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Volume IV - 13.2 Photography

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Orientation and Training

Food and Drug Administration


Section 13 - Engineering

EFFECTIVE DATE: 10-01-03REVISED: 02-14-13

A.  Objective

To review the basic principles of photography and to introduce photographic equipment to the trainee.

B.  Assignment

The trainer will review the fundamentals of photography with the trainee. Topics which may be covered include:

  • depth of field,
  • lighting,
  • light meters, and
  • image media storage.

The trainer will introduce photographic equipment and instruct in its use and care.  Equipment presented should include:

  • digital camera,
  • oscilloscope camera,
  • close-up camera,
  • microscope camera, and
  • other equipment.

The trainee will be expected to gain practical experience using the photographic equipment to produce good quality photographs with complete and accurate detail.