Reports Database

Results from compliance check inspections covering cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products are available:

  • Search the inspection database to find lists of retailer Warning Letters and Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued by FDA and a list of inspected establishments where no violations were observed.
  • The establishments where Compliance Check Inspections have been completed will be displayed as pins on a map, based on the search results. Information regarding the specific Compliance Check Inspections can be viewed by zooming in and selecting the individual pins.
  • Search by tobacco retailer name, city, state, zip code, and decision date.

Absence of a retail establishment from this list does not imply compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


Why is This Important?

Retailers play a role in protecting the health of America’s youth by not selling, marketing, or advertising cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products to underage children and adolescents.  

Tobacco use causes more than 400,000 deaths each year, and, because a large majority of Americans start smoking before reaching the age of 18, many of these deaths can be prevented by discouraging young people from initiating tobacco use.





Warning Letters

A Warning Letter is the agency’s advisory action that is used to achieve prompt voluntary compliance with the law. FDA generally issues Warning Letters, displayed in a searchable database, to tobacco retailers generally the first time violations are observed during a compliance check inspection.

Find all other Warning Letters issued by CTP at FDA’s main Warning Letters page.


Civil Money Penalty Complaints

A Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Complaint is used to initiate an administrative legal action against a retailer that can result in the imposition of a fine, called a Civil Money Penalty. 

FDA generally issues Civil Money Penalty Complaints, displayed in a searchable database, to tobacco retailers when subsequent violations are observed during a compliance check inspection.

Civil Money Penalty Complaints issued during the past 45 days can be downloaded below.  Earlier Complaints can be found in the searchable database.


Date Issued Retailer
3-Nov-14 Mohamad Nassar d/b/a 16th Street Minute Mart
3-Nov-14 Ramira Corporation d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 11548
3-Nov-14 Alvarez Auto Center, Inc. / Jose Alvarez d/b/a Alvarez Auto Center
3-Nov-14 Gill Petroleum, Inc. d/b/a BP
3-Nov-14 Cascardo Oil Fowlerville, LLC / Dino Cascardo d/b/a Cascardo Oil Fowlerville / BP
3-Nov-14 Casey’s Marketing Co. d/b/a Casey’s General Store 2835
3-Nov-14 Farmers Union Oil Co. d/b/a Cenex
3-Nov-14 RPNP Corporation / Rajbir Sandhu d/b/a Boeing Field Chevron
3-Nov-14 ISH LLC / Paresh Patel d/b/a Clauss Liquors
3-Nov-14 9 MM Liquor, LLC / Ben Jossi d/b/a E-Burg Liquor and Wine
3-Nov-14 TJ Store LLC / Jagadish Thakkar d/b/a Emerson Stationery
3-Nov-14 HD Market and Deli, LLC / Flamur Peraj d/b/a H and D Market
3-Nov-14 Handy Spot Liquor and Foods, Inc. / Layla Shaya d/b/a Handy Spot
3-Nov-14 Borowiak Foodliner, Inc. d/b/a Borowiak’s IGA / IGA Fuels
3-Nov-14 Alero Inc. / Shawn Mirza d/b/a Marathon
3-Nov-14 Neighborhood Liquor Inc. d/b/a Melrose Mini-Mart
3-Nov-14 Gratiot Gas and Mini Mart, Inc. / Abed Berry d/b/a Sunoco
3-Nov-14 S.R.Y. Fuel, Inc. / Karmjit Singh d/b/a US Gas
3-Nov-14 Village Tobacco Inc. d/b/a Village Tobacco / Smokeshop
3-Nov-14 Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 5638
4-Nov-14 Midwest Energy, Inc. d/b/a Amerimart 5
4-Nov-14 Gabriele Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Back Track Bar and Grille
4-Nov-14 Baumer’s Inc. d/b/a Baumer’s Food Mart / Shell
4-Nov-14 MFA Petroleum Company d/b/a Break Time 3003
4-Nov-14 Casey’s General Stores, Inc.
4-Nov-14 Alrkami Fuel Inc. d/b/a Clark
4-Nov-14 Ali Hajvari Corp. / Amer Javed d/b/a Country Marketplace
4-Nov-14 Digger’s Dugout, Inc.
4-Nov-14 SAI Radha LLC d/b/a Discount Smokes and Tobacco
4-Nov-14 Elliot Park Grocery, LLC / Hammod Ibrahim Hassan, d/b/a Elliot Park Grocery
4-Nov-14 Gujarati, Inc. d/b/a Fast Point
4-Nov-14 Blue Falcon, LLC d/b/a Gladstone Discount Smokes and Convenience Store
4-Nov-14 Tala and Associates LLC d/b/a Hess
4-Nov-14 J and E Superette, Inc. / James Jones d/b/a J and E Superette
4-Nov-14 Palmetto Express of Lee County LLC d/b/a Palmetto Express / BP
4-Nov-14 Silver Coin Investments, Inc. d/b/a Riverside Express
4-Nov-14 Winnsboro Petroleum Co. Inc. d/b/a Shell / Grand Central Station 
4-Nov-14 Fezell Enterprises VII, Inc. d/b/a Franklin Shop ’N Save
4-Nov-14 APP LLC / Prashant Patel d/b/a Smoker Express
4-Nov-14 7 Mile and Hoover Gas and More Inc. / Hussein Ajrouche d/b/a Sunoco
5-Nov-14 Sushila N LLC / Hina Rana, d/b/a 21 Plaza Wine and Liquors
5-Nov-14 ARS Gas and Groceries, Inc. / Ranjit Singh d/b/a Apple Bin Shell 
5-Nov-14 Aum Shree Ganeshji, Inc. / Vijay Naik d/b/a Buck Saver
5-Nov-14 Dejim Corporation d/b/a Cash and Dash 5
5-Nov-14 Thomas Pascuzzi d/b/a Chisholm Jubilee Foods
5-Nov-14 Main Express LLC d/b/a Chucky’s
5-Nov-14 Cigarette City, Inc. / Ashvin Shah d/b/a Cigarette City
5-Nov-14 Highland Lakes Gas LLC d/b/a Delta
5-Nov-14 Food Lion, LLC d/b/a Food Lion 646
5-Nov-14 Yumi Son McCuthchen d/b/a Golden Smoke Gift Shop
5-Nov-14 W.B.P. Enterprises, Inc. / Bruce Holden d/b/a Holden’s Party Store
5-Nov-14 Johnson Petroleum LLC / Sohan Johnson d/b/a Johnson’s
5-Nov-14 The Kroger Co. d/b/a Kroger Fuel Center J-115
5-Nov-14 JL Lakeside Corporation / Joong Lee and Byung Lee d/b/a Lakeside Grocery and 5 Mile Lakeside Grocery
5-Nov-14 Blue Ox Fuel Stop, Inc. / Joseph Santini d/b/a Penn Jersey Truck Stop
5-Nov-14 Pony Enterprises, Inc. / Khiloud Garmo d/b/a Pony Keg Wine Shoppe 
5-Nov-14 KCR Properties, LLC / Kenneth and Ronda Howard d/b/a Quik Liquor
5-Nov-14 Ramila Patel d/b/a Resendes Market
5-Nov-14 Forest Park Services, Inc. / Ali Shamrez d/b/a Forest Park Shell
5-Nov-14 Alcantar Enterprises, Inc. / Maria Alcantar and Jose Alcantar d/b/a Su Mercadito 2
10-Nov-14 H and A Liquors Inc. / John Heying d/b/a 40 West Discount Liquors
10-Nov-14 Anna’s Market and Deli LLC
10-Nov-14 Bigfoot Properties XV, LLC d/b/a Bigfoot Java
10-Nov-14 Polecat Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a BP
10-Nov-14 C and C Supermarket, LLC / Carlos Rodriguez
10-Nov-14 Casey’s General Stores, Inc.
10-Nov-14 Jamba Liquors, Inc./ James Haskell d/b/a Centreville Liquors
10-Nov-14 Mahamed Hanshali, d/b/a Five Points Grocery Store
10-Nov-14 Highland General Store, Inc. / Wendy Benkendorf d/b/a Highland General Store
10-Nov-14 JNC Mini Market 2, Inc.
10-Nov-14 Zedan Brothers No. II, LLC / Elias Zedan d/b/a McDonnel Drugs
10-Nov-14 Mr. S’s Deli, Inc. / Qahtan Hallak d/b/a Mr. S’s Deli
10-Nov-14 Mamoud M. Sarameh d/b/a Park N Pak
10-Nov-14 Thrifty Payless, Inc. d/b/a Rite Aid 5281
10-Nov-14 Sagebrush Package Store, Inc.
10-Nov-14 Magness Oil Company d/b/a Snappy Mart 22 / Conoco
10-Nov-14 KMHY, Inc. / Haytham Yono d/b/a Special Way Market
10-Nov-14 Dorothy Spurlock d/b/a Spurlock’s Store
10-Nov-14 Volt Petroleum Inc. d/b/a USA Petro
10-Nov-14 Beedy Enterprise Inc. / Badradeen Beedy d/b/a Valero
12-Nov-14 7-Eleven, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 20996
12-Nov-14 Marshall First Stop, Inc. / Lloyd Dale Driskell and Shelby Jean Driskell d/b/a BP
12-Nov-14 Shri Laxmi Inc. d/b/a Express Stop
12-Nov-14 Casey’s General Stores, Inc. d/b/a Casey’s General Store 2911
12-Nov-14 Circle K Stores Inc. d/b/a Circle K
12-Nov-14 Local Fuel, Inc. / Jayprakash Sata d/b/a Citgo
12-Nov-14 Day and Nite Convenience Stores, Inc., d/b/a Day and Nite Store 20
12-Nov-14 Ahold USA, Inc. d/b/a Giant Food 342
12-Nov-14 Ameliam, LLC / Adnan Murad d/b/a Gulf
12-Nov-14 Downey Corporation d/b/a M and D Quick Stop 2
12-Nov-14 Hooch, Inc. / Scott Zeise d/b/a MGM Liquor Warehouse
12-Nov-14 Shahzad Akhtar d/b/a Ogden Tobacco
12-Nov-14 Old Havana Company / Sid Siddiqui d/b/a Old Havana Cigar Shop
12-Nov-14 S and B Fuel, Inc. d/b/a Phillips 66
12-Nov-14 Ronnie’s Liquor Spot, Inc. / Joe Karmo d/b/a Ronnie’s Liquor Spot
12-Nov-14 Jaber’s Inc. / Aoun Jaber d/b/a Mega Mile Gas and Mart / Sunoco
12-Nov-14 Atafiq LLC d/b/a Tolland Country Store
12-Nov-14 Laith and R Mini Mart, Inc. / Rafiq Ahmed d/b/a Laith and R Mini Mart / Valero
12-Nov-14 Walgreen Co. d/b/a Walgreens 5286
12-Nov-14 Jersey Innovative Investments, LLC /Satyanarayana Varre and Sankar Kambhampar, d/b/a Wantage Liquors
14-Nov-14 Bi-Lo, LLC d/b/a Bi-Lo 5740
14-Nov-14 G Hill and Family Enterprises LLC / Song Hill d/b/a Broadway Foods 
14-Nov-14 Fenkell Gas and Go, LLC d/b/a Citgo
14-Nov-14 Dolgencorp LLC d/b/a Dollar General 10318
14-Nov-14 W R Faucette and Company, Inc. / Wade Faucett d/b/a Oaks Service Station
14-Nov-14 Nachhatar’s Stores Inc. / Nachhatar Singh d/b/a McMillen Express
14-Nov-14 Shrewsbury Gas and Market, LLC d/b/a Mobil
14-Nov-14 Quick Stop Gas Inc.
14-Nov-14 Chase McCollum d/b/a The Curve
14-Nov-14 Ridgefield Auto Park LLC d/b/a Ridgefield Auto Park / Valero
17-Nov-14 Americana Food Store, Inc. d/b/a Americana Foods
17-Nov-14 Noorie Enterprises Inc. d/b/a Bayside Grocery
17-Nov-14 Burke’s, Inc. d/b/a Burke’s Wine and Liquors
17-Nov-14 Check Masters, Inc. d/b/a Discount Tobacco Masters
17-Nov-14 City Liquors, Inc.
17-Nov-14 Kathy and Johnny, Inc d/b/a Conoco at Brighton Blvd / Shell
17-Nov-14 J.D. Streett and Company, Inc. d/b/a Discount Cigarettes and Beer
17-Nov-14 Essex Service Station, LLC d/b/a Hess 30236
17-Nov-14 Hmoud Alawamleh d/b/a Jordan’s Supermarket
17-Nov-14 Tont Service Station, Inc. / Oski Sesetyan d/b/a Lukoil
17-Nov-14 6 Mile Mini Mart Inc. d/b/a Marathon
17-Nov-14 Lisa Jennings d/b/a Pioneer Store
17-Nov-14 RPCS Inc. d/b/a Price Cutter Plus 3
17-Nov-14 Paramount Shops LLC / Anil Gupta d/b/a Hope Quick Mart / Red-E-Mart
17-Nov-14 Clyde Lewis LaCount d/b/a Rutherford Station
17-Nov-14 Palo Herrado LLC / Palo Herrado d/b/a Sunny Teriyaki / Redmond Mart
17-Nov-14 Silver Creek KP Inc. / Mac Patel d/b/a Sunrise Food and Liquor
17-Nov-14 Oboon Inc. / Murad Wazwaz d/b/a Tobacco Stop
17-Nov-14 J and J Mart, Inc. d/b/a Valero Superstop
17-Nov-14 Watkins Park Liquors, Inc. / Samuel Turner d/b/a Watkins Park Liquors
18-Nov-14 AB Convenience Store, L.L.C.
18-Nov-14 Christman and Grace Inc. d/b/a AM PM / Arco
18-Nov-14 Bowers BP Inc, / Mark Bowers d/b/a Bowers BP
18-Nov-14 Joselina D. Bueno d/b/a Bueno Grocery / Bueno S Grocery
18-Nov-14 Madhav Anand Inc. d/b/a Chancellor Food Market
18-Nov-14 SAB Convenience and Gas, Inc. / Kumar John Beries d/b/a SAB Convenience and Gas / Citgo 
18-Nov-14 Jennifer Joung-Ok Lee and Si-Won Lee d/b/a Corner Store
18-Nov-14 Jojerney, Inc. / James Yi d/b/a Economy Liquors
18-Nov-14 J and P Flash, Inc. d/b/a Flash Market 385
18-Nov-14 Kotha LLC d/b/a Gateway to Branson Express Stop / Conoco
18-Nov-14 Adrian J. Glenn d/b/a Glenn’s 6-10
18-Nov-14 Garoto, Inc. d/b/a K and G Stores
18-Nov-14 Meloi Liquor Store LLC / Andrew R. Meloi d/b/a Meloi’s Liquor
18-Nov-14 Minit Food Mart Inc.
18-Nov-14 RPCS, Inc. d/b/a Price Cutter 11
18-Nov-14 Jaidip LLC / Bharat Patel d/b/a Quality Food Mart
18-Nov-14 Speedway LLC d/b/a Speedway 8848
18-Nov-14 Denal, Inc. / Brad Noble d/b/a Super Liquors
18-Nov-14 Three J Food Market Inc.
18-Nov-14 WR Liquors Inc. / Myung Lee d/b/a Wabash Discount Liquors
19-Nov-14 Kelstin Corporation d/b/a 7-Eleven 34388
19-Nov-14 Hossam Abdelfatah d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 11533
19-Nov-14 K.T. Kanso LLC / Kamel Kanso d/b/a AMPM / Arco
19-Nov-14 Bi-Lo, LLC d/b/a Bi-Lo 5181
19-Nov-14 Syed Mohsin Raza d/b/a Chucky’s Food Store
19-Nov-14 Country Club Carwash, Inc.
19-Nov-14 Discount Tobacco Ware House, Inc. /Tom Ware, d/b/a Discount Tobacco Ware House
19-Nov-14 Dolgencorp LLC d/b/a Dollar General Store 7260
19-Nov-14 Maria E. Cintron d/b/a DR Grocery II
19-Nov-14 Fernandez Mini Market Corp. / Jorge Fernandez d/b/a Fernandez Mini Market
19-Nov-14 Mark Reiber d/b/a Fishtown Market
19-Nov-14 N. Frank, Inc. d/b/a Frank’s Package Store
19-Nov-14 Mount Vernon Chevron, L.L.C.
19-Nov-14 IQRA Corporation / Kamran Zafar d/b/a Mr. C’s
19-Nov-14 Pop Top Liquor, Inc.
19-Nov-14 Pure Mother Inc. / Sedky Samaan d/b/a Shamrock Convenient Food and Liquor
19-Nov-14 ASA Petroleum Inc. d/b/a Galena Shell
19-Nov-14 Short Stop Liquor, Inc., d/b/a Short Stop Liquors
19-Nov-14 Wananavu Group Inc. d/b/a South Seas Market and Deli
19-Nov-14 B.B.T. Management, Inc. d/b/a Liquor Factory
24-Nov-14 Omar Reyes d/b/a 58 Delancey Food Market
24-Nov-14 Drew A. Davis and Avis L. Davis d/b/a Blue Eye Tobacco Outlet
24-Nov-14 Coyle Inc. / Sabah Yatooma d/b/a Brandon’s Beer and Wine
24-Nov-14 Cumberland Farms, Inc. d/b/a Cumberland Farms 2288
24-Nov-14 Red Tie Ride Inc. / Humphry T. Adriaens and Dawn Adriaens d/b/a Red Tie Ride
24-Nov-14 Dolgencorp LLC d/b/a Dollar General Store 2204
24-Nov-14 Chelmsford Gas and Market, LLC / Tarek Yatim d/b/a Gulf Express
24-Nov-14 J B Express Greensboro LLC / Yong A Bryant d/b/a J B Express
24-Nov-14 B and D Convenient Mart LLC d/b/a J.J.’s Grocery Mart
24-Nov-14 Frances C. Emanuel d/b/a Jimmy’s Pit Stop
24-Nov-14 Highland Retail LLC / Bob Blankenship d/b/a Macadoodles
24-Nov-14 Xiaoli Zhang d/b/a New Star Chinese Food
24-Nov-14 Green Ribbons Inc. d/b/a Nine West Market Place
24-Nov-14 P and C Deli LLC / Prite Patel d/b/a P and C Deli
24-Nov-14 Mary Jo Essa, Paul Essa, and Peter Essa d/b/a Smoky’s Cigar Lounge / Smoky’s Fine Cigars
24-Nov-14 H.G. Pontiac, Inc. d/b/a Super Mercado La Paloma
24-Nov-14 The Cold Spot, LLC
24-Nov-14 The Village Market Management Co., LLC d/b/a The Village Market
24-Nov-14 Jims Foodstores of Turbeville, Inc. / Hugh Smith d/b/a Turbeville IGA Plus
24-Nov-14 Nichole Ness d/b/a Whole Latte Love Espresso
25-Nov-14 BZO Andressen LLC / Don Zelezink d/b/a 7-Eleven 35501
25-Nov-14 Bernardo Valdez d/b/a Angelo Grocery / Valdez Grocery
25-Nov-14 Bottom’s Up, Inc. Party Store / Harry Gappy d/b/a Bottom’s Up Party Store
25-Nov-14 SHAI Corp. / Shveta Patel d/b/a Dalton’s Liquor
25-Nov-14 Sandeep News and Food Corp. / Pravin Patel d/b/a Drexel Food Market
25-Nov-14 Kbb International Inc. / Balachandra Kukkapelli d/b/a Gastonia Express
25-Nov-14 Ishtar Greek Cuisine L.L.C. d/b/a Ishtar Smoke Shop
25-Nov-14 Maria T. Delos Santos d/b/a MCK Food Filipino Variety Store /J and E Filipino Variety Store
25-Nov-14 Jamila Aboutayeb d/b/a M and J Deli Market
25-Nov-14 Balbir Singh d/b/a Minit Shop
25-Nov-14 S and R Petro, Inc. / Zeinab Samhat d/b/a Mystik
25-Nov-14 Monroe Convenience Store, Inc. /Sarvjeet Singh and Don Weerentunga, d/b/a On the Go
25-Nov-14 Piggly Wiggly South Inc. d/b/a Piggly Wiggly 88
25-Nov-14 Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 112
25-Nov-14 Two Farms, Inc. d/b/a Royal Farms Store 6
25-Nov-14 Seattle Cigar and Tobacco, Inc.
25-Nov-14 State Road Foods, LLC d/b/a ShopRite of Drexeline
25-Nov-14 Sonesta International Hotels Corporation d/b/a Pearls Market / Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island
25-Nov-14 Cormat LLC / Darrell Mathis d/b/a The Stage Stop
25-Nov-14 Uncle Pep’s Drive-Thru, Inc.


Federal Laws and Regulations

Compliance check inspections determine a retailer's compliance with, among other things:

  • The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, as amended by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.
  • The Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco to Protect Children and Adolescents, found at Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1140 (21 C.F.R. Part 1140).