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Medical Devices

List of Tips and Articles on Medical Device Safety

A artile or safety tip is an important message describing a risk associated with the use of a medical device and providing recommendations to avoid or reduce the risk. 

See the Safety Communication section for the most current Safety Tips, Articles and Medical Device Safety information. 

The following documents have been designated "Archived" because they were released over 2 years ago or because they have been updated with new information.

Articles/Safety Tips 2012-2010

Intense Pulsed Light 03/01/12 Safety tips for intense pulsed light therapy [ARCHIVED]
Ventilators 09/06/11 Take Precautions with Audible Alarms on Ventilators [ARCHIVED]
Infusion Pumps 03/01/11 "Smart" Infusion Pumps are Selectively Intelligent [ARCHIVED]
Phototherapy 02/23/11 Infant Phototherapy Light [ARCHIVED]
Enteral Devices 11/19/10 Reduce - and Report - Enteral Feeding Tube Misconnections [ARCHIVED]
Resectoscopes 09/24/10 Resectoscopes for Infants and Babies [ARCHIVED]
Microneurosurgical Clips 09/24/10 Aesculap AVM Micro Clip [ARCHIVED]
Wound Therapy 09/01/10 Negative pressure wound therapy: Use with care [ARCHIVED]
Skin Grafts 07/20/10 Air or Electric Dermatome Instruments [ARCHIVED]
Infusion 06/07/10 Chondrolysis Linked to Intra-articular Infusions [ARCHIVED]
Sterilizer 02/22/10 Information About STERIS System 1 [ARCHIVED]
Catheter 03/17/10 Recalls of Q-Syte™ Luer Access Split Septum and Products Containing the Q-Syte™ Luer Access Split Septum: Initial Communication [ARCHIVED]
Cardiac 04/27/10 Defective Cardiac Science Corporation Powerheart, CardioVive, Nihon Kohden, and GE Responder External Defibrillators: Updated July 19, 2010 [ARCHIVED]
Surgical Mesh 06/10/10 Class I Recall and Safety Investigation of Counterfeit Polypropylene Surgical Mesh: Updated June 10, 2010 [ARCHIVED]
Dual syringe 07/09/10 FDA Safety Notification: Risk of Air or Gas Embolism When Using Air- or Gas- Pressurized Spray Devices [ARCHIVED]
Q/A Infusion Pumps 07/13/10 Questions and Answers About the Baxter Colleague Recall, Refund, and Replacement Action [ARCHIVED]
Infusion Pumps 07/13/10 FDA's Final Order to Baxter to Recall, Refund, or Replace the Colleague Infusion Pumps [ARCHIVED]
Needleless connectors 07/28/10 Letter to Infection Control Practitioners Regarding Positive Displacement Needleless Connectors [ARCHIVED]
IVC Filters 08/09/10 Removing Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filters: Initial Communication [ARCHIVED]
Tourniquet 08/09/10 Safety Investigation of Suspected Counterfeit Combat Application Tourniquets (C-A-T®): Initial Communication [ARCHIVED]
Needleless connectors 08/11/10 Positive Displacement Needleless Connectors and Bloodstream Infections: Initial Communication [ARCHIVED]
Mammography 08/17/10 FDA Safety Notification: Mammography Problems at Med Pro Imaging in Plantation, Florida [ARCHIVED]
Ultraviolet Radiation Tanner 08/20/10 FDA Safety Notification: Ultraviolet Radiation Over-Exposure from Tootsie Tanner, a Portable Foot Tanning Device [ARCHIVED]
Implanted needles 08/26/10 Information about Huber Needles [ARCHIVED]
Mammography 08/27/10 FDA Safety Notification: Mammography Problems at Medisound, Inc. in Kissimmee, Florida [ARCHIVED]
Electric Dental Handpiecies 09/23/10 Safety Investigation of Patient Burns Associated with Electric Dental Handpieces and Electric Oral Bone-cutting Handpieces [ARCHIVED]
Infant Sleep Positioners 09/29/10 CPSC and FDA Warn Against Using Infant Sleep Positioners Because of Suffocation Risk: Initial Communication [ARCHIVED]
Implanted needles 10/25/10 Safety Investigation of Non-Coring (Huber) Needles: Updated October 25, 2010 [ARCHIVED]
Brain perfusion scanners 11/09/10 Safety Investigation of CT Brain Perfusion Scans: Update 11/9/2010 [ARCHIVED]
Reusable fingerstick 11/29/10 Use of Fingerstick Devices on More Than One Person Poses Risk for Transmitting Bloodborne Pathogens: Initial Communication: Update 11/29/2010 [ARCHIVED]
Hand-held laser pointers 12/16/10 FDA Safety Notification: Risk of Eye and Skin Injuries from High-powered, Hand-held Lasers Used for Pointing or Entertainment [ARCHIVED]
Q/A Glucose test strips 12/22/10 Questions and Answers About the Abbott Glucose Test Strip Recall [ARCHIVED]

Articles/Safety Tips 2009

Contact Lenses 11/06/09 Keep An Eye Out For Contact Lens Problems [ARCHIVED]
Cardiac Monitor Alarm 09/01/09 Alarming monitor problems [ARCHIVED]
Surgical Mesh 07/01/09 Looking Into Problems With Transvaginal Surgical Mesh [ARCHIVED]
Microscopes 05/01/09 Reduce the Risk of Skin Burns [ARCHIVED]
Infant 04/01/09 Use Infant Heel Warmers with Care [ARCHIVED]
Bypass Grafts 03/01/09 Exertion Can Disrupt Axillofemoral Bypass Grafts [ARCHIVED]

Articles/Safety Tips 2008-2007

Epidural Conduction Device 02/19/08 Epidural Conduction Device Fractures and Complications of Retained Fragments [ARCHIVED]
Human Factors 06/09/08 How Human Factors Lead to Medical Device Adverse Events [ARCHIVED]
Batteries 09/04/08 Cutting a Battery Pack Cable Can Start a Fire [ARCHIVED]
Beds/Bed Rails 11/16/08 Waking Up To Hospital Bed Entrapment Risks [ARCHIVED]
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 12/01/08 Danger: "Sandbag" in the MRI Room [ARCHIVED]
Oxygen Cylinder Regulators 01/10/07 Prevent Fires When Using Oxygen Cylinder Regulators [ARCHIVED]
Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator 02/07/07 Prevent life-threatening communication breakdowns [ARCHIVED]
Catheters 03/29/07 Prevent Dangerous Hemodialysis Catheter Disconnections [ARCHIVED]
Tourniquets 04/02/07 Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuffs, with the Tourniquet Systems [ARCHIVED]
LASIK 05/01/07 Eyeing Perils of LASIK Surgery [ARCHIVED]
Defibrillators 06/07/07 Safety Tip: External Defibrillators With "Hands-Free" Capability: Recommendations for Maintaining Their Cables and Connectors [ARCHIVED]
Balloon 07/10/07 On Guard for Intra-aortic Balloon Pump Problems [ARCHIVED]
Device Fragment 11/14/07 Danger: Beware of Unretrieved Device Fragments [ARCHIVED]

Articles/Safety Tips 2006-2004

Electrodes 11/22/06 Cables and electrodes can burn patients during MRI [ARCHIVED]
Pulsatile Lavage with Suction 01/01/05 Cover and Clean Up to Prevent Deadly Infections [ARCHIVED]
Alarm 04/01/05 Sounding Alarm for I.V. Infiltration [ARCHIVED]
Vacuum-Assisted Wound Closure 07/01/05 Keep an Close Eye on Vacuum-Assisted Wound Closure [ARCHIVED]
Blood Glucose Monitor 11/09/05 FDA Reminders For Falsely Elevated Glucose Readings From Use of Inappropriate Test Method [ARCHIVED]
Connections 02/01/04 Watch Those Power Connections [ARCHIVED]
Metal Allergies 02/06/04 Talk About Metal Allergies [ARCHIVED]
Infusion Pump 04/01/04 PCA By Proxy - Too Much of a Good Thing [ARCHIVED]
Peritonitis 07/01/04 Shortcut to Peritonitis. [ARCHIVED]
Vascular Access Devices 07/07/04 Reminders from FDA Regarding Ruptured Vascular Access Devices from Power Injection [ARCHIVED]
Contrast Media 11/01/04 Power Injector put I.V. Lines Under Pressure [ARCHIVED]

Articles/Safety Tips 2003-2000

Contact Lenses 11/01/03 Fly Blind with Decorative Lenses [ARCHIVED]
Analgesia Pumps 10/17/03 Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Pumps with Keypad Locking Mechanisms [ARCHIVED]
Connections 09/01/03 Compatible Connections; Incompatible Products [ARCHIVED]
Magnetic Resonance (MR) Screening 08/04/03 Reports of Metal Debris Left in Patients: Implications for Magnetic Resonance (MR) Screening [ARCHIVED]
DEHP 07/01/03 Could That Plastic Device Harm Your Patient [ARCHIVED]
Batteries 05/29/03 Plug it in! [ARCHIVED]
Abdominal Muscle Stimulators 05/01/03 Can You Stomach It? Abdominal Muscle Stimulator [ARCHIVED]
Connections 03/01/03 Check That Cable [ARCHIVED]
Beds/Bedrails 12/01/02 When Bed Isn't A Safe Haven. [ARCHIVED]
Electrodes 09/01/02 Monitoring Temporary Pacemaker Connection [ARCHIVED]
Cellular Phones 06/01/02 Don't Answer that Cell Phone [ARCHIVED]
Vacuum-Assisted Childbirth 01/01/02 Problems After Vacuum-Assisted Childbirth. [ARCHIVED]
Denture Cleansers 12/01/01 Using Denture Cleanser Safely [ARCHIVED]
Alarm 09/01/01 Alarming Monitor Errors [ARCHIVED]
Contrast Media 01/01/01 Safeguarding Contrast Media Injections. [ARCHIVED]
Pacemakers 03/01/00 Pacing Your Patients. [ARCHIVED]
Fluid Warmers 07/01/00 Warming Up to Safe Infusions [ARCHIVED]
Pacemakers 09/01/00 Sending the Wrong Signals. [ARCHIVED]

Articles/Safety Tips 1999-1997

Disinfectants / Sterilants 07/01/99 Don't Make a Splash: Avoid Injuries From Liquid Chemical Disinfectants [ARCHIVED]
Hemostasis Devices 01/01/99 Collagen Hemostasis Devices: Small Device, Big Risk [ARCHIVED]
Percutaneous Sheath Introducer 11/01/98 Percutaneous Sheath Introducer: Take These Precautions to Avoid Air Embolisms [ARCHIVED]
Sharps 10/01/98 Sharps Containers: Take These Steps To Avoid Getting Stuck [ARCHIVED]
Pulse Oximeters 09/01/98 Pulse Oximeters: Monitor Your Patient Closely To Avoid Serious Injuries [ARCHIVED]
Biliblanket Phototherapy Light 08/01/98 Biliblanket Phototherapy Light: Follow These Tips to Use it Safely [ARCHIVED]
Infant 07/01/98 Infant Skin Temperature Probes: Follow These Tips for Use [ARCHIVED]
Feeding Tubes 06/01/98 Enteral Feeding Tubes: Check Carefully to Avoid Misconnecting These Devices [ARCHIVED]
Guide Wires 04/01/98 Safeguarding Cardiac Guide Wires - Follow these Tips to Avoid Breakage [ARCHIVED]
Cardiac Pacemakers 03/01/98 Implanted Pacemakers: Avoiding Electromagnetic Interference [ARCHIVED]
Catheters 11/01/97 Removing Catheters: Managing Freezes and Fractures [ARCHIVED]
Reuse 07/01/97 Disposable Devices: Time for a Change [ARCHIVED]
Heating & Colling Devices 01/10/97 Heating Devices: How to Avoid Burns [ARCHIVED]

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