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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Radiation-Emitting Products

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Our unit's automatic decompression mechanism has been deactivated and can't be reactivated by anyone at the facility. Does its status still have to be continuously displayed?

Policy Guidance Help System logoNo. If that mechanism has been disabled and can’t be reactivated by the operators then, in our view, the unit does not have an automatic decompression mechanism. Because the requirement for a continuous display, like all the other requirements in this section, applies only to units with an automatic decompression mechanism, your unit does not have to have such a display. Should the automatic decompression mechanism be reactivated in the future, then your unit would have to meet all applicable requirements, including the requirement for a continuous display of the override status.

FDA recommends that the fact that the automatic decompression mechanism has been disabled, be indicated by a label on the control panel so that all operators, old and new, are fully aware of this.

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