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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

For Federal, State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Officials

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I. Background

Table of Contents

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Performance Goals for Partnership Agreements

This content was last updated on October 2002.

These are examples of goals found in partnership agreements:

  • Increase consumer protection.
  • Eliminate duplication.
  • Survey local industry.
  • Expand technology transfer.
  • Expand training opportunities.
  • Improve communications.
  • Develop joint training courses.
  • Establish shared databases.
  • Improve efficiency-cost savings.
  • Improve uniformity of enforcement activities.
  • Enhance information exchange/dissemination.
  • Increase levels of industry compliance.
  • Assure emergency response capabilities.
  • Increase staff proficiency (FDA/state).
  • Empower cooperating organizations.
  • Increase in program productivity/coverage.
  • Promote evidence sharing.

 Partnership Promotional Activities:

All parties are encouraged to share information on partnerships to allow others to benefit from them. FDA encourages the sharing of good ideas and lessons learned to advance the collective knowledge base in public health.

Ways to share:

  1. FDA Field Committees should consider a discussion of relevant partnerships as part of their meeting agenda.
  2. Participants in partnership agreements, such as FDA regional or district offices, state and local agencies, and others, are encouraged to share partnership information when possible, including in newsletters, on websites, etc.
  3. AFDO, NEHA, and similar groups are encouraged to include presentations on successful partnerships at regional and national meetings.
  4. Participants in partnerships are encouraged to apply for pertinent recognition and awards, such as those recognizing innovation in government.
  5. DFSR will publish and share partnership success stories using the many information dissemination tools available to the division.

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