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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


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The FDA Seafood List - Updates for 2012

The following additions and changes to The Seafood List have been made in 2012.

  • Type: V=vertebrate; I=invertebrate
  • An asterisk (*) next to the Acceptable FDA Market Name indicates that a specific regulation applies to that species.
  • A listed regulation number refers to the applicable section of the Regulation cited.
  • A dagger (†) next to the Scientific Common Name in the Seafood List identifies the names that are prohibited by a law. The specific law is noted to provide additional information.
  • Consult The Seafood List Guidance for additional information.


2012 Seafood List Additions and Changes: January – June
ChangeAcceptable Market Name(s)Regulation
or Law
Common NameScientific Name
VNew Species addedCornetfish Reef CornetfishFistularia commersonii
VNew Species addedSampa SampaHeterobranchus longifilis
VNew Species addedClaresse  Heterobranchus longifilis x Clarias gariepinus
VNew Species addedCroaker or Miiuy Miiuy CroakerMiichthys miiuy
VScientific Name changedSole European Dover SoleSolea solea
(was Solea vulgaris)
INew Species addedWhelk or Sea Snail Babylon ShellBabylonia areolata
INew Species addedShrimp Knife ShrimpHaliporoides triarthrus
INew Species addedSwimming Crab Warty Swimming CrabPortunus haanii


2012 Seafood List Additions and Changes: July – December
ChangeAcceptable Market Name(s)Regulation
or Law
Common NameScientific Name
VNew Species addedTriggerfish Starry TriggerfishAbalistes stellatus
VRemoved Alternate Market NamePorgy SquirefishChrysophrys auratus
VNew Species addedGrunt or Sweetlip  Diagramma labiosum
VNew Species addedSole or Flounder Deepsea SoleEmbassichthys bathybius
VNew Genus addedBream or Sea Bream  Gymnocranius spp.
VScientific Name changedGrouper Yellowedge GrouperHyporthodus flavolimbatus
VNew Species adddedGrouper Star-studded GrouperHyporthodus niphobles 
VNew Species addedEmperor Trumpet EmperorLethrinus miniatus
VAdditional Market Name addedGrouper or Scamp ScampMycteroperca phenax
VNew Species addedThreadfin Bream Mauvelip Threadfin BreamNemipterus mesoprion
VCommon Name changedFlounder California FlounderParalichthys californicus
VNew Species addedFlathead Longspined FlatheadPlatycephalus longispinis
VNew Species addedBigeye Purple Spotted BigeyePriacanthus tayenus
VAdditional Market Name addedJobfish or Snapper Lavender JobfishPristipomoides sieboldi
VAdditional Market Name addedJobfish or Snapper Crimson JobfishPristopomoides filamentosus
VCommon Name changedMackerel, Chub Pacific Chub MackerelScomber japonicus
VNew Species addedLeathered Perch Painted ComberSerranus scriba
ICorrected Market and Common NamesWhelk or Sea Snail Maculated Ivory WhelkBabylonia areolata
IMarket and Common Names correctedShrimp or Prawn Knife ShrimpHaliporoides triarthrus
INew Species addedSwimming Crab Sand CrabOvalipes punctatus