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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Memo - Justification for Two or More Travelers

Memo - Justification for Two or More Travelers
Operations Management
Date Revised:
November, 1 2002






From:  Associate Director, Division of Field Investigations (HFC-130)
Subject: Justification for Two or More Travelers
To: Director, Office of International Programs (HFY-50)

It is advantageous for the Department and FDA to have active participation and leadership in the development of Thailand’s Export Certificate Programs to assure exports are in compliance with existing FDA standards.  U.S. influence in the development of these standards helps to assure safe and honestly labeled food products that are imported into and consumed in the U.S.

Sydney H. Rogers, Director, Investigations Branch.  He will cover aspects of seafood issues and laboratory operations, and discuss analytical concerns of the seafood area.

John Poe is the recently designated Director, Division of Shellfish Products, Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.  He is responsible for all shellfish activities and will be discussing implementation of standards with his foreign counterparts.

Mr. Charles Smith is an ORA Expert in the area of Shellfish Processing, and his expertise was specifically requested by the government of Thailand.

Mr. John F. Smith is an advisor on FDA policies in the area of international activities.  He will meet with officials to discuss technical assistance to foreign government provided by FDA.

FMD 13

Distribution: Regional Food and Drug Directors and District Directors
  FDA Headquarters Offices
Issued by: ORA/ORO/Division of Field Investigations (HFC-130)
Authority: ORA
Publication Date: November 2002