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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Radiation-Emitting Products

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Our facility is currently undergoing accreditation. We meet all MQSA regulatory requirements. However, our accreditation body recommends certain actions that are more stringent than those in the regulations. If we follow MQSA regulations (but do not meet all those recommended by the accreditation body), can our facility be denied accreditation?

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No. If a facility meets all MQSA regulations, its accreditation (or reaccreditation) cannot be denied for failure to meet accreditation body recommendations beyond MQSA requirements. Similarly, additional test(s) not listed in the final regulations cannot be mandated as a condition for a facility's accreditation or reaccreditation. Facilities are reminded that States have the authority to require more stringent standards than MQSA and that they can enforce these more stringent standards under State laws and regulations (to the point of prohibiting an MQSA certified facility from operating in the State).


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