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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Risk Control Plan Example - Annex 3, Section 2

FDA Procedures for Standardization of Retail Food Safety Inspection Officers

Table of Contents

Risk Control Plan

Risk Control Plan

Establishment Name:  Hamburger Heaven

Type of Facility:  Fast Food
(risk category 3)

Physical Address: 1234 Anywhere Street

Person in Charge:
Sam Jones

City: Nice

State: HI

Zip: 1111

County: Franklin

Inspection Time In:
8:00 am

Time Out:

1:00 pm



Inspector’s Name:  Jane Smith

Agency:  State Health Dept.


Specific observation noted during inspection:

Hamburger cooked to 130°F on grill.

Applicable code violation(s):  


Risk factor to be controlled:


Hazard (most common):

Salmonella; E. coli O157:H7

What must be achieved to gain compliance in the future:

Continue to cook until internal temperature of 68°C (155°F) is met.  Use a thin probe thermometer to check the final cooking temperature.  Establish cooking procedures for ground beef.

How will active managerial control be achieved:

(Who is responsible for the control, what monitoring and record keeping is required, who is responsible for monitoring and completing records, what corrective actions should be taken when deviations are noted, how long is the plan to continue)

Temperature checks of hamburger patties will be taken using appropriate temperature measuring devices on the first batch of hamburgers cooked by assigned staff, i.e. chef, manager, line cook.

Sam Jones will record the temperature on his production chart.

Hamburgers with a temperature below 68°C (155°F) will be returned to the grill for further cooking to internal temperature of 68°C (155°F). Final temperature will be noted on the production chart.

How will the results of implementing the RCP be communicated back to the inspector:

Temperature records will be faxed to Jane Smith at xxx-xxx-xxxx each Friday for 4 weeks.





As the person in charge of the Hamburger Heaven located at 1234 Anywhere Street, I have voluntarily developed this risk control plan, in consultation with Jane Smith and understand the provisions of this plan.

Sam Jones                                                                               2/6/2006
(Establishment Manager)                                                            (Date)

Jane Smith                                                                               2/6/2006
(Regulatory Official)                                                                     (Date)