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CPG Sec. 540.550 Kipper and Kipper Unsplit - Definitions



The following definitions for "kipper" and "kipper unsplit" are recognized and will be used in the enforcement of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with regards to the labeling of fish products.

Kipper - A fish which has been split through the back from tail to head, eviscerated, lightly salted, and lightly smoked. Example, kippered herring.

Kipper unsplit - A fish which has been headed and eviscerated (but not split), lightly salted, and lightly smoked. Example, kippered herring unsplit.

The designations "kippered round" and "whole kipper" for kipper unsplit are objectionable because a round or whole fish has head and viscera intact. The adoption of a distinctive name, "buckling", for example, for kipper unsplit is undesirable because the term "kipper" has become well established in trade practice. The designation "kipper unsplit" is believed to be sufficiently distinctive.

Issued: 11/4/76
Reissued: 10/30/80
Revised: 10/30/89