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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations

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Active Lab Inspections (Oct. 2007 - August 2009)

Nonclinical Laboratories Inspected Under FDA GLP Regulations  
Operation Date Range: 01-OCT-2007  thru Present  
Legal Name Inspection Date Inspection Conclusion Description
Abbott Laboratories 11/8/2007 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Advanced Life Sciences, Inc. 11/6/2007 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Alcon Laboratories, Inc 7/17/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Allergan Inc 4/18/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Aptuit Inc 2/4/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Aqua Bounty Technologies 10/9/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
BAS Evansville, Div Of Bioanalytical  Systems, Inc. 7/15/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Battelle Biomedical Research Center (BBRC) 8/22/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Battelle Memorial Institute 7/16/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
Baxter Healthcare Corp GLP 5/5/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
BERTEK, INC. 4/1/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
BIOCON, Incorporated 10/1/2007 Correction Indicated (CI)
Biologic Safety Research, Inc. 10/30/2007 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Biomedical Research Models, Inc. 8/11/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
BioReliance Invitrogen Bioservices 9/29/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Bridge Global Pharmaceuticals Inc 11/21/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Bridge Laboratories 4/22/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Pharmaceutical Research Institute 4/18/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 4/14/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Calvert Preclinical Services 5/15/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Centocor Research & Development, Inc. 9/12/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Charles River Laboratories, Argus Division 11/5/2007 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Charles River Laboratories, Inc. 8/7/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Colorado Histo-Prep 9/5/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Continuum Health Partners, Inc. 4/29/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
Covance Laboratories, Inc. - Vienna, VA 7/22/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
Covance Laboratories, Inc.  - Madison, WI 3/30/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Department of Veterans Affairs 7/23/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Eli Lilly and Company 8/4/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Exelixis, Inc. 9/24/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Experimur, Llc 9/19/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Fort Dodge Animal Health - Lambertville, NJ 6/5/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Fort Dodge Animal Health - Monmouth Junction, NJ 6/8/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Genesis Midwest Laboratories 10/1/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Groton Laboratories, Pfizer Inc. 5/8/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
Human Genome Sciences, Inc. 9/4/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Huntingdon Life Sciences, Inc. 12/22/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
International BioResources, LLC 11/19/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Intervet Inc 5/6/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Itr Laboratories Canada Inc. 7/11/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
J&J Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C. 10/23/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
JBS United, Inc. 6/25/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Litron Laboratories, LTD 6/2/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
MCW Lab at Marquette 7/9/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Merck Research Laboratories 6/5/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
Merial Limited 6/10/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Merial Research Center 9/22/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Microbial Research, Inc 2/27/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Midwest Research Institute 8/20/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Midwest Veterinary Services 1/11/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories Inc. 5/21/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
MPI Research, Inc. 11/17/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
North American Science Associates Inc 11/14/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Northern Biomedical Research 6/13/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Northern Mich Hosp Inc/Irb 4/11/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Ochsner Clinic Foundation 10/29/2007 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Pacific Biolabs 3/31/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Pfizer Animal Health 7/15/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
QualTech Laboratories, Inc. 7/24/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
Ricerca Biosciences LLC 9/30/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Sanofi-aventis 6/19/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Schering Corporation 5/5/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Seventh Wave Lab 9/10/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
SGS US Testing Company Inc. 12/18/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Sinclair Research Center Inc 8/6/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Sitek Research Laboratories 11/24/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
SNBL USA LTD. 8/1/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Springborn Smithers Laboratories, Inc. 8/8/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
Tandem Labs 12/7/2007 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Taylor Technology, Inc. 4/18/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Toxikon Corp. 6/16/2009 Correction Indicated (CI)
University of MN, Div. of HOT lab 10/17/2007 Correction Indicated (CI)
USGS - UMESC 7/30/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Us Fish & Wildlife Svc 8/22/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Vet Path Services, Inc. 4/16/2009 No Action Indicated (NAI)
Washington Biotechnology, Inc 10/3/2008 Correction Indicated (CI)
William W Muir III DVM 7/15/2008 No Action Indicated (NAI)