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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

International Programs

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Introduction of Sub-Saharan Africa’s new Regional Director


March 7, 2012


Dear International Colleague:

I am pleased to announce that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has successfully opened a post in Sub-Saharan Africa. FDA is responsible for assuring the quality and safety of all FDA regulated products that are exported from foreign sources to the United States and is committed to engaging with its foreign partners to ensure that FDA initiatives have a global impact. The FDA’s Office of International Programs works in a variety of ways to enhance international cooperation, including establishing 13 foreign posts in China, Europe, India, Latin America, and the Middle East. The post in Sub-Saharan Africa, located at the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, is the latest FDA post to be established internationally.

Beverly Corey, D.V.M., the Senior Regional Advisor for Sub-Saharan Africa, serves as the primary representative for FDA in Sub-Saharan Africa. I have attached her biography for your convenience. Under Dr. Corey’s guidance, the Sub-Saharan Africa post will contribute to the implementation of FDA’s new strategy to address globalization. The strategy consists of four primary components:

  • Partner with foreign counterparts to create global coalitions of regulators focused on ensuring and improving global product safety.
  • Build global data-information systems and networks while proactively sharing data with peers.
  • Expand capabilities in intelligence gathering, with an increased focus on risk analytics and thoroughly modernized IT capabilities.
  • Allocate agency resources effectively based on risk while leveraging the combined efforts of government, industry, and public and private third parties.

In the context of globalization, the main role of FDA’s Office of International Programs and the Sub-Saharan Africa post includes:

  • Communication: Serving as a portal between FDA and its stakeholders including foreign governments, international organizations, foreign embassies and consulates in the United States.
  • Sharing information: Enabling FDA officials to make better decisions about FDA regulated products that are being offered for entry into the U.S. market or reviewed for marketing authorization in the United States; and advocating for ongoing international and regional efforts to harmonize standards.
  • Collaboration: Working with the industries that export products to the United States to help assure their understanding of FDA standards and requirements; and identifying areas for mutual collaboration by working with individual countries and/or regionally with multilateral organizations to determine common areas of interest.
  • Assessments: Assessing in-country conditions and events that might have an impact on the safety, quality, and availability of FDA regulated products exported to the United States.
  • Relationship Building: Engaging with foreign counterparts, industry, academia and the research community to help FDA better accomplish its mission of promoting and protecting the public health by building close, long-lasting, trusted relationships and fostering active and mutually-beneficial partnerships.
  • International Agreements: Negotiating and managing formal arrangements and agreements with foreign governments.
  • Technical Cooperation: Facilitating international technical cooperation, assistance activities and capacity building efforts.

FDA’s Office of International Programs is excited for the opportunity to work more closely with our African colleagues, and I am confident that the new Sub-Saharan Africa post will increase our ability to do so.

I encourage you to please contact Dr. Beverly Corey via email at Beverly.Corey@fda.hhs.gov or US-FDA-SSA@fda.hhs.gov if you have any inquiries. Additional information can also be found at the FDA Office of International Programs at http://www.fda.gov/InternationalPrograms/FDABeyondOurBordersForeignOffices/AsiaandAfrica/default.htm.



Mary Lou Valdez, MSM
Associate Commissioner for International Programs


Enc: Dr. Corey’s Biography


Beverly Corey, B.S., D.V.M.

Senior Regional Advisor for Sub-Saharan Africa,
Office of International Programs, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Pretoria, South Africa

Dr. Beverly Corey currently serves as the Senior Regional Advisor for Sub-Saharan Africa in FDA's Office of International Programs (OIP). Having previously worked in FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Corey first joined FDA's Office of the Commissioner in 1989, and joined OIP in 1999 as the Director of the International Programs and Resource Management Staff. From 2002 until the re-structure of OIP under the "Beyond our Borders Initiative" in 2008, she served as Director of the Asia and the Pacific, Africa and Middle East Staff. From December 2008 to August 2009, she served as the Acting Country Director for India.

Dr. Corey currently serves as the primary representative for FDA in Sub-Saharan Africa . She is responsible for ensuring appropriate engagement with foreign regulatory counterparts in the region on all issues that relate to FDA-regulated products. This includes managing the sharing of information and addressing regulatory compliance issues, some of which have a global impact. She engages strategically with sub-regional and regional organizations and manages regulatory systems strengthening activities that contribute to global health.

Dr. Corey provides leadership in FDA activities supporting global access to quality drugs. She manages FDA participation in the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and serves as the FDA point of contact with all outside entities in the coordination of Agency activities dealing with PEPFAR, including those associated with drug firms seeking to participate in the expedited review process for antiretroviral (ARV) therapies for use in the PEPFAR focus countries. She is also the point of contact with the WHO Prequalification Unit to facilitate the sharing of confidential information to leverage review of antiretroviral products and facilitate the posting of FDA tentatively approved and approved ARVs on the WHO website.

Dr. Corey received her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from Tuskegee University.



International Outreach to Foreign Embassies