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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations

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Honey Smoked Fish Co., Response Letter

July 21, 2000


PO BOX 4253
PHONE: (303) 674-4636
FAX: (303) 674-7202


Department of Health and Human Service
P.O. Box 25087
Denver, CO 80225-0087

Attn: Regina Barrell

Dear Ms. Barrell,

This is in response to the warning letter dated June 26, 2000. This certified letter was actually received on July 14, 2000, which is verified by the signed receipt at the Post Office. Therefore, we were not given the appropriate time to respond to this letter.

Per your request we are addressing each issue as follows:

1) Honey Smoked Fish does have a written HACCP plan. Per your letter we will include the following to our HACCP plan; listing the critical limits to identify a minimum brine time, minimum salt concentration of the brine, and identify potential aquaculture drag contamination of our raw fish.

2) Our HACCP plan does state that we receive annual reports.

3) Honey Smoked Fish does have a written HACCP plan that lists monitoring procedures for each critical control point, to comply with 21 CFR 123.6. We are awaiting the results of the salt level test at this tame. The results of the test will indicate which products were analyzed and the thickness of the fish.

4) Our firm did take corrective action to control the temperature of our products at storage and within two hours after the time the refrigerator was found at a temperature to high the problem was taken care of and we were back in compliance.

5) Honey Smoked Fish Company has a Daily Sanitation Report, which shows the conditions of all the issues in this deviation. We are in the process of getting a report form [redacted] regarding their water test and chemicals. All counters and surfaces that the fish contact are sanitized with special chemicals and we have the paper from the suppliers showing their chemical contents. The hand washing is followed in accordance with state health regulations. Al! the toxic compounds have been properly labeled and stored at this time.

6) The products that you were questioning in this deviation are no longer used. Honey Smoked Fish Company no longer:is processing the Teriyaki fish. The [redacted] mixture has been changed to a [redacted]. We no longer use [redacted] and we have changed to [redacted]. The new labels will show the use of [redacted].



Kevin Mason