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 2.8.1 - OBJECTIVE

The basic purpose of denaturing is to prevent salvage or diversion of violative materials for human consumption.


Carefully consider any situation before agreeing to diversion of contaminated foods to animal feed. The indiscriminate use of contaminated food for livestock may constitute a hazard to such livestock, as well as humans.

When denaturing human foods for animal feed purposes, contact the Center for Veterinary Medicine, Division of Compliance (HFV-230) at 240-276-9200 to determine if the product may be converted safely to animal feed. - Rodent or Bird Contaminated Foods

Diversion of rodent or bird contaminated foods for animal feed is authorized only when the contaminated product is treated by heat to destroy Salmonella organisms. In the case of wheat and other grains containing rodent excreta, a suitable heat process may be used or the product is examined bacteriologically and shown not to contain Salmonella. - Moldy Food

If processors insist on salvage of moldy grain or foods for animal feed use, it must be done under proper supervision, and provide for:

  1. Treatment by dry heating to destroy viable spoilage microorganisms (generally, this will result in grain having a toasted color and odor), and
  2. Evidence it does not contain mycotoxins, and
  3. Evidence, by animal feeding studies, the product is safe for animal use. - Pesticide Contamination

Foods contaminated by pesticides residues should not be diverted to animal food use unless a determination is made which assures illegal residues will not result in the food animal or their food products, e.g., meat, milk, eggs.


The choice of methods, should be made by considering the type of the denaturant, the physical properties of the diverted material, and the ultimate use of the article.

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