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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

For Consumers

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Press Announcements - Health Fraud

Examples of FDA Press Announcements that cite health fraud* - related violations. For all FDA Press Announcements, click here.

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Date Issued Press Announcement
 12/06/2011FDA: U.S. Marshals seize products containing banned ephedrine for dietary supplements
 12/06/2011FDA, FTC act to remove "homeopathic" HCG weight loss products from the market
 12/01/2011FDA: U.S. Marshals seize dietary supplements, drugs manufactured by Syntec Inc.
 11/23/2011FDA takes enforcement action against Pennsylvania dietary supplement maker
 09/29/2011FDA participates in global efforts to protect consumers and patients from unsafe drugs on the internet
 09/14/2011FDA: Minnesota companies agree to halt sale of amino-acid products with unapproved claims
 07/05/2011FDA issues anti-smuggling strategy and draft guidance on new dietary ingredients
 06/30/2011FDA: New York dietary supplement manufacturer enters into consent decree
 06/07/2011FDA: DDS probiotic products seized
 06/03/2011FDA seizes elderberry juice concentrate at Kansas company
 05/25/2011FDA takes action against illegal marketing of tobacco products
 05/13/2011FDA: Don't buy drugs marketed as antimicrobial dietary supplements
 05/13/2011FDA: No compre medicamentos comercializados como suplementos nutricionales antimicrobianos
 05/13/2011FDA warns about counterfeit ExtenZe dietary supplements
 05/13/2011FDA, FTC act to remove fradulent STD products from the market
 04/20/2011FDA warns companies to stop making MRSA claims for over-the-counter products
 03/28/2011FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Soladek Vitamin Solution
 03/02/2011FDA prompts removal of unapproved drugs from market




Date Issued Press Announcement
 12/30/2010FDA warns consumers not to use Fruta Planta weight loss products
 12/30/2010La FDA advierte a los consumidores a no consumir los productos para perder peso Fruta Planta
 12/15/2010FDA: Tainted products marketed as dietary supplements potentially dangerous
 12/15/2010FDA warns consumers to avoid Man Up Now capsules
 11/19/2010FDA warns consumers not to use Vigor-25
 10/23/2010FDA Issues Consumer Safety Alert: Hyland’s Teething Tablets may pose a risk to children
 10/14/2010FDA participates in ‘International Internet Week of Action’
 10/14/2010FDA issues warnings to marketers of unapproved ‘chelation’ products
 10/13/2010Government takes action against Montana drug manufacturer
 10/08/2010FDA: Potentially harmful stimulant found in Slimming Beauty capsules
 10/08/2010FDA: Hallazgo de un estimulante potencialmente dañino en las cápsulas adelgazantes Slimming Beauty
 10/08/2010Abbott Laboratories agrees to withdraw its obesity drug Meridia
 09/28/2010FDA warns three companies to stop making unproven claims on mouth rinses
 09/15/2010Forest Pharmaceuticals agrees to guilty plea for violating FDA laws
 08/25/2010FDA Warns Consumers to Avoid TimeOut Capsules
 07/30/2010FDA Warns Consumers of Serious Harm from Drinking Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)
 07/27/2010Federal Agents Seize FastSize Extenders and FastSize EQM Erectile Quality Monitors
 07/12/2010New Jersey Woman Sentenced for Committing Insurance Fraud and Selling Prescription Fertility Drugs via the Internet
 07/09/2010Federal Agents Seize Bee-Shield Hand Sanitizer from Puerto Rican Company
 07/09/2010Spanish: Federal Agents Seize Bee-Shield Hand Sanitizer from Puerto Rican Company
 07/08/2010FDA Public Health Alert: Que She Weight Loss Capsules Contain Potentially Harmful Ingredients
 07/08/2010Chinese: FDA Public Health Alert: Que She Weight Loss Capsules Contain Potentially Harmful Ingredients
 07/01/2010Pharmacy Owner Sentenced to Over 4 Years for Health Care Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft and Conspiracy to Misbrand Drugs
 06/21/2010FDA Marks First Anniversary of Tobacco Control Act
 06/19/2010FDA Warns Consumers to Avoid Magic Power Coffee
 06/17/2010FDA Warns About Fraudulent Tamiflu
 06/10/2010FDA Seizes More Than $32,000 Worth of Bulk Honey from Philadelphia Distribution Center
 05/21/2010Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, LLC Pleads Guilty to Illegal Promotion of Topamax and is Sentenced to Criminal Fine of $6.14 Million
 05/11/2010FDA: ‘Bad Ad Program’ to Help Health Care Providers Detect, Report Misleading Drug Ads  
 05/01/2010FDA Warns Consumers to Avoid Vita Breath Dietary Supplement
 04/20/2010Federal Prisoner Serving Time for Health Care Fraud Charged with Distributing Misbranded Drugs that were Labeled as "All-Natural" Sexual Enhancement
 04/15/2010FDA Issues Warning Letters for Drugs Promoted in Fat Elimination Procedure
 04/05/2010Federal Government Seizes Dozens of Misbranded Drug Products
 03/25/2010Two Arrested for Illegally Trafficking Counterfeit Weight Loss Medication
 03/03/2010FDA Calls on Food Companies to Correct Labeling Violations; FDA Commissioner Issues an Open Letter to the Industry
 03/02/2010U.S. Attorney News Release: Boca Raton Man Sentenced for Nutritional Supplement Scam
 01/18/2010FDA Warns Consumers about Counterfeit Alli




Date Issued Press Announcement
 11/19/2009FDA Issues 22 Warning Letters to Web site Operators
 11/06/2009FDA Warns Companies against Marketing Illegal Flavored Cigarettes
 11/05/2009FDA Warns Consumers on Sexual Enhancement Products
 10/30/2009U.S. Attorney News Release: Boca Raton Man Convicted in Nutritional Supplement Scam
 10/19/2009FDA, FTC Issue Joint Warning Letter to Web Site Offering Fraudulent H1N1 Flu Supplements
 10/15/2009FDA Warns of Unapproved and Illegal H1N1 Drug Products Purchased Over the Internet
 09/02/2009U.S. Attorney News Release: Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in its History
 08/20/2009FDA Issues Warning Letters to Marketers of Topical Ibuprofen Drug Products
 08/11/2009U.S. Attorney News Release: Albany Plastic Surgery Group Pleads Guilty in Connection With Use of Unlicensed “Botox” Substitute on Unsuspecting Patients
 08/01/2009U.S. Marshals Seize Skin Sanitizer, Protectant Products Made by Clarcon Biological Chemical Laboratory Inc.
 07/28/2009FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Body Building Products Marketed as Containing Steroids or Steroid-Like Substances
 07/28/2009La FDA advierte a los consumidores que no consuman productos para fisicoculturismo comercializados como productos que contienen esteroides o sustancias similares a los esteroides
 07/27/2009U.S. Attorney News Release: Massachusetts Resident Sentenced for Nationwide Internet Prescription Drug Scheme
 07/02/2009U.S. Attorney News Release: Michigan Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Fraudulently Marketing Dietary Supplements
 06/29/2009U.S. Attorney News Release: Ringleader Sentenced to Nine Years In Federal Prison For Allergy Testing Health Care Fraud Scheme That Bilked Insurance Companies and Deceived Thousands of Patients
 06/26/2009U.S. Attorney News Release: Scottsdale Man Pleads Guilty to Multiple Federal Charges Related to Marketing of Sexual Enhancement Drug
 06/15/2009FDA Warns Web Sites against Marketing Fraudulent H1N1 Flu Virus Claims
 05/11/2009Dietary Supplements Worth $1.3 Million Condemned and Forfeited to the United States Under Consent Decree
 05/01/2009FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut Products
 05/01/2009FDA, FTC Warn Public of Fraudulent 2009 H1N1 Influenza Products
 01/27/2009FDA Warns Consumers Against Dietary Supplement Containing Undeclared Drug




Date Issued Press Announcements
 12/28/2007FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Super Shangai, Strong Testis, Shangai Ultra, Shangai Ultra X, Lady Shangai, and Shangai Regular (also known as Shangai Chaojimengnan)
 12/28/2007FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Super Shangai, Strong Testis, Shangai Ultra, Shangai Ultra X, Lady Shangai, and Shangai Regular (Spanish)
 12/19/2007FDA Investigation Leads to Prison Sentence for Woman Who Claimed to Cure 'Lou Gehrig's Disease'
 11/16/2007Approximately $2 Million of Potentially Harmful "Cosmetic" Eye Product Seized
 11/02/2007FDA Requests Recall of 'True Man Sexual Energy,' 'Energy Max' Dietary Supplements
 11/01/2007More than $300,000 of Drugs and Dietary Supplements Seized
 11/01/2007FDA Says Consumers Continue to Buy Risky Drugs Online
 10/12/2007Approximately $71,000 of Dietary Supplements Seized at FDA Request
 09/25/2007FDA Issues Warning Letter to Melanocorp, Inc. For Illegal Sale of Melanotan II
 08/09/2007FDA Warns Consumers to Avoid Red Yeast Rice Products Promoted on Internet as Treatments for High Cholesterol Products found to contain unauthorized drug
 07/02/2007FDA Finds Consumers Continue to Buy Potentially Risky Drugs Over the Internet
 06/22/2007FDA Issues Dietary Supplements Final Rule
 06/01/2007FDA Advises Consumers to Avoid Toothpaste From China Containing Harmful Chemical
 05/25/2007FDA Takes Action to Stop Marketing of Unapproved Timed-Release Guaifenesin Drug Products
 05/10/2007FDA Announces Results of Investigation Into Illegal Promotion of OxyContin by The Purdue Frederick Company, Inc.
 05/10/2007FDA Issues Health Risk Alert for 'True Man' and 'Energy Max' Products
 05/01/2007FDA Warns Consumers about Counterfeit Drugs from Multiple Internet Sellers
 03/24/2007FDA Warns Again About Arsenic in Mineral Water
 02/16/2007FDA Alerts Consumers to Unsafe, Misrepresented Drugs Purchased Over the Internet


 *The FDA defines health fraud as the deceptive promotion, advertising, distribution, or sale of a product represented as being effective to prevent, diagnose, treat, cure or lessen an illness or condition, or provide another beneficial effect on health, but that has not been scientifically proven safe and effective for such purposes.