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Badge Retirement Policy

Badge Retirement Policy
Operations Management
May, 18 2005


Over the years it has become a practice to present retiring employees with their de- characterized badge. The policy and/or guidance on when this was appropriate, was previously left to local management.

In 1982, discussion of the policy of de-characterization and presentation of badges to Field employees resulted in an informal delegation of authority to the RFDDs for approval of badge retention for persons leaving the agency with more than 20 years of ORA service. Exceptions to the policy below will require ORA approval. Special note: this procedure also covers presentation of a de-characterized badge to the family of a deceased ORA employee.


The policy for determining whether it is appropriate to de-characterize and present a badge to an employee upon retirement, is as follows:

  1. For Field employees retiring with 20 or more years of ORA service, authority for approval is delegated to the RFDD. When accomplished, appropriate notice will be sent to the Office of Security Operations, Policy and Planning (HFA-630) and to the Division of Field Investigations (HFC-130).
  2. For Field, ORA HQ, and Center employees retiring with less than 20 years of service with ORA, badges will ordinarily not be de-characterized and presented. If, under extraordinary circumstances that relate to significant contributions to ORA, the RFDD or Center Director wishes to recommend de-characterization and presentation, special justification must be sent in writing to the Office of Regional Operations to be considered by a committee designated by ORO.
  3. The agency will not de-characterize and present badges for Field employees leaving other than by retirement, except on approval by the Director of ORO.
  4. The request to de-characterize a badge must come in the form of a hard copy memo from the RFDD or Center Director and contain the following language:

    I am requesting approval to de-characterize the FDA badge #_____ to present to ______, who is retiring on ______with _____years of ORA service meeting/exceeding the 20 years of ORA service requirement outlined in FMD-137. Appropriate notice will be sent to the Office of Security Operations, Policy and Planning (HFA-630) and the Division of Field Investigations (HFC-130.

    The badge will be de-characterized as required, mounted and presented to ______ in recognition of his/her____ years of FDA service.

    ________ Concur

    ________ Non-concur ______________________________

    RFFD/Center Director




    NOTE: De-characterizing must render the badge unusable by permanent mounting or imbedding in plastic. The cost of de-characterizing the badge cannot be paid out of government funds. If the employee no longer has a badge, indicate "NA" for the badge number.

    Original: HFA-630
    Cc: HFC-130

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