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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations

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 Product category                                  Reference amount                                            Label Statement(5)
 Cereals, dry instant                              15 g ***********************************************        ___cup (___g)    
 Cereals, prepared, ready to-serve                 110 g *******************************************           ___cup(s) (___g)
 Other cereal and grain products, dry ready-to-    7 g for infants and 20 g for toddlers for toddlers for      ___cup(s) (___g) for ready-to-eat
   ready-to-eat, e.g., ready-to-eat cereals          ready-to-eat cereals; 7 g for all others                     cereals; ___piece(s) (___g) for others
   cookies, teething biscuits, and toasts
 Dinners, desserts, fruits, vegetables or soups    15 g   *******************************************          ___tbsp(s) (___);  ___cup(s) (___g)
   dry mix
 Dinners, desserts, fruits, vegetables or soups    110 g  *******************************************          ___cup(s) (___ g); ___cup(s) (___ mL)
   ready-to-serve, junior type
 Dinners, desserts, fruits, vegetables or soups    60 g   *******************************************          ___cup(s) (___ g); ___cup(s) (___ mL)
   ready-to-serve, strained type
 Dinners, stews or soups for toddlers, ready-to-   170 g  *******************************************          ___cup(s) (___ g); ___cup(s) (___ mL)
 Fruits for toddlers, ready-to-serve               125 g   *******************************************         ___cup(s) (___ g)              
 Vegetables for toddlers, ready-to-serve           70 g   ********************************************         ___cup(s) (___g)
 Eggs/egg yolks, ready-to-serve                    55 g     *******************************************        ___cup(s) (___ g)
 Juices, all varieties                             120 ml   *******************************************        4 fl oz (120 mL)
(1) These values represent the amount of food customarily per eating
occasion and were primarily derived from the 1977-1978 and the 1987-1988
Nationwide Food Consumption Survey conducted by the U.S. Department of
(2) Unless otherwise noted in the Reference Amount column, the references
amounts are for ready-to serve or almost ready-to-serve form of the product
(e.g., heat and serve, brown and serve).  If not listed separately, the
reference amount of the unprepared form (e.g., dry cereal) is the amount
required to make the reference amount of the prepared form.  Prepared means
prepared for consumption (e.g., cooked).
(3) Manufactures are required to convent the reference amount to the label
serving size in a household measure most appropriate to their specific product
 using the procedures in 21 CFR 101.8(b).
(4) Copies of the list of products for each product category are available
from the Office of Food Labeling (HFS-150), Center for Food and safety and
Applied Nutrition, Food and Drug Administration, 200 C St. SW,
Washington 20204. (Copy attached
as attachment #26)
(5) The label statements are meant to provide guidance to manufactures on
the presentation of serving size information on the label, but they are
not required. The term "piece" is used as a generic description of a
discrete unit.  Manufacturers should use the description of a unit that
is most appropriate for the specific product (e.g., sandwich for sandwiches,
cookie for cookies, and bar for frozen novelties).
Product category                                           Reference mount                          Label Statement 5
Biscuits, croissants, bagels, tortillas, soft bread        55g*********************************     _____ piece(s) (____ g)                          
     sticks, soft pretzels. corn breed, hush pup ies
Bread. (excluding sweet quick type), rolls                 50g*********************************     _____ piece(s) (____ g)for sliced bread and                       
                                                                                                     distinct pieces (e.g., rolls); 2oz (56 g/_____ inch)
                                                                                                     slice) or unsliced bread
Bread sticks-see crackers                                  ***********************************    
Toaster pastries see coffee cakes                          ***********************************      _____ piece(s) (____ g)                                                            
Brownies                                                   40g********************************      _____ piece(s) (____ g)       
                                                                                                      fractional slice (____g) for bulk
Cakes. heavy weight (cheese cake; pineapple                125g ******************************      _____ piece(s) (____ g) for distinct pieces (e.g.         
  upside-down cake; fruit, nut and vegetable                                                          sliced or individually packaged products       
  cakes with more than or equal to 35 percent of                                                      fractional slice (____g) for large discreet units
  the finished weight as fruit, nuts, or vegetables                                         
  or any of these combined) 6                                        
Cakes, medium weight (chemically leavened                 80g ***********************************   _____ piece(s) (____ g)for distinct pieces (e.g. 
  cake with or without icing or filling except                                                         cupcakes); ____ fractional slice (____g) for         
  these classified as light weight cake; fruit. nut,                                                   large discrete units                  
  and vegetable cake with less than 35 percent                                         
  of the finished weight as fruit. nuts. or                                         
  vegetables or any of these combined; light                                       
  weight cake with icing; Boston cream pie;                         
  cupcake; eclair; cream puff)7                                        
Cakes. Light weight (angle food, chiffon, or               55g ***********************************   _____ piece(s) (____ g)for distinct pieces (e.g.                                                                                    sponge cake
without icing or filling)8                                                                             sliced or individually packaged products); __            
                                                                                                       fractional slice (_____g) for large discrete units       
Coffee cakes, crumb cakes, doughnuts, Danish               55g ***********************************   _____ piece(s) (____ g) for sliced bread and 
   sweet role, sweet quick type breads, muffins,                                                       distinct pieces (e.g. doughnut); 2 oz (56 g/visual     
toaster pasties                                                                                        unit of measure) for bulk products (e.g. unsliced bread)
Cookies                                                    30g ***********************************   _____ piece(s) (____ g)         
Crackers that are usually not used as snack.               15g ***************************** ******  _____ piece(s) (____ g)
  melba toast, hard bread sticks. ice cream cones 9                                         
Crackers that are usually used as snacks                   30g ***********************************   _____ piece(s) (____ g)                
Croutons                                                   07g ***********************************   _____ piece(s) (____ g);____cup(s) (___g);
                                                                                                     _____ piece(s) (____ g)for large pieces                
                                                                                                          for dry mix                  
French toast, pancakes, variety mixes                      110 g prepared for french toast and pancakes;   _____ piece(s) (____ g);____cup(s) (___g);                                                                                     
                                                              40 g dry mix for variety mixes                    for dry mix                     
 Product category                                           Reference mount                                Label Statement 5
BAKERY PRODUCTS: (continued~                                         
Grain-based bars with or without filling Of                40 g **********************************          ____ piece(s) (_____g)                                         
  coating, e.g.. breakfast barn. granola bars. rice                                         
  cereal bars                                         
Ice cream cone~see crackers                                ****************************************   
Pies. cobblers. fruit crisps. turnovers. other pastries    125g ***********************************                            
Pie crust                                                  1/16 of 8 inch crust: 1/8 of 9 inch crust       ____ piece(s) (_____g)for distinct pieces:                
                                                                                                           ____ fractional slice (____g) for large discrete unit     
                                                                                                           1/6 of 8 inch crust (____g): 1/8 of 9 inch crust          
Pizza Crust                                                55g  ************************************        _____fractional slice (_____g)     
Taco shell. hard                                           30g *************************************        ____ shell(s) (____g)              
Waffles                                                    85g *************************************        _____piece(s) (____g)     
Carbonated and noncarbonated beverages. wine                                         
  coolers. water                                           240mL************************************        8 fl oz (240 mL)               
Coffee or tea. flavored and sweetened                                         
                                                           240 mL prepared ********************             8 fl oz (240 mL)
CEREALS AND OTHER GRAIN PRODUCTS:                          **************************************         
Breakfast cereals (hot cereal type). hominy grits          1 cup prepared. 40 g plain dry cereal. 55 g      ____ cup(s) (_____g)                   
                                                           flavored: sweetened dry cereal                     
Breakfast cereals, ready-to-eat weighing lees              15 g*************************************        ____ cup(s) (_____g)            
  than 20 g per cup. e.g.. plain puffed cereal grains                                         
Breakfast cereals. ready-to-eat weighing 20 g or           30 g *********************************           ____ cup(s) (_____g)            
  more but less than 43 g per cup; high fiber cereals                                         
  containing 28 g or more of fiber per 100g                                                                                            
Breakfast cereals. ready-to~eat, weighing 43 g or          55 g***********************************         ____ piece(s) (_____g) for large distinct pieces                          
  more per cup; biscuit types.                                                                              (e.g., biscuit type);____ cup(s) (_____g)for all
Bran or wheat germ                                         15 g***********************************         ____ tbsp(s) (_____g);____ cup(s) (_____g)
Flours or cornmeal                                         30 g***************************************     ____ tbsp(s) (_____g);____ cup(s) (_____g)             
Grains, e.g.. rice. barley, plain                          140 g prepared: 45 g dry                        ____ cup(s) (_____g)       
Pastas,. plain                                             140 g prepared: 55 g dry                        ____ cup(s) (_____g);____ piece(s) (_____g)           
                                                                                                              large pieces (e.g. large shell. or lasagna
                                                                                                              noodles) or 2 oz (56 g/visual unit of measure)                  
                                                                                                              for dry bulk products (e.g.. spaghetti)
Pastas. dry, ready~to~eat, fried canned chow               25g*********************************            ____ cup(s) (_____g)                     
   mein noodles                                         
Starches. e.g.. cornstarch, potato starch.                 10g*********************************            ____ tbsp(s) (_____g)                 
Stuffing                                                   100 g********************************           ____ cup(s) (_____g)
ATTACHMENT 5                                          
 Product category                                           Reference mount                                   Label Statement 5
DAIRY PRODUCTS AND SUBSTITUTE:                                         
Cheese. cottage                                            110 g *********************************            ____ cup(s) (_____g)       
Cheese used primarily as Ingredients, .e.g., dry            55 g *******************************              ____ cup(s) (_____g)              
  cottage cheese. ricotta cheese                                        
Cheese, grated hard, e.g., Parmesan, Romano                 5 g *************************************         ___tbsp (____g)               
Cheese, all other except thou**Hated as                     30 g**********************************            ____piece(s) (____g( for distinct;        
  separate categories~includes cream cheese                                                                   ___tbsp (____g)for cream cheese                   
  and cheese spread                                                                                               and cheese spread; 1oz (28 g/visual unit of               
                                                                                                                   measure) for bulk
Cheese sauce-see sauce category                                         
Cream or cream substitutes, fluid                           15 mL **********************************          1 tbsp (15 mL)   
Cream or cream substitutes, powder                          2 g   **********************************          ___tsp (____g)  
Cream, half & half                                          30 mL  **********************************          2 tbsp (30mL)          
Eggnog                                                      120 mL **********************************         1/2 cup (120mL); 4 fl oz (120 mL)
Milk, condensed, undiluted                                  30 mL **********************************          2 tbsp (30 mL)                   
Milk, evaporated. undiluted                                 30 mL **********************************          2 tbsp (30 mL)                    
Milk, milk-based drinks, e.g., instant breakfast,           240 mL **********************************         1 cup (240 mL)8fl oz (240 mL)                   
  meal replacement, cocoa                                         
Shakes or shake substitutes, e.g., dairy shake              240 mL **********************************         1 cup (240 mL)8fl oz (240 mL)                
mixes. fruit frost mixes                                        
Sour cream                                                  30g **********************************             ___tsp (____g)  
Yogurt                                                      225g **********************************            ____ cup(s) (_____g)                    
Ice cream, Ice milk, frozen yogurt. sherbet: all           1/2 Cup-includes the volume for coating and         ____pieces (____g) for individually wrapped         
types. bulk end novelties (e.g., be's                       wafers for the novelty type varieties                 or packaged products; 1/2cup (___g) for others
sandwiches, cores)                                        
Frozen flavored and sweetened ice and pops                 85 g*************************************           ____pieces (____g) for individually wrapped        
  frozen fruit juices: all types, bulk and                                                                       or packaged products; ___cup (s) (___g) for others                 
 novelties (e.g., be's, cups)                                          
Sundae                                                     1 cup *****************************                 1 cup (___g)                 
Custard, gelatin or pudding                                1/2 cup*******************************              ____piece(s) (_____) for distinct unit (e.g.                  
                                                                                                                  individually  packaged products); 1/2 cup
                                                                                                                    (____g) for bulk
DESSERT TOPPINGS AND FILINGS:                                         
Cake frostings or icings                                   35 g *********************************               ____tbsp(s) (____g)              
Other dessert toppings, e.g., fruits, syrups               2 tbsp*******************************                2 tbsp (____g); 2 tbsp (30 mL)          
  spreads. marshmallow cream, nuts, dairy and                                         
  nondairy whipped toppings                                         
Pie filling                                                85 g **********************************              ____(cup(s) (____g)  
ATTACHMENT 5                                          
 Product category                                             Reference mount                                      Label Statement 5
EGG AND EGG SUBSTITUTES:                                         
Egg mixtures e.g., egg foo young, scrambled                110 g **********************************            ____piece(s) for discrete pieces;     
  eggs, omelets                                                                                                ____ cup(s) (____ g)                  
Eggs (all sizes)                                            50 g **********************************                   
Egg substitutes                                            An amount to maaker 1 large (50 g) egg              ____ cup(s) (____ g) ____ cup(s) (____mL)         
FAT AND OILS:                                         
Butter. margarine, oil, shortening                         1 tbsp **********************************           1 tbsp(____g); 1 tbsp (15mL)    
Butter replacement, powder                                 2 g   **********************************            tbsp(s)(____g)                
Dressings for salads                                       30 g **********************************             tbsp(____g);___tbsp(___ mL)           
Mayonnaise, sandwich spreads. mayonnaise                   15 g **********************************             tbsp(____g)        
type dressings                                         
Spray types                                                0.25 g **********************************           About____ seconds spray)___g)  
FISH. SHELLFISH, GAME MEATS 10, AND                                         
MEAT OR POULTRY SUBSTITUTES:                                         
Bacon substitutes, canned anchovies, anchovy pastes,       15 g **********************************              ____piece(s) for discrete pieces; 
  caviar                                                                                                         tbsp(s) (____g) for others   
Dried, e.g., jerky                                         30 g **********************************               ____ piece(s) (____g)          
Entrees with sauce, e.g., fish with cream                  140 g cooked                                         ____cup(s)(____g); 5oz (140 g/visual unit of measure)
sauce, shrimp with lobster sauce                                                                                 if not measurable by cup 13         
Entrees without sauce, e.g., plain or fried fish           85 g cooked; 110 uncooked 12                          ____piece(s) for discrete pieces;            
end shellfish, fish end shellfish cake                                                                          ____cup(s)(____g); ___oz (___ g/visual unit of measure)             
                                                                                                                if not measurable by cup 13         
Fish, shellfish or game meal, canned 11                     55 g ************************************            ____piece(s) for discrete pieces;        
                                                                                                               ____cup(s)(____g); 2oz  (56 g/____cup) for products
                                                                                                               that are difficult to measure  to g weight og cup measure                                                                   
                                                                                                               (e.g., tuna); 2oz (56 g/____pieces) for products that
                                                                                                               naturally vary in size (e.g. sardines)
Substitute for luncheon meat, meat spreads,                 55 g ************************************          ____piece(s) for discrete pieces (e.g.,;              
                                                                                                                   slices, links); ____cup (s) (____g) ; 2oz (56 g/
                                                                                                                   visual unit of measure) for nondiscrete bulk product
Smoked or pickled fish, shellfish, or game meet;            55 g*************************************         ___ pieces(s) (____g) for discrete pieces; (e.g.                   
   fish or shellfish spread                                                                                         slices, linkz); ____ cup(s) (___g) 2 oz (56 g/
                                                                                                                    visual unit of measure) for nondiscrete bulk product  
Substitute for bacon bits - see miscellaneous category       55 g*******************************                                                                                                                               
FRUITS AND FRUIT JUICES:                                         
Candied or pickled                                           30 g********************************              ____piece(e) (___g)  
Dehydrated fruits see snacks category                        ************************************      
Dried                                                        40 g********************************              ____piece(s) (____g) for large pieces (e.g.,
                                                                                                                       dates, figs, prunes); ____cup(s) (____g) for
                                                                                                                       small pieces (e.g., raisins) 
 Product category                                           Reference mount                                  Label Statement 5
 FRUITS AND FRUIT JUICES (cont)                                                                                                                                     
 Fruits for garnish or flavor, e.g., maraschino cherries      4 g  ************************************        1 cherry (___g)                                      
 Fruits relishes, e.g., cranberry sauce, cranberry relish    70 g  ************************************        ___cup(s) (___g)                                      
 Fruits used primarily as ingredients, avocado               30 g  ************************************        See footnote 13                                      
 Fruits used primarily as ingredients, others                55 g  ************************************        ___place(s) (___g) for large fruits; ___             
   (cranberries, lemon, lime)                                                                                    cup(s) (___g) for small fruits measurable by cup   
 Watermelon                                                  280 g ************************************        See footnote 13                                      
 All other fruits (except these listed as separate           140 g ************************************        ___place(s) (___g) for large places (e.g.,           
   categories), fresh, canned or frozen                                                                          strawberries, prunes, apricots, sot) :___           
                                                                                                               cup(s) (___g) for small places (e.g.,                
                                                                                                               blueberries, raspberries, etc)                       
 Juices, nectars, fruit drinks                               240 mL ************************************        9 fl oz (240 mL)                                     
 Juices used as ingredients, e.g., lemon juice, lime juice   5 mL   ************************************       1 tsp (5 mL)                                         
 Bean cake (tofu), tempeh                                    85 g ************************************         ___place(s) (___g) for discrete places; 3oz          
                                                                                                               (84 g/visual unit of measure) for bulk               
 Beans, plain or in sauce                                    130 g for beans in sauce or canned liquid         ___cup (___g)                                        
                                                             and refried beans prepared; 90 g for others                                                            
                                                             prepared; 35 g dry.                                                                                     
 MISCELLANEOUS CATEGORY:                                                                                                                                            
 Baking powder, baking soda, pectin                          1 g ************************************          ___tsp (___g)                                        
 Baking decorations, e.g., colored sugars and                1 tsp or 4 g if not measurable by teaspoon        ___place(s) (___g) for discrete places; 1 tsp         
   sprinkles for cookies, cake decorations                                                                       (___g)                                             
 Batter  mixes, bread crumbs                                 30 g ************************************         ___tbsp(s) (___g); ___cup(s) (___g)                  
 Cooking wine                                                30 mL  **********************************         2 tbsp (30 mL)                                       
 Dietary supplements not in conventional food form           The maximum amount recommended,  as                   ___tablet(s), ___capsule(s),___ packet(s),           
                                                             appropriate, on the label for consumption per     ___tsp(s) (___g), etc.                               
                                                             eating occasion or, In the absence of                                                                  
                                                             recommendations, 1 unit, e.g., tablet,                                                                 
                                                             capsule, packet, teaspoonful, etc.                                                                      
 Drink Mixers (without alcohol)                              Amount to make 240 mL drink (without ice).        ___fl oz (___mL)                                     
 Chewing gum                                                 3 g **************************************        ___place(s) (___g)                                   
 Meat, poultry and fish coating mixes, dry;                  Amount to make one reference amount of final      ___tsp (___g); ___tbsp(s) (___g)                     
   seasoning mixes, dry e.g., chill seasoning                dish                                                                                                   
 mixes, pests salad seasoning mixes                                                                                                                                  
 Salad and potato toppers, e.g., salad crunches              7 g **************************************       ___tbsp(s) (___g)                                     
   salad crispins, substitute for bacon bits                                                                                                                        
 Salt, salt substitutes, seasoning salts (e.g.,              1 g  *************************************        ___tsps (___g); ___place(s) (___g) for               
 garlic salt)                                                                                                 discrete places (e.g., Individually packaged products)
 Spices, herbs (other than dietary supplements)              1/4 tsp  or 0.5 g if not measurable by teaspoon   1/4 tsp (___g); ___ place(s) (___g) if not           
 Product category                                           Reference mount                                  Label Statement 5
                                                                                                          measurable by teaspoons (e.g., bay leaf)                  
 MIXED DISHES:                                                                                                                                                       
 Measurable with cup e.g., casseroles, hash, macaroni        1 cup **********************************    1 cup (___g)                                              
  and cheese, pot plea, spaghetti with sauce, slews, etc.                                                                                                           
 Not measurable with cup, e.g., burritos, egg rolls,         140 g, add 55 g for products with gravy or   ___place(s) (___g) for discrete places; ___               
                                                             sauce toppings, e.g., enchilada with cheese  fractional slice (___g) for large discrete units          
                                                              sauce, crops with white sauce                                                                         
 NUTS AND SEEDS:                                                                                                                                                     
 Nuts, seeds, and mixtures, all types: sliced, chopped       30 g **********************************     __g) for large places (e.g.,                               
  slivered, and whole                                                                                     unshelled nuts); ___tbsp(s) (___g); cup(s)                
                                                                                                          (___g) for small places (e.g., peanuts, sunflower seeds)  
 Nuts and seed butters, pastes, or creams                    2 tbsp ********************************      2 tbsp (___g)                                               
 Coconut, nut and seed flours                                15 g **********************************      ___Tbps(s) (___g); ___cup (___g)                          
 POTATOES AND SWEET POTATOES/YAMS:                                                                                                                                   
 French fries, hash browns, skins or pancakes                70 g prepared; 85 g for frozen unprepared    ___place(s) (___g) for large distinct pieces              
                                                               french fries                               (e.g., patties, skins); 2.5 oz (70 g/   pieces)           
                                                                                                            for prepared fries; 3 oz (84 g/   pieces) for           
                                                                                                            unprepared fries                                        
 Mashed, candled, stuffed, or with sauce                     140 g **********************************      ___place(s) (___g) for discrete places (e.g.,             
                                                                                                            stuffed potato); ___ cup(s) (___g)                      
 Plain, fresh, canned, or frozen                             110 g for fresh or frozen; 125 g for vacuum  ___places(s) (___g), for discrete places;                 
                                                               packed; 160 g for canned liquid            ___ cup(s) (___g) for sliced or chopped products          
 Gelatin salad                                               120 g **********************************     ___ cup (___g)                                            
 Pasta or potato salad                                       140 g **********************************     ___ cup(s) (___g)                                          
 All other salads, e.g., egg, fish, shellfish, bean          100 g **********************************     ___ cup(s) (___g)                                         
    fruit, or vegetable salads                                                                                                                                       
 SAUCES, DIPS, GRAVIES AND CONDIMENTS:                                                                                                                               
 Barbecue sauce, hollandaise sauce, tartar                   2 tbsp *********************************     2 tbsp (___g); 2 tbsp (30 mL))                             
    sauce, other sauces for dipping (e.g.,                                                                                                                           
    mustard sauce, sweet and sour sauce), all                                                                                                                        
    dips (e.g., bean dips, dairy-based dips, salsa                                                                                                                    
 Major main entree sauces, e.g., spaghetti sauce             125 g **********************************     ___ cup (___g); ___ cup (___mL)                           
 Minor main entree sauces (e.g., pizza sauce(14),            1/4 cup ********************************     1/4 cup (___g); 1/4 cup (60 mL))                          
   pesto sauce), other sauces used as toppings                                                                                                                      
   (e.g., gravy, white sauce, cheese sauce),                                                                                                                         
   cocktail sauce                                                                                                                                                   
 Major condiments, e.g., catsup stack sauce                  1 tbsp *********************************     1 tbsp(___g); 1 tbsp (15 mL))                             
   soy sauce, vinegar, teriyaki sauce, marinades                                                                                                                     
 Minor condiments, e.g., horseradish, hot                    1 tsp **********************************     1 tsp 8___g); 1 tsp (5 mL)                                
   sauce, mustards, Worcestershire sauce                                                                                                                            
 Product category                                           Reference mount                                  Label Statement 5
All varieties, chips, pretzels, popcorn, extruded           30 g ****************************************     ___cups(s) (___g) for small pieces (e.g.,                 
   snacks, fruit-based snacks (e.g., fruit chips,)                                                           popcorn): ___piece(s) (___g) for large                  
    grain based snack mixes                                                                                   pieces (e.g., large pretzels; pressed dried fruit     
                                                                                                             g/visual unit of measure) bulk products                
 Hard candies, breath mints                                 2 g ****************************************     ___piece(s) (___g)                                        
 Hard candies, roll-type, mini-size in dispenser            5 g ****************************************     ___piece(s) (___g)                                        
 Hard candies, others                                       15g ****************************************     piece(s) (___g) for large pieces;                         
                                                                                                              ___piece(s) (___g) for "mini-size" candies                
                                                                                                                measurable by tablespoon; « oz {{14                  
                                                                                                                g/visual unit of measure} for bulk products            
 All other candies                                          40 g ****************************************    ___piece(s) (___g); 1 « oz (42 g/visual                 
                                                                                                                unit of measure) for bulk products                     
 Confectioner's sugar                                       30 g  *************************************      ___cup (___g)                                             
 Honey, jams, jellies, butter, molasses                     1 tbsp ************************************      1 tbsp (___); 1 tbsp (15 mL)                             
 Marshmallows                                               30 g ***************************************     ___cup(s) (___g) for small pieces;                        
                                                                                                             ___piece(s) (___g) for large pieces                       
 Sugar                                                      4 g ***************************************      ___tsp (___g); ___piece(s) (___g) for                     
                                                                                                                discrete pieces (e.g., sugar cubes,                    
                                                                                                                individually packaged products)                        
 SUGAR AND SWEETS:                                                                                                                                                   
 Sugar substitutes                                          An amount equivalent to one reference amount     ___tsp(s) (___g) for solids; ___drop(s)                   
                                                              for sugar in sweetness                            (___g) for liquid; ___piece(s) (___) e.g.,             
                                                                                                               individually packaged products                         
 Syrups                                                     30 mL for syrups used primarily as an               2 tbsp (30 mL) for syrups used primarily as an            
                                                              Ingredient (e.g., light or dark corn syrup):60    Ingredients; 1/4 cup (60 mL) for all others            
                                                              mL for all others                                                                                        
 Vegetables primarily used for garnish or flavor,           4 g ****************************************    ___piece(s) (___g); ___tbsp(s) (___g) for                 
   e.g., pimento, parsley                                                                                      chopped products                                       
 Chili pepper, green onion                                  30 g ****************************************    ___piece(s) (___g); tbsp(s) (   g);                       
                                                                                                             ___cup(s) (___g) for sliced or chopped                 
 All other vegetables without sauce:  fresh                 85 g for fresh; 95 g for vacuum                  ___piece(s) (___g) for large pieces (e.g.,                
    canned, or frozen                                         packed; 130 g for canned in liquid                brussels sprouts); ___cup(s) (___g) for                
                                                              cream-style corn, canned or stewed                small pieces (e.g.,cut corn, green peas); 3 oz        
                                                              tomatoes; pumpkin, or winter squash               164 g/visual unit of measure) if not measurable        
 Product category                                           Reference mount                                  Label Statement 5
 VEGETABLES (cont):                                                                                                                              
 All other vegetables with sauce: fresh, canned              110 g  **********************************      by cup                                        
 or frozen                                                                                                  ___piece(s) (___g) for large pieces (e.g.,      
                                                                                                            brussels sprouts); ___cup(s) (___g) for       
                                                                                                            small pieces (e.g., cut corn, green peas); 4 oz
                                                                                                            112 g/visual unit of measure) if not measurable
                                                                                                             by cup                                        
 Vegetable juice                                             240 mL **********************************       8 fl oz (240 mL)                                
 Olives                                                      15 g  **********************************       ___piece(s) (___g); ___tbsp(s) (___g) for       
                                                                                                              sliced products                               
 Pickles, all types                                          30 g**********************************         1 oz (28 g/visual unit of measure)              
 Pickle relishes                                             15 g**********************************         ___tbsp (___g)                                  
 Vegetable pastes, e.g., tomato paste                        30 g **********************************        ___tbsp (___g)                                  
 Vegetable sauces or purees, e.g., tomato puree              60 g **********************************        ___ cup (____g); ____cup (____mL)


1.  These values represents the amount (edible portion) of food customarily
 consumed per eating occasion and were primarily derived from the 1977-1978
 and the 1987-1988 Nationwide Food Consumption Surveys conducted by the
 U.S. Department of Agriculture.
2.  Unless otherwise noted in the Reference Amount column, the reference
amounts are for the ready-to-serve or almost ready-to-serve form of the
product (i.e., heat and serve, brown and serve).  If not listed separately,
the reference amount for the unprepared form (e.g., dry mixes; concentrates;
dough; batter; dry, fresh, and frozen pasta) is the amount required
to make the reference amount of the prepared form.  Prepared means prepared
for consumption (e.g., cooked).
3.  Manufacturers are required to convert the reference amount to the label
 serving size in a household measure most appropriate to their specific
product using the procedures in 21 CFR 101.9(b).
4.  Copies of the list of products for each product category are available
 from the Office of Food Labeling (HFS09150), Center for Food Safety and
 Applied Nutrition, Food and Drug Administration, 200 C. St., S.W.,
 Washington, DC 20204.
5.  The label statements are meant to provide guidance on the presentation
of serving size information the label, but they are not required. The term
"piece" is used as a generic description of a discrete unit.  Manufacturers
 should use the
description of a unit that is most appropriate for the specific product
(e.g., sandwich for sandwiches, cookie for cookies, and bar for ice cream
bar).  The guidance provided is for the label statement of products in
ready to serve or almost ready to serve form.  The guidance does not apply
to the products which require further preparation for consumption (e.g.,
dry mixes, concentrates) unless specifically stated in the product category,
reference amount, or label statement column that it is for
these form of the product.  For products that require further preparation,
manufacturers must determine the label statement following the rules in
101.9(b) using the reference amount determined
according to 101.12(C).
6.  Includes cakes that weigh 10g per cubic inch.
7.  Includes cakes that weight 4g or more per cubic inch but
 less than 10g per cubic inch.
8.  Includes cake that weighs less than 4g per cubic inch.
9.  Label serving size for ice cream cones and eggs of
 all sizes will be 1 unit.  Label serving size of all
 chewing gums that weigh more than the reference amount
 that can reasonably be consumed at a single-eating occasion
 will be 1 unit.
10.  Animal products not covered under the Federal Meat Inspection Act
or the Poultry Producers Act, such as flesh products from deer, bison,
rabbit, quail, wild turkey, geese, ostrich, etc.
12.  The reference amount for the uncooked form does not apply to raw
fish in 101.45 or to single-ingredient products that consist of fish or
game meat as provided for in 101.9(I)(11).
13.  For raw fruit, vegetables and fish, manufacturers should follow the
label statement for the serving size specified in Appendices A and B to
the regulation entitled "Food Labeling:  guidelines for Voluntary Nutrition
Labeling; and Identification of the 20 Most Frequently Consumed Raw Fruits,
Vegetables and Fish; definition of substantial compliance; Correction" 
(56 FR 60880 as amended 57 8174, March 6, 1992).
11.  If packed or canned in liquid, the reference amount is for the
drained solids, except of products in which both the solids and liquids
are customarily consumed (e.g., canned chopped clam in juice).
14.  Pizza sauce is part of the pizza and is not considered to be a
sauce topping.

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