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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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Reducing Risk Factors in Retail and Food Service: Maricopa County, Arizona Environmental Health Division - Chicharrones

FDA/CFSAN is posting this document as a service to viewers of the November 30, 2006 satellite broadcast:
"Reducing Risk Factors in Retail and Food Service".

Maricopa County, Arizona Environmental Health Division


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Chicharones, otherwise known as pork rinds, are kettle-fried products that can be found at local carniceritas.

The first step in preparing chicharones is to remove the pork skins from the walk-in cooler.

The pork skins are generously seasoned with salt and laid out on spaced racks where they are set out in the walk-in cooler to dry for the next 3 days. This drying process assists in the removal of excess moisture in the skin and also shortens the initial cook time of the pork skins.

Once the skins have undergone a drying process in the walk-in cooler, they are removed and deep fried. The frying step in this process may take up to two hours or longer. The reason for this step is to rid the pork skin of any remaining moisture. Once the skin has undergone this process, it is considered a non-potentially hazardous product.

The chicharones are then set on sheet pans, stored in the walk-in cooler and then used when needed.

The final piece of making chicharones is to place an individual piece into heated oil. As the product is immersed into the heated oil, it is stretched giving the chicharones its characteristic look.

The product is removed from the kettle, allowed to cool then set in the display case for sale.

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