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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations

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Inactive Labs List

 Nonclinical Laboratories Inspected
Under FDA GLP Regulations
(Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 58)

List of Inactive Tox Labs (since FY '1990)


Introduction - Contents - Glossary
Last Update: November 21, 2006 tf

About the List:

Nonclinical laboratory studies are experiments in which test articles (food additives, color additives, drug or biological products, electronic products, medical devices for human use) are studied in test systems (animals, plants, microorganisms, or subparts thereof) under laboratory conditions to determine their safety.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the conduct of nonclinical laboratory studies under Part 58 (Good Laboratory Practice for Nonclinical Laboratory Studies) of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. FDA inspects facilities that conduct nonclinical laboratory studies to determine the facilities compliance with part 58.

The following is a list of the testing facilities that have been inspected since October 1, 1989. The list provides the current name and former (if known) names of the testing facility, the dates the facility has been inspected, and the classification of the inspection results (see description below). The list is updated quarterly.

The inspection dates may not be in chronological order because the inspection assignments are issued on a quarterly basis and reports may not have been entered in chronological order.

  • Ruark Lanham
    MSODL Investigator / Program Expert
    Bioresearch Monitoring
    Division of Field Investigations, HFC0-130
    Office of Regulatory Affairs
    US Food and Drug Administration
    5600 Fishers Lane
    Rockville, MD 20857
    Phone: (301) 827 - 6691
    Electronic mail: Ruark.Lanham@fda.hhs.gov


 Inspection Classification Codes:
  • CAN: Canceled

    NAI: No Action Indicated. No objectionable conditions or practices were found during the inspection (or the objectionable conditions found do not justify further regulatory action).

    NCC: Non Classified

    NIM: No Inspection Made.

    OAI: Official Action Indicated. Regulatory and administrative actions will be recommended.

    PEN: Pending review and classification.

    RTC: Refer to Center:  Establishment Inspection Report had been forwarded to Center for final review and classification.

    VAI: Voluntary Action Indicated. Objectionable conditions or practices were found, but the agency is not prepared to take or recommend any administrative or regulatory action.

    WO: Washout: Firm was visited or inspected, however, not performing regulated studies at time of inspection.

 Classification Codes No Longer in Use:
  • VAI-1: Establishment has made voluntary corrections in such a manner that the objectionable conditions are not likely to recur and routine reinspection is indicated.

    VAI-2: Establishment advised by investigator or other district communication of objectionable conditions that should be corrected; however, the significance is such that routine reinspection is indicated.

    VAI-3: Objectionable conditions do not justify official action at this time but the evidence shows that the conditions, if not corrected, could reasonably result in or lead to conditions that would support official action.

 Miscellaneous Abbreviations:
  • dba: Doing Business As.

    fka: Formerly Known As - Former name(s) of the establishment.

    OOB: Establishment is Out of Business as a nonclinical laboratory.

List of Inactive Tox Labs (since FY '1990)
Laboratory Date
- A - A-D   E-H    I-M   N-R   S-Z  Glossary
Adamantech, Inc
Linwood, PA
11-09-89 NAI
Addison Animal Hospital
Addison, IL
05-20-94 NAI
  05-16-03 NIM
ADPEN Laboratories
Jacksonville, FL
06-04-04 NAI
Adria Labs
Plain City, OH
08-15-91 WO
Advanced Magnetics
Cambridge, MA
02-06-95 NAI
Albion Experimental Farms
Waunakee, IL
12-21-89 WO
Alden, Carl DVM
Harrison, OH
11-04-91 NAI
  10-25-94 WO
Alkermes Inc
dba: Advanced Inhalation Research
Cambridge, MA
03-04-03 NAI
Ramsey, NJ
06-15-92 NAI
  03-27-03 NIM
Althea Technologies
San Diego, CA
01-12-05 NAI
American Health Foundation
Naylor Dana Institute
Valhalla, NY
07-18-91 VAI-2
  10-04-93 OAI
  09-23-94 VAI
  07-18-95 VAI
  01-24-97 OAI
  07-09-01 VAI
American Histolabs
Gaithersburg, MD
09-21-00 OAI
  08-20-02 NAI
American Inst of Toxicology
Indianapolis, IN
02-07-95 WO
  03-27-03 NAI
Applied Genetics Labs
Melbourne, FL
07-25-94 VAI
  09-04-96 WO
AppTec Laboratory Services
Camden, NJ
12-17-02 VAI
  06-29-05 NIM
AppTec Laboratory Services
dba: ViroMed Labs
Minnetonka, MN
12-03-03 NIM
Armed Forces Inst of Pathology
Washington DC
and International Registry of Path
Gaithersburg, MD
04-28-03 OAI
  09-27-05 WO
Aronex Pharmaceuticals
Woodlands, TX
12-21-99 VAI
  03-28-03 OOB
Assoc Regional and Univ Path
Salt Lake City, UT
04-20-92 VAI-2
  12-12-95 VAI
  03-15-99 VAI
ASTB Analytical Services
New Castle, DE
02-03-97 WO
  01-15-04 NAI
Astra Arcus USA
fka: Fisons Corp
Rochester, NY
12-15-98 NAI
A.T. Laboratory
Memphis, TN
09-18-02 OOB
Auto Gentox Corp
WVU Eye Inst
Morgantown, WV
01-13-05 NAI
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
fka: Rhone-Poulenc Rorer
Collegeville, PA
07-14-93 NAI
  12-03-96 NAI
  10-02-00 WO
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
101 Mettlers Rd
fka: Rhone-Poulenc Rorer
E. Millstone, NJ
06-28-01 VAI
Sunnyvale, CA
01-04-90 NAI
  12-30-91 WO
BASF Agro Research
Princeton, NJ
11-06-03 NIM
Best Amer Tox Test Serv
Northridge, CA
01-10-05 NIM
Bauch and Lomb, Inc.
Rochester, NY
07-13-98 WO
Baxter Pharmaceutical Solutions
Bloomington, IN
09-13-04 NAI
Baxter Pharmaseal
Irwindale, CA
08-26-92 NAI
  08-24-05 NIM
Bayer Corporation
fka: Miles Inc
fka: Cutter Biol.
Berkeley, CA
05-20-92 VAI-2
  04-15-03 NIM
  08-09-05 NAI
Bayer Corporation
fka: Miles Labs
Elkhart, IN
09-23-91 VAI-2
  05-26-92 OAI
  10-25-93 VAI
Bayer Corporation
Merriam, KS
04-22-96 VAI
Bayer Corporation
DeSoto, KS
10-28-98 NAI
  12-05-01 NAI
Bayer Pharmaceutical Corp
W. Haven, CT
09-11-01 NAI
  05-21-03 NAI
Bild Animal Hospital
Miami, FL
04-04-05 NIM
BioAnalytika Labs
Durham, NC
07-31-97 VAI
  01-12-00 NAI
  09-16-03 NIM
Biodevelopment Labs
(fka: Arthur D. Little)
Cambridge, MA
09-25-90 OAI
  01-18-95 NAI
Bio-Life Assoc Ltd
Neillsville, WI
------------- NCC
  11-29-02 OOB
Biologic Safety Research
Muskegon, MI
01-09-90 VAI-3
  07-10-90 NAI
  09-09-92 VAI-3
  10-04-94 NAI
  12-09-98 WO
Biological Res. Faculty & Facility
Ijamsville, MD
11-09-98 NCC
  08-27-02 OOB
Biomatrix Inc
Ridgefield, NJ
11-16-93 OAI
  07-07-05 OOB
Biomodels LLC
Wellesley, MA
Cambridge, MA
08-11-05 NIM
Biophysica Foundation
La Jolla, CA
08-03-94 WO
Bioproducts Inc.
Brunswick, ME
06-11-90 WO
BioReliance Corporation
fka: Microbiological Assoc.
Bethesda, MD
09-27-93 NAI
BioScience Laboratories
Bozeman, MT
01-24-06 NAI
Biosearch Inc
Philadelphia, PA
09-17-90 VAI-2
  08-14-92 VAI-2
  05-21-97 WO
Woburn, MA
03-09-04 VAI
  04-18-06 WO
Borgess Medical Center
Cardiovascular Res Lab
Kalamazoo, MI
02-02-06 WO
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
Buffalo, NY
04-03-90 NAI
  10-15-92 VAI-2
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Hillside, NJ
10-10-90 NAI
  03-24-93 WO
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharma
fka: DuPont Merck Pharm Co Stine-Haskell Res Cen
Newark, DE
10-24-95 NAI
  03-04-98 VAI
Burstein, Neal PhD
Boulder, CO
02-12-92 OAI
Bushy Run Res Cen
Carnegie Mellon
Export, PA
01-07-92 NAI
  06-29-92 VAI-2
  02-08-94 NAI
Carrington Labs, Inc
Irving, TX
08-23-90 NAI
  03-03-92 NAI
Cell Therapeutics
Seattle, WA
10-25-94 VAI
Celsis Laboratory Group
fka: Scientific Associates
St. Louis, MO
04-20-92 VAI-2
  08-22-94 NAI
  09-17-96 WO
  04-28-03 OAI
Central Arizona Vet Lab
Casa Grande, AZ
12-16-92 NCC
  03-06-03 OOB
Cenvet Laboratories
Woodside, NY
11-16-93 OAI
  05-09-95 WO
Chamberlain Biosciences Inc.
San Diego, CA
08-31-98 WO
Charles River Laboratories
fka: Primedica Corp.
fka: GTC Washington
fka: TSI Washington
aka: Transgenic Sciences inc
Rockville, MD
07-05-95 NAI
  08-05-02 NAI
Charles River Laboratories ISS Massachusetts
Southbridge, MA
11-01-05 NAI
Charles River Laboratories ISS Wisconsin
fka: River Valley Farms
Osceola, WI
02-25-05 VAI
Charles River Laboratories
Marine on St. Croix, MN
03-23-05 NAI
Farmington, CT
09-29-92 NAI
  01-08-03 OOB
Clinical Reference Labs, Inc
Lenexa, KS
04-11-05 PEN
Clinton, James DVM
Medford, NJ
07-18-91 NAI
CN Laboratories
Courtland, MN
10-29-02 NAI
Piscataway, NJ
09-24-90 WO
Colorado Animal Res
Ft. Collins, CO
08-22-90 NAI
  11-27-90 VAI-2
  09-30-92 NAI
  09-15-93 NAI
  07-12-94 NAI
  01-11-96 VAI
  02-24-97 NAI
  02-05-01 NAI
  10-28-02 NAI
Colorado Horse Co
Fort Collins, CO
07-21-05 PEN
Corixa Corp
fka: RIBI Immunochem Res
Hamilton, MT
06-15-98 NAI
  09-04-03 VAI
Coromed Inc
Troy, NY
01-20-93 VAI-2
  03-06-95 NAI
Coulston Foundation
dba: White Sands Res Cen
Alamogordo, NM
08-27-91 OAI
  02-02-93 NCC
  02-05-93 VAI
  06-14-95 NAI
  07-26-99 OAI
  11-27-00 OAI
Covance Research Products
Berkeley, CA
04-05-99 VAI
  08-06-03 VAI
  07-10-06 PEN
Cytometry Research
San Diego, CA
06-14-04 VAI
Dawson Research Labs
Orlando, FL
12-10-90 OAI
  09-11-91 NAI
  05-28-93 WO
DermTech International
San Diego, CA
11-04-04 NIM
Dovetail Tech - Lifetime Pharm
College Park, MD
11-29-99 OAI
  12-05-01 NAI
Dow Chemical
Lake Jackson Res Cen
Freeport, TX
03-16-92 NAI
  01-20-94 WO
DuPont Merck Pharm
Wilmington, DE
01-28-91 VAI-1
Dudrick, Stanley M.D.
Houston, TX
07-29-92 OAI
Dyna-Tek Industries
Lenexa, KS
09-24-04 NAI
DYNA-TEK Industries
El Paso, TX
08-14-93 NAI

- E -

A-D   E-H   I-M    N-R   S-Z Glossary

Eastacres Biological
Southbridge, MA
01-10-95 NAI
Eastman Kodak Co Hlth & Environ
Rochester, NY
04-22-03 NAI
  09-13-05 NAI
Endocrine Sciences
Tarzana, CA
02-16-90 WO
Enzon Corporation
Nelson Biol. Labs
New Brunswick, NJ
10-21-91 NAI
Experimental Pathology Labs
Ross, OH
10-09-90 VAI-2
Exxon Biomedical Science
Mettlers Road
E. Millstone, NJ
11-01-93 VAI
  10-06-97 VAI
FarmTech, Inc
Farmington, CT
02-13-02 NAI
  12-09-03 OOB
Fermenta Animal Health
Ft. Collins, CO
08-31-92 WO
  05-18-95 VAI
  02-05-96 NAI
  10-15-02 OOB
Fisons Pharmaceuticals
fka: Pennwalt
Rochester, NY
10-15-90 NAI
  10-21-92 VAI-3
  01-03-95 NAI
  04-01-97 WO
Flow Cell Diagnostic
San Deigo, CA
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
10-25-93 NAI
  06-00-98 WO
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Res
Seattle, WA
03-20-00 NAI
  04-24-03 NIM
Genesys Research Inc
Mountain View, CA
12-09-91 OOB
Genesys Res Inc
Research Tri Pk., NC
08-17-93 WO
  07-29-98 VAI
  01-25-99 OAI
Gentest Ltd Partnership 
Woburn, MA
04-13-90 WO
Glaxo SmithKline
fka: Beecham Labs
Bristol, TN
02-21-90 WO
  09-10-03 NAI
fka: Glaxo Wellcome Res Lab
fka: Burroughs Wellcome
3030 Cornwallis
Res Tri Pk, NC
09-17-90 NAI
  06-24-91 VAI-2
  10-28-92 NAI
  02-01-93 VAI-3
  04-04-94 VAI
  08-04-03 NIM
Gliatech Inc
Beachwood, OH
11-01-00 OAI
Goode Histolab
Piscataway, NJ
03-20-95 VAI
Greenbriar Vet Serv
Delaware, OH
04-22-93 NAI
  06-02-03 NIM
Hazleton Washington Inc.
Kensington, MD
01-24-90 NAI
  03-09-92 WO
Hazleton Washington Inc.
Rockville, MD
03-09-92 VAI-2
Helzer, Jim
Windsor, CO
08-02-05 PEN
Herd Technology Inc
Corona, CA
05-12-92 VAI-2
  07-07-03 OOB
Hess and Clark Inc
Ashland, OH
--------- NCC
  06-10-03 NIM
Hill, James DVM
Mt. View, CA
12-03-91 NAI
  03-16-95 NAI
Hill Top Research
Miamiville, OH
08-01-91 VAI-2
  06-18-92  NAI
  09-22-93 VAI-2
  01-25-96  VAI
  04-08-98 NAI
Histopathology Reference Lab
Richmond, CA
11-25-03 NAI
Histoserve Inc
Gaithersburg, MD
09-05-03 NIM
Histo-Tec Laboratory
Hayward, CA
04-19-90 WO
Hoffmann-La Roche
Wrightstown, NJ
10-07-91 NAI
  01-17-92 NAI
  02-12-03 OOB

HRP, Inc.
(Hazleton Res. Prod.)
fka: Lab Res Enterprises 
Kalamazoo, MI
08-23-90 VAI-2
  01-06-93 NAI
  12-13-95 NAI
  12-13-95 NAI
H.T.I. Bio-Services
Ramona-Santa Ysabel, CA
03-05-91 VAI-2
  05-12-92 VAI-2
  12-15-94 VAI
  10-22-98 NAI
  05-22-03 OOB
Hymed Group, The
fka:GP Associates
Bethlehem, PA
10-04-95 NAI
  01-10-03 NAI
- I - A-D   E-H    I-M   N-R   S-Z  Glossary
Idexx Veterinary Services Inc
fka: Consolidated Vet Diagnostic
fka: Calif Vet Diagnostics
fka: Vet Path Consultants
W. Sacramento, CA
06-28-90 NAI
  08-21-91 NAI
  04-21-94 NAI
  05-05-97 OAI
  06-03-98 VAI
  02-23-04 NAI
IIT Research Inst
Muskegon, MI
10-04-94 WO
Ilex Oncology Services
San Antonio, TX
07-10-01 VAI
  09-16-02 NAI
Northbrook, IL
  09-04-03 NIM
Immunization Products
aka: Immune Response Corp
San Diego, CA
04-10-90 VAI
  05-08-03 OOB
Immunomedics, Inc.
Morris Plains, NJ
01-23-96 NAI
Impath Inc 
New York, NY
10-02-92 NAI
Intermedics, Inc.
Biomedical Testing Facility
Angleton, TX
10-27-94 NAI
  06-20-96 NAI
Interventional Cardiology Res
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, NY
05-19-98 NAI
In Vitro Technologies
Baltimore, MD
10-09-01 VAI
Iolab Corp
Claremont, CA
10-31-91 NAI
  10-19-93 VAI
Mattawan, MI
04-23-90 NAI
  12-10-90 NCC
  06-10-91 NAI
  11-15-91 NAI
  02-13-92 NAI
  04-08-92 NAI
  10-19-92 VAI
  01-25-93 VAI-2
  07-25-94 VAI
  09-26-94 VAI
Isis Pharmaceuticals
Carlsbad, CA
06-08-98 WO
Johnson & Johnson Cons Prod
Skillman, NJ
05-08-91 VAI-2
  01-09-95 NAI
  03-25-98 NAI
Johnson & Johnson Hlth
New Brunswick, NJ
05-28-91 WO
Johnson, R.W. Research Farm
fka: Ortho Res Farm 
Pittstown, NJ
11-01-91 NAI
  05-07-96 WO
Lab Animal Breeders Serv
Yemassee, SC
04-23-91 OAI
Laboratory Corp. of America
fka: Roche Biomedical Labs
fka: Consolid. Biomed
Dublin, OH
10-27-93 OAI
  03-08-95 NAI
  06-03-98 VAI
Laboratory Corp. of America
458 S. Main St.
Burlington, NC
03-06-01 NAI
Laboratory Corp of America
fka: Sierra Nevada Labs
Reno, NV
01-15-98 WO
Laboratory Corp of America
Rockville, MD
04-19-04 NAI
Laboratory Corp of America
fka: Biomedical Testing Services
San Diego, CA
05-12-97 VAI
  09-16-02 NAI
  09-07-04 NAI
LaHaye Total Eye Center
Lafayette, LA
07-13-04 VAI
Lark Technologies
Houston, TX
08-23-04 NAI
Leberco-Celsis Testing
Roselle Park, NJ
08-06-91 NAI
  04-29-92 NAI
  09-01-93 VAI-3
  02-03-95 NAI
  03-05-97 NAI
Legacy Health System & Hosp
Legacy Clin Res & Tech
Portland, OR
10-21-05 NIM
LightLab Imaging Inc
Westford, MA
06-01-06 PEN
Lovelace Scientific Research
Albuquerque, NM
02-05-03 OOB
Hazlewood, MO
12-16-91 NAI
  09-16-96 WO
Mallinckrodt Vet
Mundelein, IL
06-21-96 NCC
  05-02-05 OOB
Marin Biologic
Tiburon, CA
02-22-99 NAI
  01-23-01 VAI
  04-21-03 NAI
Marion Merrell-Dow
Kansas City, MO
11-14-91 NAI
Marion Merrell-Dow
Indianapolis, IN
09-30-92 VAI-3
Marmotech Inc
Slaterville, NY
02-24-99 VAI
  08-25-03 NAI
Marypaul Laboratories
Sparta, NJ 
08-10-98 NAI
  07-20-00 NAI
McConnell, Robt F. DVM
Flemington, NJ
03-30-92 NAI
  06-16-95 NAI
Medinox Inc
San Diego, CA
04-01-02 VAI
Memorial Sloan Kettering Inst
Dr. Frederick Phillips
New York, NY
04-17-91 OAI
Merck Farm
Springdale, AR
02-13-90 VAI-2
  08-23-93 VAI
  03-13-03 OOB
Merrell-Dow Res Cen
Cincinnati, OH
08-12-91 NAI
Micro-Bio Testing & Res Lab
N. Hollywood, CA
08-07-91 WO
MicroMed Laboratories
Petaluma, CA
03-16-04 NAI
Midlantic Bioresearch Corp
Temple Hills, MD
03-14-91 VAI-2
  01-25-94 VAI
Mobay Desoto Res Facility
Shawnee Mission, KS
09-28-92 WO
Molecular Histology Inc
Montgomery Village, MD
09-10-03 OOB
Monsanto AG, Co
Dardenne Technical Center
O'Fallon, MO
03-18-91 VAI-2
  02-21-96 NAI
  04-02-04 OOB
Monsanto Inc.
Chesterfield Village Site
Chesterfield, MO
04-27-92 VAI-2

- N -

A-D   E-H   I-M    N-R   S-Z  Glossary

Naval Blood Research Lab
Boston, MA
06-11-93 VAI
Nelson Pathology Labs
Mt. Vernon, IN
09-09-92 NAI
Neurobiological Tech
San Francisco, CA
10-21-91 OAI
Nevada Biosciences Lab
Reno, NV
06-06-01 OOB
NeXstar Pharm.
(fka: Vestar, Inc)
San Dimas, CA
01-11-94 VAI
  09-28-99 WO
North American Sci Assoc
Baton Rouge, LA
03-13-97 WO
North American Sci Assoc
Marietta, GA
06-29-92 WO
  07-06-93 NAI
Northview Atlantic Labs
Spartanburg, SC
08-24-92 WO
Northview Labs Inc
Northbrook, IL
02-14-90 WO
  06-10-93 NAI
  03-05-03 NAI
fka: Ciba-Geigy
Summit, NJ
05-20-91 NAI
  06-17-91 VAI-2
  02-24-92 NAI
  05-10-93 NAI
  05-24-95 NAI
  05-13-96 NAI
  06-17-97 NAI
Oak Ridge Res Inst.
Oak Ridge, TN 
12-02-91 OAI
  03-10-93 WO
Ochsner Clinic Foundation
Alton Ochsner Med Foundation
New Orleans, LA
02-18-97 OAI
  10-22-97 OAI
  03-22-99 OAI
  07-24-03 NAI
Oneida Research
Whitesboro, NY
10-17-94 WO
Oread Inc.
Farmington, CT
12-04-97 NAI
  02-16-99 VAI
  03-30-00 NAI
  02-13-02 OOB
Oread Inc
Lawrence, KS
  07-24-00 NAI
Oread Laboratories
Palo Alto, CA
02-23-99 NAI

Pathco Inc
Frederick, MD
07-26-95 NAI
  11-03-99 NAI
  10-15-02 NAI
  06-24-05 OOB
Pathology Associates
Lee's Summit, MO
02-20-03 OOB
Pathology Associates
(Charles River Laboratories)
3900 NCTR Rd
Jefferson, AR
09-16-04 NIM
Pathology for Tox Res
Tenafly, NJ
08-16-91 VAI-3

Pfizer Animal Health
Terre Haute, IN
08-04-92 VAI-2
  09-30-02 NAI
Pfizer Inc
fka: Pharmacia Corp
fka: Searle Labs
Skokie, IL
06-17-91 NAI
  08-17-92 VAI-2
  08-19-93 NAI
  08-04-97 NAI
Pharmacia Corporation
fka: Monsanto Safety Eval.
fka: Monsanto Environ Hlth Lab
St. Louis, MO
10-16-90 NAI
  02-02-93 NAI
  08-15-96 NAI
  09-23-98 NAI
  08-29-00 NAI
Pharmacia Corporation
fka: Searle- Monsanto Co.
Chesterfield, MO
08-29-00 WO
Pharmacology and Toxicology Research Labortory East
aka: PTRL East
Richmond, KY
07-15-97 VAI
  10-07-02 NAI
Pharmacology Consultants
Cincinnati, OH
05-10-91 OAI
  04-01-93 NAI
Pharmadigm Inc
Salt Lake City, UT
03-11-03 NAI
Pharmedic Co
Wheeling, IL
07-28-93 NAI
Terre Haute, IN
11-13-90 VAI-3
  09-18-03 OOB
Ponderosa Res. Co.
French Village, MO
10-01-90 WO

02-14-03 OOB
Population Council
New York, NY
09-21-92 VAI-3

06-22-93 OAI

02-03-97 VAI

08-31-01  WO

PPD Development
Austin, TX
09-16-04 NAI
Praecis Pharm
Waltham, MA
09-02-03 NIM
Primedica Corp.
fka: GTC Mason Laboratories
fka: TSI Mason
Norwich, NY
12-29-97 WO

Procter & Gamble Pharm.
fka: Norwich Eaton
Norwich, NY
07-21-92 NAI

04-18-94 NAI

06-19-96 NAI

02-02-98 NAI
Protein Sciences Corporation
fka: MicroGeneSys Inc
Meriden, CT
08-12-03 NAI
Provident Preclinical Inc
fka: White Eagle Labs
Doylestown, PA
06-18-90 VAI-2
  10-18-95 VAI
  03-01-99 VAI
  04-12-99 NAI
  02-05-02 VAI
  06-16-03 NAI
  06-30-04 NAI
  10-27-04 NAI
  10-28-04 NAI
Psoriasis Res Inst
Palo Alto, CA
12-17-91 OAI

09-23-92 NAI
Quality Biotech
Camden, NJ
03-27-95 VAI

07-31-97 NCC

01-02-03 OOB
QualTek Molecular Laboratories
Newtown, PA
10-27-04 NAI
Quest Diagnostics
fka: Metpath Inc.
Rockville, MD
02-20-91 NAI
  08-09-94 VAI

07-07-99 WO
Research for Animal Health
Fayetteville, AR
01-25-90 VAI-2
  01-06-03 OOB
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharm
Ft. Washington, PA
03-28-91 VAI-3
  04-23-92 NAI
  07-14-93 WO
Ridglan Farms Inc
Blue Mounds, WI
08-27-98 NAI
  11-21-03 NAI
Roche Bioscience
Roche Animal Health
fka: Syntex
Palo Alto, CA
08-15-95 NAI
  08-19-04 NAI

Rohm & Haas
Springhouse, PA



01-16-92 VAI-2

01-25-94 VAI

05-20-96 NAI

01-19-01 WO

Roswell Park Mem Inst
(Dr. A.F. Maccubin)
Buffalo, NY
03-08-94 OAI

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Salk Institute
La Jolla, CA
07-09-91 WO

Samaritan Hospital
Ashland, OH
08-15-97 WO

Sanofi Winthrop
Collegeville, PA
05-22-95 WO
Schering Plough Corp
Memphis, TN
11-18-91 WO

Schering-Plough Animal Health
1331 South First St.
Terre Haute, IN
06-10-03 OOB
Schering-Plough Animal Health
2458 N. Chamberlain St
Terre Haute, IN
03-24-04 NAI
  11-02-05 OOB

Scios, Inc
Sunnyvale, CA
02-07-03 NAI
Scripps Res Inst
La Jolla, CA
09-14-93 NAI
  11-15-99  WO
Sierra Biomedical Inc
Div of Charles River Labs
fka: H.T.I. Bio-Services
San Diego, CA
11-12-96 NAI
  04-10-01 NAI

09-12-01 NAI
  08-26-02 OOB
SmithKline Beecham
Collegeville, PA
09-18-97 WO
SNBL USA Ltd (Biosupport)
Redmond, WA
08-08-00 VAI
  ---------- OOB
Sonus Pharmceutical
Bothell, WA
04-07-97 VAI
  08-31-06 NIM
Spectranetics Corp
Colorado Springs, CO
02-07-05 VAI
Sphinx Pharmaceutical
Durham, NC
10-26-93 NAI

05-19-98 WO

SSCI, Inc.
W. Lafayette, IN
02-01-94 WO

Stehlin Foundation
Houston, TX
11-17-97 OAI

01-12-98 OAI

Sterling Winthrop
Rensselaer, NY
04-24-90 NAI

10-20-92 NAI

SWT Associates
Sayre, PA
07-09-90 NAI

11-23-92 NAI

12-13-94 NAI

11-25-96 WO

SWT Associates
Gurnee, IL
11-12-97 WO

Blacksburg, VA
12-01-94 NAI
  12-16-98 VAI
  11-13-02 NAI
  09-08-05 NAI
Malvern, PA
08-26-96 NAI
  11-10-05 NIM
Tissue Technics
Morristown, NJ
10-15-90 NAI

03-25-93 NAI

06-21-01 OOB

Toxicology Path Assoc
Little Rock, AR
06-22-94 WO

Tox Monitor Labs
Oak Park, IL
10-29-91 NAI

Toxpath Services
South Bury, CT
11-18-93 WO

TSI Corporation
aka: Transgenic Science Inc Innovation Drive
Worcester, MA
11-18-92 NAI

Tulane National Primate Res Cen
Covington, LA

Unilever Research
Edgewater, NJ
12-13-90 NAI

03-30-93 NAI

U.S. Army Environ. Hygn.
Edgewood, MD
11-26-90 OAI

Utah Biomedical Test Lab
aka: Heartport Research
Salt Lake City, UT
09-01-92 VAI-2

12-05-94 NAI

12-22-94 NAI

02-21-95 VAI

09-22-97 VAI

06-09-98 VAI

VA Medical Center
Asheville, NC
02-22-94 OAI
VA Puget Sound Hlth Care Sys
Seattle, WA
12-15-03 OAI
Vet Diagnostic Service
Baltimore, MD
05-02-94 VAI

ViroMed Laboratories
St. Paul, MN
11-29-99 VAI

Wallace Labs
Cranbury, NJ
07-13-92 NAI

Washington Biotechnology
Baltimore, MD

Wells Lab Inc
Jersey City, NJ
07-09-92 VAI-3

02-07-94 OAI

02-16-95 WO

Wellstat Therapeutics Corp
fka: Pro-Neuron Inc
Rockville, MD


Wilford Hall Medical Center
Lackland AFB,
San Antonio, TX
12-08-98 WO

Wisconsin National Primate Res Cen
(host: Univ of Wisconsin)
Madison, WI

12-05-03 NAI
Pearl River, NY  
03-25-91 VAI-3

07-25-91 NAI

10-08-92 VAI-2

07-02-97 WO

Wyeth-Ayerst Research
Radnor, PA
05-28-98 WO

Zivic Laboratories Inc
Zelienople, PA
07-08-04 NAI

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