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Nutrition Labeling Summary Sheets


         Nutrients                    (M) or (V)   Printing Requirements     If Mandatory, When May Be  If Voluntary, When Becomes    Simple Definition
                                                                             Deleted                       Mandatory                                               
                                                   Bold   Indent
Calories (Total Calories or Calories      M         Y      N                   Never                        ---                       Calculated See 101.9(C)(1)(i)
Total 101.9(C)(1)
Calories from Fat 101.9(C)(1)(ii)         M         N      Y (In standard       If less than 0.5 g fat/ serving
                                                              vertical display  and statement "Not a
                                                              should follow     significant source of Calories
                                                             "Calories" on       from Fat" is at bottom of
                                                              same line.)       nutrient list.                                                                   
Calories from Sat Fat                      V         N      Y                   Never 
101 .9(C)(l)(iii)
Total Fat (Fat Total) 101.9(C)(2)          M         Y      N   Never                                                                          Total Lipid fatty acids
                                                                                                                                               expressed as triglycerides.
Saturated Fat (Saturated)                  M         N      Y  If less than 0.5 g Total                                                        Sum of all fatty acids
101.1(C)(2)(l)                                                 Fat/Serving and no claim                                                        containing no double bonds.
                                                               about fat or cholesterol and
                                                               Calories from Sat Fat not
                                                               declared. If deleted,
                                                               statement "Not al significant
                                                               source of saturated fat" must
                                                               follow nutrient list.                                                                                   
Polyunsaturated Fat                         V         N      Y                                             When monounsaturated fat is          cis - cis methylene
(Polyunsaturated) 101.9(C)(2)(iii)                                                                          declared, or when claim is           Interrupted  polyunsaturated
                                                                                                           made about fatty acids or             fatty acid
                                                                                                           cholesterol unless food is "fat
Monounsaturated Fat                         V         N      Y                                            When polyunsaturated fat is          cis. monounsaturated fatty
(Monounsaturated) 101.9(C)(2)(ii)                                                                              declared, or when claim about        acids
                                                                                                           fatty acids or cholesterol is
                                                                                                           made unless food IC "fat
Cholesterol 101.9(o)(3)                     M         Y       N   If less than 2 mg
                                                                  cholesterol /serving and make
                                                                  no claims about fat. fatty
                                                                  acids, or cholesterol. If
                                                                  deleted, statement "Not a
                                                                  significant source of
                                                                  cholesterol" must follow
                                                                  nutrient list.                                                                                         
         Nutrients                    (M) or (V)   Printing Requirements   If Mandatory, When May Be   If Voluntary, When Becomes    Simple Definition
                                                                              Deleted                       Mandatory                                               
                                                   Bold   Indent                                                                                                  
Sodium(101.9(c)4)                         M        Y       N              Never                                                                                   
Potassium 101.9(c)(5)                     V        Y       N                                           When claim made about                                           
Carbohydrate Total (Total                 M        Y       N              Never                                                      Subtraction of sum of crude
(Carbohydrate) 101.9(c)(6)                                                                                                           protein. total fat. moisture
                                                                                                                                     and ash from total weight of
Dietary Fiber 101.9(c)(6)(i)              M        N       Y              If serving contains less then 1
                                                                           g  or racy state less than 1 g).
                                                                           If deleted, state  "Not a
                                                                           significant source of dietary
                                                                           fiber" must follow nutrient
Soluble fiber 101.9 (c) (6)(i)              V        N      Y                                             When claim is made about
                                                                                                          soluble fiber                                            
Soluble Fiber 101 .9(c)(6)(i)(B)            V        N      Y                                             When claim Is made about
                                                                                                          Insoluble fiber                                          
Sugars 101.9(c)(6)(ii)                      M        N      Y             If serving contains less than 1                                 Sum of all free mono and
                                                                          g of sugars end no claims                                       disaccharides (e.g.. glucose,
                                                                          about sweeteners, sugars or                                     fructose, lactose, and
                                                                          sugar alcohol content. if                                       sucrose).
                                                                          deleted. statement "Not a                                         
                                                                          significant source of sugars"
                                                                          must follow nutrient Nat.                                                                  
Sugar Alcohol (May  state specific           V      N       Y                                              When claim made about          Sum of saccharide
sugar alcohol if only one)                                                                                 sugar alcohols or sugar        derivatives within which a
101.9(C)(6)(iii)                                                                                           when sugar alcohols are        hydroxyl group replaces a
                                                                                                           present in the food.           ketone or aldehyde group
                                                                                                                                          and when use in the food is
                                                                                                                                          listed by FDA e.g.. mannitol
                                                                                                                                          or xylitol) or is GRAS (e.g.,
                                                                                                                                          sorbitol .
         Nutrients                   (M) or (V)   Printing Requirements   If Mandatory, When May Be    If Voluntary, When Becomes        Simple Definition
                                                                              Deleted                       Mandatory                                                                              
                                                   Bold   Indent                                                                                                   
Other Carbohydrates                       V          N     Y                                                                             Differences between total
101.9(c)(6)(iv)                                                                                                                          carbohydrates and sum of
                                                                                                                                         dietary fiber. sugars and
                                                                                                                                         sugar alcohol. Except if
                                                                                                                                         sugar alcohol not declared =
                                                                                                                                         difference between total
                                                                                                                                         carbohydrates and sum of
                                                                                                                                         dietary fiber and sugars.  
Protein 101.9(c)(7)                       M          Y     N              Grams of protein never                                         May be calculated 6.25
                                                                          optional. always required.                                     times nitrogen content.
                                                                          % DV is optional unless (1)                                    See 101.9(c)(7)(ii) for
                                                                          protein claim IC made. (2)                                     method of determining
                                                                          food IC for infants or children                                protein quality (%DV).
                                                                          less then 4 yrs. or (3) food is
                                                                          for adults and children 4 or
                                                                          more years and has a protein
                                                                          quality (protein digestibility
                                                                          corrected amino ecol score)
                                                                          of lees than 20%.
Vitamins and Minerals                                                    If serving contains less than        Any other vitamins or                Expressed as % DV.
 Vitamin A                                M          N      N            2%DV, may(1)be declared              minerals with an RDA that is
 Vitamin C                                M          N      N            as zero ,(2)be declared as           added as a nutrient
 Calcium                                  M          N      N            2% if that is the nearest 2%         supplement- or when claim IC
 Iron                                     M          N      N            increment, (3) delete but            made about them. Not
 Any other Vitamin or mineral             V          N      N            replaced with  Not a                 required on label if required or
 listed in 101.9(C)(8)(iv) (in                              (can list    significant source of___"            permitted by food standard &
  order given)                                              horizontally statement  or (4) use asterisk       that standardized food IC
                                                            or in        referring to statement               included - an Ingredient. or If
                                                            columns)     "Contains lees than 2% of the        nutrient included solely for
                                                                         Daily Value of this (these)          technical purposes and
                                                                         nutrient(s).                         declared only in Ingredient
% of Vitamin A as beta carotene           V          N      Y (or In                                          statement.                                
  101 .9(c)(8)(iv)                                          parenthesis)                                                                                                   
February 22.1994
1.     M - mandatory  V- voluntary   Y-yes N-no


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