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R/Bioconductor Setup for Mac OS X System

These instructions apply only to the installation of R/Bioconductor on Mac OS X systems for ArrayTrack™. Installation instructions for R/Bioconductor on Linux/Unix systems can be found here. The installation on Windows platforms is completely automated within the application, so the following steps are not necessary on Windows OS.


1) Download the most recent version of R by opening a web browser, going to http://cran.r-project.org/bin/macosx/disclaimer icon, and downloading the .pkg file at the top of the list.


2) A user with administrator rights should install R for all users of the computer by double-clicking the downloaded .pkg file and following the instructions.


3) Once R has been installed launch "R.app".


4) In the R window run the following commands:


> source("http://bioconductor.org/biocLite.R")
> biocLite();
> otherpkgs <- c("samr", "impute", "plier", "wheatcdf", "tomatocdf", "rtu34cdf", "rnu34cdf", "rat2302cdf", "rgu34ccdf", "rgu34bcdf", "rgu34acdf", "rae230bcdf", "rae230acdf", "porcinecdf", "plasmodiumanophelescdf", "mu19ksubccdf", "mu19ksubbcdf", "mu19ksubacdf", "mu11ksubbcdf", "mu11ksubacdf", "mouse4302cdf", "mouse430a2cdf", "moe430bcdf", "moe430acdf", "mgu74cv2cdf", "mgu74bv2cdf", "mgu74av2cdf", "mgu74acdf", "hu6800cdf", "u133x3pcdf", "htratfocuscdf", "hthgu133bcdf", "hthgu133acdf", "hgu95ecdf", "hgu95dcdf", "hgu95ccdf", "hgu95bcdf", "hgu95av2cdf", "hgu95acdf", "hcg110cdf", "hgfocuscdf", "hgu133plus2cdf", "hgu133bcdf", "hgu133acdf",  "hgu133a2cdf", "drosgenome1cdf", "canine2cdf", "ecoli2cdf", "htmg430bcdf", "htmg430acdf", "htmg430pmcdf", "hthgu133pluspmcdf", "htrat230pmcdf");
> biocLite(otherpkgs);


5) Quit R.


This completes the R/Bioconductor setup for Mac OS X systems.


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