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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Vibrio Vulnificus Health Education Kit - The Electronic Tool Kit

March 2004

The materials are available in both Spanish and English and include:

  • Vibrio vulnificus Campaign Launch Press Release for you to reformat on your own letterhead and localize with your organization's name. Included in the body of the release are suggested quotes from your experts. Feel free to customize these quotes and be sure to obtain approval before you attribute them to one of your spokespersons.
  • Pitch Letter for you to send to reporters to let them know about the availability of a spokesperson to be interviewed on certain dates.
  • Vibrio vulnificus Fact Sheet to distribute with the news release and to photocopy in mass quantities to use as a handout at health fairs and community meetings.
  • Feature/Newsletter Article for use with local newspapers and your organization's publications. Delivered along with a cover sheet noting your contact information, this will enable journalists at smaller weekly and daily newspapers to use the article without going to the time and expense of assigning a reporter to the story. If your budget allows, a newswire or feature article service can distribute the article directly to newsrooms for you.
  • Raw Oyster Myths - the commonly heard myths and the true facts
  • Recipes for Cooked Oysters developed by award-winning chef Jesus Sanchez of the American Culinary Federation
  • Fotonovela Carlos' Tragic and Mysterious Illness - an illustrated storybook that shows what may happen if people with weakened immune systems eat raw oysters contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus. The English and Spanish versions of the storybook are available in PDF to run off in mass quantities for distribution through community centers, local clinics and health centers, schools, employers and at health fairs.
  •  PSAs/Suggested Copy to provide to your local radio stations. Retype the script on your letterhead providing a contact name and telephone number.