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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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November 30, 2006

Reducing Risk Factors at Retail and Food Service

  1. HHS Healthy People 2010, Food Safety Objectives (http://www.healthypeople.gov/data/midcourse/comments/faobjective.asp?id=10)
  2. Report of the FDA Retail Food Program Database of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors (2000)
  3. FDA Report of the Occurrence of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors in Selected Institutional Foodservice, Restaurant and Retail Food Store Facility Types (2004)
  4. CDC Surveillance for Foodborne-Disease Outbreaks - United States, 1998-2002. MMWR 2006; 55(SS10); 1-34 (http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/ss5510a1.htm?s_cid=ss5510a1_e)
  5. FDA ORA-U (http://www.fda.gov/Training/ForStateLocalTribalRegulators/default.htm)
  6. FDA/CFSAN Retail Food Protection
  7. FDA 2005 Food Code
  8. Oregon Environmental Health Specialist Network (EHS-Net) Communication Study (available in PDF, 201 kb) (http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/foodsafety/snet/commstudy.pdf)
  9. FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards
  10. FDA Innovative Food Safety Grants: Inspections† (http://www.fda.gov/ora/fed_state/food_safety/fs_grant_notice_may_2002_part1.htm)
    1. Minimize / Eliminate Filth Organisms and Human Pathogens from Seed Sprouts, Contact Dr. John T. Fruin, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Food Safety, at 850-488-3951, fruinj@doacs.state.fl.us .
    2. Windows Based Information System for the State of Missouri, Contact Joseph Hainline, Jefferson County, Missouri Health Center, at 636-789-3372, hainj@lpha.health.state.mo.us .
    3. Risk-Based Assessment Program for Off-Site Foodservice, Contact Aimee Upton, Maricopa County, Arizona Environmental Services Department, at 602-506-6929, aupton@mail.maricopa.gov.
    4. Assisted/Residential Living Facilities and Non-Residential Meal Sites, Contact Lillian C. Berard, Rhode Island Department of Health for Food Safety Standards Development & Implementation, at 401-222-2749, lillianb@doh.state.ri.us.
    5. Risk Factor Evaluation & Development of Active Managerial Control Criteria, Contact Peter R. Giesen, Olmsted County Public Health Services, Minnesota, at 507-285-8346, Giesen.pete@co.olmsted.mn.us.
    6. Innovative Inspection Methodologies, Contact Robert C. Hoffner, Delaware Health & Social Services, at 302-739-473. rhoffner@state.de.us.
    7. Quality Assurance Partnership with Chain Operations, Contact Tad Koeune, DuPage County Health Department, Illinois, at 630-682-7979 ext. 7216, tkoeune@dupagehealth.org.
    8. North Central Iowa Innovative Food Safety Program, Contact Ron Osterholm, Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health, Iowa, at 641-421-9306,  ron@cghealth.com.
    9. Internal and External Audits of Tazewell County Health Department Modified HACCP Program, Contact Patricia K. Welch, Tazewell County Health Department, Illinois, at 309-925-5511 ext. 227,  tchd@dtc.net.
    10. Study of Baseline Microbiological Contaminate Levels Using Rapid Testing, Contact Joseph Hainline, Jefferson County Health Center, Missouri, at 636-789-3372, hainlj@lpha.health.state.mo.us.
    11. Program Standards Audit Team, Contact Judith Harrison, State of Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, at 515-281-8587,  jharrison@dia.state.ia.us.
    12. Integrated Data Acquisition Project, Contact Judith Harrison, State of Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, at 515-281-8587, jharrison@dia.state.ia.us.
    13. Inspections Methods to Reduce Frequency of Risk Factors in Schools, Contact Walter S. Combs, Jr., Rhode Island Department of Health, at 401-222-3118 waltc@doh.state.ri.us.
    14. Electronic Inspection System, Contact Bobby Bickley, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, at 850-488-5471, bickleb@doacs.state.fl.us.
    15. Interactive Computer Based Training for Regulatory Staff, Contact Adam Kramer, Maricopa County Environmental Services Department, Arizona, 602-506-3408, AKramer@mail.maricopa.gov.
  11. FDA Innovative Food Safety Grants: Education and Health Information Dissemination† (http://www.fda.gov/ora/fed_state/food_safety/fs_grant_notice_may_2002_part2.htm)
    1. Hands on HACCP Packaged for the Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Food Industry Project, Contact Cameron Smoak, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Consumer Protection Division, at 404-656-3627, csmoak@agr.state.ga.us.
    2. Food Worker Certification Pilot Project for High School Students, Contact Anita Travis, Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services, Department of Public Health, at 502-564-7181, Anita.Travis@mail.state.ky.us.
    3. Integrated Food Safety Information Delivery System, Contact Judy Harrison, Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, at 515-281-8587, judy.harrison@dia.state.ia.us.
    4. Food Safety for Festivals and Fundraisers , Contact Mary Margaret Harris, McDonough County Health Department, Illinois, at 301-837-9951, mchd@macomb.com.
    5. Training Program for Professional Sanitarians, Contact Suzanne Kidder, State of Michigan Department of Agriculture, at 517-373-9724, kidders@state.mi.us.
    6. Multi-language Audio Food Safety Education and Testing Program, Contact Jonnie Hyde, Southwest Washington County, Washington Health District, at 360-397-8122, jonniehyde@clark.wa.gov.
    7. Web Based Training for Inspection of Apple Cider Processing Plants, Contact Michael Barnett, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Division of Food Safety, at 608-224-4716, mike.barnett@datcp.state.wi.us.
    8. Science-Based Educational Program on the Causes and Prevention of Foodborne Illnesses, Contact Diann Worzalla, Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, at 850-922-8850, diann.worzalla@dbpr.state.fl.us.
    9. Reducing Risk Factors for Foodborne Disease: A Local Level Food Safety Education Intervention, Contact Elaine O;Keefe, Town of Stratford Health Department, Connecticut, at 203-385-4090, eokeefe@townofstratford.com.
    10. Supplemental HACCP Exercises, Contact Amanda Step Minor, Edgar County Health Department, Illinois, at 217-465-2212, daminor@tigerpaw.com.
    11. Food Safety Education in Asian Food Establishments, Contact George Vargulich, Tri-County Health Department, Colorado, at 720-322-1507, gvargulich@tchd.org.
    12. Food Handler's Card, Contact Kim Patterson, Effingham County Health Department, Illinois, at 217-342-9237, kpatterson@co.effingham.il.us.
    13. Bilingual Educational Materials to Protect Public Health in a Changing Kansas Dairy Industry, Contact Carole Jordan, Kansas Department of Agriculture, at 785-296-4172, cjordan@kda.state.ks.us.
    14. Food Safety Education for English as Secondary Language Food Service Workers, Contact Bryan R. Smith, Village of Oak Park, Illinois, at 708-358-5487, smith@vil.oak-park.il.us.
    15. Risk Focused Inspection Training and Evaluation, Contact Ronald Klein, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, at 907-269-7583, rklein@envircon.state.ak.us.
    16. Develop a HACCP Training Manual for Food Service Establishments, Contact Crystal Lingley, Bond County Health Department, Illinois, at 618-664-1442 ext.149, bchd30@gvc.net.
    17. The Food Handler's Card Project, Contact Bonnie Holz, Brown Nicollet Environmental Health, Minnesota, at 507-934-4140, bnccwp@mnic.net.
    18. Food Safety Training Program for Backcountry Operators, Contact Marlene Gaither, Coconino County Department of Health Services, Arizona, at 928-226-2769, mgaither@co.coconino.az.us.
    19. Food Handler Training and Testing for Non-Native English Speakers, contact Lila A. Wickham, Multnomah County Health Department, Oregon, at 503-988-3400 ext.22404, lila.a.wickham@co.multnomah.or.us.
    20. Standard HACCP & Risk Control Instruction for Retail Food Regulators, Contact Priscilla Neves, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, at 617-983-6773, priscilla.neves@state.ma.us.
    21. Focus on Food Safety: Tomorrow's Training Today, Contact Mary Glassburner, Kansas Department of Health & Environment, at 785-296-1705, MGlassbu@kdhe.state.ks.us.
    22. Education and Health Information Dissemination, Contact Cheryl Ripley, Kern County Environmental Health Services Department, California, at 661-862-8714, ripleych@co.kern.ca.us.
  12. FDA ALERT Card for Food Defense
  13. FDA Reducing Foodborne Illness Risk Factors in Food Service and Retail Establishments (http://www.fda.gov/Food/FoodSafety/RetailFoodProtection/FoodborneIllnessandRiskFactorReduction/ucm106205.htm)
  14. FDA Employee Health and Hand Hygiene Handbook

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