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Volume IV - 13.8 Pressure

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Orientation and Training

Food and Drug Administration


Section 13 - Engineering

EFFECTIVE DATE: 10-01-03REVISED: 02-14-13

A.  Objective

To introduce the trainee to the fundamentals of air and fluid pressure and the methods and equipment used for their measurement.

B.  Assignment

The trainer will review the basic principles of air and fluid pressure measurements and associated theoretical considerations, including the concept of fluid pressure "head" and its application.

The trainer will present and explain the pressure measuring equipment and will instruct in its use.  Equipment to be presented may include:

  • barometer and correction of readings,
  • well manometers,
  • "U" tube manometers,
  • aneroid gauges,
  • differential pressure devices,
  • pressure transducers, and
  • pressure standards.

The trainee will be expected to become familiar with the use and application of the equipment through exercises assigned by the trainer.