Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations

Canceled FMDs

17B Management of Compliance Programs by the Field 02/05/88
18 Foods Rejected by USDA 10/06/92
39 Procedures for Handling Request for Asylum by Foreign Nationals 08/05/82
47 Reporting Use of Government Vehicles Between Homes and Office 01/02/81
51 Use of Emergency Command System (SS-1 Telephone) Attachment A-2/25/83 02/21/83
58 Interstate Travel Sanitation Issuance Certificate of Sanitary Construction (FD Form 2371a) for Motor Coaches 01/02/81
66 EDRO/Field Clearance of Publications 12/31/79
67 ITS Program: Reporting Catering Point and Facility Inspection Classification to Carrier Companies 06/25/84
84 Personal Appearance, Dress and Professional Conduct Policy 01/02/81
87 District Office Contacts with OTC Review Panel Members 12/11/80
95 Methadone Treatment Program Procedures 08/30/80
101 ORA System and Criteria for Selecting Employees for Training 08/10/94
101B Selection Criteria and Procedures for Training Details 02/25/88
101C Selection Process for Executive Seminar Training Programs 08/10/94
101D Procedures for Documenting Supervisory Development training 02/05/88
101E Equivalency Criteria for Nationally Sponsored Training Courses 02/05/88
102 FDA Consumer - 'Investigators' Reports Section 06/11/82
103 Pre-Hiring Physical Requirements for Field Positions 01/29/88
109 Transmittal of Manual Maintenance Information 12/22/95
110 Letters of Condolence Involving Deaths of Field Employees 06/05/81
112 Delegation of Authority to RFDDs from the ACRA 02/29/88
112B Criteria for Establishing a Resident Post 05/28/82
112C Development of a District Office from a One-Person Resident Post 05/28/82
113 Employees Eligible to Occupy Critical-Sensitive Positions 11/24/87
114 Criteria for Special Positions 08/30/85
115 EDRO Recurring Reports 06/30/81
116 Protecting Privileged Information - Special Government Employees 11/27/92
117 Release of Information to State/Local Officials 08/29/80
123 Computer System Program Development  
136 Authorized Non-Registered Pesticide Uses 11/30/84
140 ORA Policy - Career Opportunities System 04/07/86

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