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Selected FDA Publications Related to Applications of Nanotechnology

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Chiang HM, Xia Q, Wang C, Wang S, Miller B, Howard PC, Yin JJ, Beland FA, Yu H, Fu PP. Nano-ZnO induces cytotoxicity and DNA damage in human cell lines and rat primary neuronal cells. J Nanosci Nanotechnol 2012; (In Press).

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Xu X, Khan MA, Burgess DJ. A quality by design (QbD) case study on liposomes containing hydrophilic API: II. Screening of critical variables, and establishments of design space at laboratory scale. Int J Pharm 2012;423(2);543-53.

Yin, JJ, Zhao B, Xia Q, Fu P. “Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy for Studying the Generation and Scavenging of Reactive Oxygen Species by Nanomaterials” in Nanopharmaceuticals: The Pharmaceutical Application of Nanotechnology, World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc., 2012 (In Press).

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Tsai DH, Delrio FW, Keene AM, Tyner KM, Maccuspie RI, Cho TJ, Zachariah MR, Hackley VA. Adsorption and Conformation of Serum Albumin Protein on Gold Nanoparticles Investigated Using Dimensional Measurements and in Situ Spectroscopic Methods. Langmuir 2011;27(6):2464-77.

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