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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Science & Research

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Northeast Regional Lab (NRL)

ORA Laboratory - Northeast Lab

FY 10 Analysts On-Board: 96
FY 10 Samples Analyzed: 9,656
Program Capabilities
NRL is a mega-laboratory capable of analyzing most analytes for which food and drug samples are collected for chemical analysis. NRL performs the following chemical analysis as a servicing laboratory for a majority of the compliance programs that require analytical support; filth and sanitation, sensory decomposition and chemical indices of decomposition, residues in seafood, elemental analysis of food and tableware, mycotoxins, pesticides and industrial chemicals, allergenic ingredients, human drug product and API testing, and feed contaminants.
NRL also performs analyses of food and color additives as well as food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic microbiology.

Specialized Laboratory Capabilities
NRL is one of three ORA laboratories (the other two labs are PRLSW and Denver) which operate a High Throughput Laboratory for Microbiological testing of import samples for Salmonella. NRL also performs testing for marine biotoxins, PFGE capability, and analysis of medicinal gases and provides expertise in the analysis of dietary supplements.
NRL has an operational BSL3 facility and Sterility capacity.