Nutrition Facts Label: Read the Label Youth Outreach Campaign

Welcome to Read the Label, the “next generation” of FDA’s award-winning Spot the Block outreach campaign! Originally launched in 2007, this comprehensive program from the FDA has evolved into a nationwide grassroots initiative. Through this hands-on campaign, kids, families and community outreach leaders unite with the goal of using the Nutrition Fact Label as their everyday tool for making smart and healthful food choices.

The Read the Label Youth Outreach Campaign is an exciting initiative that challenges kids (ages 9 to 13) to look for and use the Nutrition Facts Label on food and beverage packages. The campaign includes fun, easy tips and targeted education to help make label reading a key component through which today’s young people are equipped to achieve a healthy childhood weight. With engaging content plus hands-on parent information and community outreach, kids and families across the U.S. can use the label to compare foods today and every day! 

Read the Label Campaign

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For Kids

Read the Label includes lots of tips and challenges created especially for you! These printable activities help you learn more about serving size, calories, and nutrients. So, get started today. You’ll learn a lot and have fun when you Read the Label!

Download for Kids
(ZIP, 5.3MB)

Here is what you'll get:

  • Read the Label Infographic
    La etiqueta de Información Nutricional - ¡Búscala y úsala!
    This colorful printable gives you a quick look at the key information you can find on the Nutrition Facts Label.

  • Cool Tips for Kids
    Consejos Para Los Ninos
    You and your friends can use these easy ways to Read the Label at home, in the cafeteria, at the store, and in fast food restaurants.

  • Read the Label on Snacks
    Lee la etiqueta de las meriendas
    This problem-solving activity serves up some of your favorite snacks and challenges you to Read the Label for specific nutrient information. Share it with your friends or see if you can stump your parents.

  • Making Smart Choices! Nutrition Label Word Search
    ¡Toma buenas decisiones!
    Get to know the Nutrition Facts Label by finding the nutrient-related words hidden in this fun and challenging Word Search!

  • Dishin’ the Nutrition Rap
    Did you know label reading is catching on all across the United States? There’s even a "Spot the Block" (Read the Label) rap song! Download it today!

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For Parents

Helping your kids understand how to read the Nutrition Facts Label on food packages is important. After all, the label is a tool for making food choices that they’ll be able to use throughout their lives. And the sooner they begin to Read the Label, the sooner they’ll be making healthful choices when comparing foods. 

These ready-made, informative tools can help you help your kids get their food facts first. Check them out – and have fun engaging with your child as you explore the Nutrition Facts Label together!

Download for Parents
(ZIP, 3.4MB)

Here is what you'll get::

  • Read the Label Parent Tips
    Consejos Para Los Padres
    Help your children establish healthful dietary habits in everyday situations. Check out these tips for talking about using the Nutrition Facts Label on food packages at home, at the supermarket, in the cafeteria, and at fast food restaurants.

  • Read the Label Infographic
    La etiqueta de Información Nutricional - ¡Búscala y úsala!
    Use this handy overview to chat with your children about the important nutrition information found on the Nutrition Facts Label.

  • A Key to Choosing Healthful Foods
    This printable fact sheet offers information to help make quick, informed food choices that contribute to healthy life-long eating habits for the entire family.

  • Eating Healthier and Feeling Better
    The label makes it easy to determine the amounts of nutrients in a food, and to compare one product to another. This booklet contains information about using the label while planning meals, shopping, and cooking.  

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For Health Educators & Community Outreach

Reaching kids in communities is an important aspect of the Read the Label campaign.
Local background materials will prepare you to teach your local tweens and families about the Nutrition Facts Label on food packages. Use them to bring nutrition information to young people where they live, gather, and play!

Download for Education
(ZIP, 6.5MB)

Here is what you'll get::

  • Read the Label Community Outreach Manual
    Información Nutricional: Cómo enseñar a los padres a hablar con sus hijos acerca de la etiqueta de
    This hands-on, how-to manual gives you the background information you need and guides you through a flexible one- or two-part parent presentation. It also includes 3 engaging Family Take-home Activities and a mini-poster!

  • Parent Activities Only
    Folleto para la familia

  • Action Plan for Kids
    Plan de acción para ñinos

  • Read the Label Presentation
    The presentation is designed to work in conjunction with the Community Outreach Manual. You can project it on a screen or print it out onto transparencies.

  • Read the Label Talking Points
    This at-a-glance fact sheet gives a brief history of the Read the Label (formerly Spot the Block) Youth Outreach Campaign, highlighting its key messages and providing helpful insights about the youth and parent audiences.

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